Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Darshan to give special performance

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kabir leaving from Raj Gaur Mansion, he sees Hetal and greets her. Hetal ignores him and goes to greet Baa. Baa says today is Tuesday and asks why did you come here? Hetal says you taunt me so much, and says I made Khandvi and that’s why came to give it to Baa and Darshan. Kesar says you came at the right time and tells Hetal that the tea is ready. The Servant faints and falls down. Suraj says I will call Doctor. Kesar says its ok, his BP gets low sometimes. She removes his shoes and socks and rubs his feet. Suraj gets upset and makes faces. Hetal notices this. Kesar asks Servant to open his eyes and goes on calling him kaka, open your eyes and get up. Hetal takes Jayati to side, and tells that Suraj said that he will call doctor, but Kesar said no need. She tells that when Kesar was helping Darshan, I will do something so that Kesar does some mistake and then Suraj will get angry on her. She says Ambika bhabhi will support Kesar and then Suraj will get fire in his heart. She says we will light such a fire, that Suraj will break the alliance soon. Kesar asks Riddhi to bring water for Kaka. Hetal says this way, Ambika Bhabhi’s swear will be incomplete, and this will be my victory. Ambika and Baa gets happy seeing Kesar’s concern for the Servant. Suraj is still upset.

Later Doctor comes home and tells that if green patterns come on the screen, then it means babu ji is happy. Jayati reminds him of her marriage, so that he gets happy. They all try, but there is no improvement. Ambika says he had smiled when Dheeran…Baa cries. Kesar searches for the videos and tells Ambika that she will show these videos to Babu ji. She tells that she has to go as Darshan is going to perform today. Ambika says so soon. Kesar says he is a fast learner. Darshan do garba in Kabir’s house. Suraj says Darshan shall finish it well. Darshan gets confused during the dance. Suraj gets up and asks him to spin with grace. Darshan sits sadly. Kabir tells Darshan that they have given money for the performance. Suraj asks what he is saying? Kabir asks Darshan to remember to do left, right and then Spin. Darshan understands well. Riddhi tells Dhruvi that Ansh will be happy to see Darshan. Dhruvi says Ansh will never come here, to this down market place. Riddhi says yes. Kabir comes to Suraj and tells that he shall not scare Darshan like this. Suraj says he don’t need his advice.

Baa tells Ambika that Hetal is filling Jayati’s ears now a days. Ambika says Jayati will not fall in her trap. Hetal comes there and tells that she has brought something. She tells that she loves and cares for them a lot. She shows her fake concern. Ambika asks Baa to have her medicine. Baa asks Hetal to give her medicine. Ambika says she will go as Hetal doesn’t know which medicine to give. Baa asks Hetal if she knows her illness? Ambika asks hetal to make something, but keep less spicy. Hetal thinks to make it spicy. Baa warns her politely.

Kesar drinks water. Kabir says you are Raj gaur and shall drink mineral water. Kesar says shut up. Shakuntala gets happy and thinks she will become their children’s Dadi. She thinks to stop Suraj. Kabir tells that they can talk openly and asks Kesar if she can live her life happily with this strange and arrogant person. Kesar says any relation needs time to develop and Suraj gave a honest chance to our relation. Kabir asks if you are doing the same or doing your duty. Suraj greets Shakuntala. Shakuntala stops him and says you are sweating, and asks him to drink cold drink. He refuses and asks for water. Kabir tells Kesar that he feels that her heart doesn’t beat for Suraj and she feels duty for all Raj Gaurs. Kesar asks what is wrong if I am doing something for them, who has given life to me. Kabir says loveless marriage is like samosa without aloo.

Kesar says I have learnt love meaning from my life book, and says for me, love means accepting the partner’s family and their customs fully, and dedicate herself to them fully. She says for you, the love is filmy and tells that she doesn’t want such love. She says I am lucky to understand this fully and is ready to marry with heart. She goes to Suraj. Kabir gets sad. Kesar tells Suraj that they shall make their family see Darshan’s dance, and says they will be happy. Suraj smiles. Dhruvi calls jayati and informs her.

Ambika talks about the family. Hetal comes there and collides with Ambika. She says no problem. Jayati tells that Darshan will have special performance today. Hetal asks her. Baa says you want to know everything about us and asks Jayati to say. Hetal says I want to come here for forever.

Darshan and Aarti practice dancing. Suraj and Kesar look at Aarti and claps. Kesar praises her. Dhruvi gets jealous and dances with her. Dhruvi’s dress zip is opening. Kabir, Suraj and Kesar see that.

Precap: Darshan is about to give his performance, when Hetal scares him by putting lights on him. Kesar runs to him. Ansh asks her to move back. Jayati slaps her. Kesar gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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