Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta returns to the Luthra Mansion with karan

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Shanaya asks her mother to not think about how it all happened but just know tat she does not have to do any work and there is no need to cry from now onwards, Shanaya assures that she would have so many workers around her that she would not need to work while she herself would be worth tens of millions. Daljeet says that when Shanaya was young she showed her Kundali to Pandit jee who said that her Kundali has very good aspects in it, she wonders if there is any evil eye on it but Shanaya replies they are going to do whatever they desired as now has started after which they would fly. Shanaya says she has seen her mother who always sees the jewelry in the shops but now they would also buy it, Shanaya mentions they will even eat the international food, Daljeet asks how can she eat all those dishes so Shanaya replies she means they can eat whatever they desire, Daljeet says she desires to also go clubbing and fulfill their desires, Palki enters the house wondering how her mother and sister is very excited but she is tensed and so thinks she should talk about her feelings with her mother and prays that her mother should at least look at her

Karan comes down when all of the family are selecting the dresses when he says they got so excited and so started even selecting the dresses’, Rakhi says that it is the wedding of Kavya so they are preparing for it, Karan smiles saying he felt they are excited for them four who proposed to each other yesterday, Karan tells Rishab he is going to the office when Rishab replies even he is coming, Rakhi asks Karan to at least listen to his mother, she says she feels this year would be really good for them as Kavya is also getting married and she is just praying that Preeta should come back to this house. Karan asks what is after two days when Karina replies she knows that it is a very auspicious day and they all can start whatever they desire on that day. Rishab tells that after two days is brothers day and he should purchase any gift for him which he likes. Rakhi says that after two days is the birthday of Preeta, Karan agrees mentioning that he is surely going to promise them that Preeta will celebrate her birthday with them this year as she can feel her presence, Karina also requests him to do it as they really miss her when Rakhi says that this mother actually misses her because there has been a lot of times that she has felt her near them but not able to meet her , however she says Karan should it so she can once and for all find out about Preeta, this house can be filled with happiness. Nidhi is shocked hearing them from the corner.

Palki is taking off the clothes when one of her dupatta flies off, she is shocked to see that it has fallen over Rajveer, she is left shocked seeing him remembering when he proposed to her under the influence of the alcohol. Rajveer also starts walking towards her with the dupatta while she is just staring at him, they both start smiling while looking at each other without even blinking. Shristhi notices how Rajveer is looking at Palki, she asks if Gurpreet can see them both when Gurpreet says that she has been saying it for long that something is going on between them both, Shristhi mentions she also feels it because they both are not looking at them while just staring at each other.

Rajveer slowly hands palki the dupatta who while taking it touches his fingers, he gets a bit nervous. Shristhi and Gurpreet start smiling noticing how they both are staring at each other, palki turns when she sees Shristhi and Gurpreet who immediately turn away, Rajveer also turns back so Palki greets them both with a smile on her face before going back towards her house, she runs away.

Rajveer runs to take the groceries from Gurpreet and starts walking with them towards their house, Shristhi even pulls his ear while slapping him but he keeps laughing.

Rakhi in the kitchen wonders where is the jar of dry fruits as she can usually find the things very easily but is not able to find it now, Karan sees her so questions what is she doing so late at night in the kitchen and should go and rest, Rakhi replies she does not have any time and would not waste it by sleeping, karan says that she can say anything to either Garesh or Girja, Rakhi says that no one can do what she can do herself so says that she can making a sweet for her and hearing this Karan gets amazed asking if she is making all these for her, Rakhi replies she is not only making these sweets but a lot of things for her and desires that she will feed her these sweets with her own hands and then hug her after which she will scold her questioning why did she stay away from her for so long. Rakhi says that once it happens then her thought that she can only feel Preeta will also break, Rakhi explains she is also going to purchase a gift for her, karan hugs Rakhi mentioning he knows she is very excited for the birthday of Preeta and he can feel it. Rakhi says she has not said it to him but she has missed Preeta each and every day after she left, so prays that Preeta should come back to their house and this family, she asks if he would bring her back when Karan promises that he will bring back Preeta, Rakhi asks if he is sure when Karan swears on her life saying that Preeta would come back to this house, Rakhi getting emotional saying that the Kundali Bhagya of this house would return with Preeta. Karan starts smiling how emotional and excited his mother is for the return of Preeta, Nidhi asks Arohi to come and meet her in the room.

