Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jayati slaps Kesar

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 11th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kesar getting up seeing Dhruvi’s zip opening and goes to her while dancing and fixes her zip. Dhruvi pushes Kesar and asks what is her problem? Suraj shouts at Dhruvi and says do you know that Kesar has saved you from humiliation. Dhruvi says you are shouting at me due to her. Suraj says you didn’t realize what happened with you. Riddhi whispers in her ears. Aarti tells that when the competition turns into jealous, then the person harms self. Baa tells that Kesar has set the arranged in less time. Jinal asks Jayati not to be scared. Hetal thinks Darshan is the real hero today. Kabir finds Kesar’s earring and asks his friend to go and give it to Kesar. The friend refuses. Shakuntala asks Kabir to look behind and tells that everyone went ahead of him and there is nobody is left behind you. She says if you give this ancestral jewellery to Raj Gaurs, then they will value you. Kabir says I will go and then thinks why I am going.

Queen calls him and asks if there is any good news. He then threatens Kabir. Kabir asks him to trust him and it is better to let him do the work himself else Police might get info about you. He ends the call and comes to Raj Gaur house. Ambika asks him to sit and see Darshan’s performance. Darshan comes to the stage. Suraj hopes Darshan gets the success and Kesar gets success too. Kesar cheers for Darshan. Jayati asks Jinal if Darshan can do it and says she is worried. Jinal thinks where did Hetal go? Darshan starts the performance. Hetal goes upstairs and thinks she will show the performance full of entertainment. Hetal makes the flash light falls on Darshan’s face to distract him. Kesar sees Darshan getting scared. Suraj also notice this. Hetal continues her evil plan. Darshan gets scared. Riddhi, Ansh and Dhruvi run to him. Darshan pushes Riddhi. Kesar is about to go to him, but Ansh stops her. They try to calm down Darshan. Jayati gets angry on Kesar and slaps her hard. Hetal gets happy. Kesar finds blood coming out from her lips. Ambika asks Jayati why did she slap Kesar? Jayati says you got hurt for your adopted daughter, then why I shall not be hurt for my own son. Baa asks her to calm down. Kabir thinks they can’t understand Kesar. Jayati says you all let Kesar experiment on Darshan, and says you people don’t care for him, but I care as he is my only son. She says you are always on everyone’s head, then why you want to harm my son. Jinal tells that she feels disgusted of what kesar is doing. Kesar says I really want Darshan to be fine. Jayati asks you want more than me. She says I want him to see as a doctor, but if this is possible. She warns her to stay away from Darshan. Hetal tells that if Darshan had harmed Baa then? She says Kesar thought about her experiment and didn’t think about Darshan. Jayati says nobody is thinking about Darshan. And says how he will feel when he realize that he has raised hand on his sister. She says I will not let Kesar act to treat him again. Kesar says don’t stop his training, he is getting better. Jayati warns her.

Kesar says if we run away from our fear, then Darshan can never become fine. Suraj shouts and asks her to stop it. Hetal gets happy. Suraj says I told that it is a big risk and asks why didn’t you to understand. She says you don’t need to experiment on him. Kesar says even I told that he can be triggered and it will take time for him to be fine. Suraj asks her not to argue. Kesar asks him to think about Darshan. Hetal thinks very soon Ambika will be proved wrong, and I will be proved right, and will return here. Kesar asks Jayati to let her handle Darshan and says I have learnt many ways to calm him down. Jayati says you want us to agree and asks her not to force her to do something which is not liked by her Masu. Kabir asks them to let Kesar say and not to grind her. Suraj asks him not to interfere. Kabir says that’s why I was silent till now and says Kesar helped Darshan in the training. Jayati asks Kabir not to interfere in their house matters. Kabir leaves. Hetal says Kabir and Kesar bring new hurdles for our family and tells Kesar that she has done enough for her family, and asks her to leave them. Kesar cries. Suraj goes from there upset. Ambika pacifies Kesar. Kesar hugs her and cries. Ambika also cries.

Precap: Hetal and Jinal provoke Suraj against Kesar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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