Karan asks if he can help her when Rakhi questions if he knows how to make it, karan relies he can eat it but Rakhi smiles saying he will make it for him after competing this for Preeta.

Rajveer is walking when Mohit is following her so Rajveer questions what is the reason he is following her, Mohit replies that their friendship is going to end if he does not tell the truth when Rajveer replies he is not his girlfriend but Mohit replies he will even take back his bike, Mohit replies he heard Shristhi aunti and Maa talking about Rajveer should say he would not hide anything from her as they both are best friends and he would not hide anything from him so he should ask the question, Mohit sitting on the bed asks if Rajveer loves Palki, Rajveer gets a bit worried and then explains he cannot understand his feelings, so going to the window mentions he cares a lot for her and wants to protect her from all the things while desires she must also stand it for him. Mohit hugs Rajveer saying it is love, Rajveer stops him from telling anyone especially Palki as he feels that she should get to know it from him when Mohit replies he will at least tell Shristhi je, but Rajveer stops him saying he would himself tell them. Mohit says he is very happy that Rajveer accepted his feelings for Palki.

Karan is with an employee in the lounge when Rishab also comes who greets Partham, asking when did he come back as he went out of the country, Karan says he called Partham so much after which he finally came back, Partham says he has studied everything and now is sure he will find her, Karan says the good news is that Partham is sure he will find everything by tomorrow night, Rishab replies that he is glad Partham is handling this case even when he is involved in so many big cases, Partham replies that Rishab sir is such a big business tycoon and Karan sir is a cricketer so it is very good that he is working for them. Partham leaves asking them to go and sleep peacefully while he will handle this case, Rishab asks if Karan heard what partham said that he will handle everything so he should go and rest because he trusts Partham and feels he will find something of Preeta je by tomorrow.

Nidhi gets worried so runs towards her room, Nidhi entering the room wonders how can Karan take such a big decision so easily, Arohi asks what happened when Nidhi says that karan has decided to bring Preeta back into this house and it is also her birthday, Arohi says Nidhi should not let her come back to this house, Nidhi says that she is sure something is going between Karan and Preeta, Arohi explains then Nidhi must do something before the birthday of Preeta so they can get rid of her, Nidhi replies she plans a lot but is never able to get rid of her, Arohi questions why is she so scared and must calm down since she must not let Karan bring back Preeta. Nidhi and Arohi are shocked when Rishab is stopping Karan, they both go out when Rishab asks Karan to not go like this when karan replies that he has found out Preeta lives with Rajveer so is going to bring her back.

Mohit comes out demanding they should bring the dinner when Rajveer says that he must calm down since the dinner is on its way and is smelling very nice, there is someone at the door when Preeta stops everyone saying she would herself go and check, she after opening the door is shocked to see Karan but even Shristhi gets shocked.

Nidhi after hearing the door bell goes to open it wondering why do they not have any patience, Nidhi after opening the door is shocked to see Karan standing while holding the hand of Preeta, Rakhi along with Mahesh and the rest of the family also come, karan asks Preeta to come inside mentioning that she will remember everything once he introduces her to the family, he first of all introduces her to Rakhi mom explaining she also loves Preeta like a daughter and then to his father Mahesh luthra, and then Rishab saying he still calls her as Preeta je, while finally introduces Preeta to Bani Dadi explaining that she came to this house for the first time as a doctor for Bani Dadi. Preeta is shocked.

Precap: Karan says he for the first time loved her and to the extent that he changed the meaning of love, Shaurya is about to take the blessings of Preeta when Nidhi stops her saying that she is the mother of Shaurya and not Preeta but she replies that she is the mother of Shaurya and he is her son.

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