Kundali Bhagya 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shristhi accuses Preeta of being in love with karan luthra

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Rajveer is walking out of the Luthra Mansion beside palki who is also very tensed and nervous, she turning to Rajveer remembers when she heard him talk with Shaurya and express that she is his girlfriend if this would make Shaurya stay away from her, palki wonders what is going on as who likes who and what are their preferences while also what is in their hearts, she notices how Shanaya is picking a petal when Rajveer gets a call so leaves saying it is from the cab driver, Palki asks Shanaya if she knows what happened when Shanaya replies that Palki should take care of herself and she can handle her own matters, palki replies that she knows that Shanaya does not like Shaurya at all when Shanaya asks who told Palki this as she is in love with him, palki asks then what about Rajveer so Shanaya replies that there is nothing of the sort between them both, Palki remembers when she asked Rajveer if he cares for Shanaya and she said he is a nice person so Palki explains Rajveer is a nice person, Shanaya replies he should get someone nice like Palki. Rajveer comes to inform that the cab has arrived, he starts looking at Palki who is also staring at him, they both get a bit uncomfortable at first, Shanaya asks what are they both doing demanding they must come, so Rajveer and Palki start walking towards the cab.

Nidhi angrily wonders what is going on here as she played this game so the character of Rajveer should be ruined in front of everyone but now the relations are being formed here, she does not know how to make sure Shaurya gets rid of that girl. Shaurya coming down with Sandy asks what is going on when Mahesh jokingly says he should indeed come, Shaurya asks why are they all looking at him like this when Mahesh asks Bani dadi to tell him, she calls him close to him saying he is her best Grandchild when Karina also congratulates him, Shaurya asks what has happened when Rishab explains that the entire world is looking at his love story, Shaurya is still not able to understand, Rishab says that they all are aware of his love story with Shanaya, Shaurya asks him to not take it seriously but Karina replies they have seen everything on that big screen. Shaurya says that it is nothing of the sort as he still does not love Shanaya, Nidhi asks him what is he saying since everyone has seen it on the big screen, Shaurya replies they would have seen Shanaya propose to him but he did not do it as Shanaya does not have their class, Mahesh asks why is Nidhi saying so much as his father also used to say it and in the end fell in love with him, Rishab also says tat Shaurya is just talking while his father Karan used to argue with them a lot of times in the day. Bani Dadi says that what Nidhi is saying now, Karina used to talk like this of Preeta but in the end got clean bold and everything was for the better, Rakhi says she is still going to say that Shanaya will be a perfect match for Shaurya as Preeta was a perfect daughter in law for this house while she feels both Shanaya and Palki would be a good match for this house, she feels there are a lot of similarities between Palki and Preeta, Rakhi says Shaurya should feel he is very fortunate to meet someone like Shanaya, Nidhi angrily says it is enough questioning if they all did not see her standing here since they are talking of Preeta right in front of her without thinking how she will feel, Bani dadi says that Preeta was never her co wife because Preeta made her position in their heart and did a lot for this family but Nidhi came after Preeta and is getting the love she deserves. Shaurya says he still does not love Shanaya, Rakhi says that Shanaya was just saying the same thing that she ate something but Rakhi explains she has seen the love he has for Shanaya so should be grateful he is getting married to her. Rakhi explains that boys in the present times are not able to accept their feelings for a girl, Kavya says that it is wrong since she will be first get married and he would have a lot of time to understand his feelings, Rakhi exclaims then after he is sure they would even get him married, the entire family starts enjoying when Karina says that first kavya will get married then her Shaurya, Sandy thinks this time nothing will happen according to the desires of Shaurya and he will surely get married.

Shristhi gets worried thinking that both of them came face to face and so she throws the vase out of the window so it breaks, Shristhi quickly pulls Preeta towards him when Preeta hides with Shristhi, Karan turns back and is shocked seeing Girja standing there and is not able to understand what is happening, he asks if she was standing here when Girja explains that he called her as Preeta, Karan keeps asking her when she leaves so Karan is really worried.

Preeta angrily enters the room, Shristhi assures that Rajveer is about to come when Preeta replies that she is worried of something else, Preeta says that Shristhi was first unconscious and then she suddenly woke up and started pulling her to hide, Shristhi does not even let her speak to anyone. Shristhi tells Preeta it is wrong as she is not like that when Preeta says but Shristhi is doing everything right as she always follows her whenever she goes to the Luthra mansion and keeps pulling her from there so what is the reason, Shristhi angrily says she is doing this all for karan Luthra, she asks how many times would she have to tell her the same thing that karan Luthra is in love with her, Preeta says then what is wrong with it, Shristhi gets shocked asking if this is okay when Preeta replies that she has not any problem because it since she does not love him and would have told Karan Luthra that she is not interested in him and he is married to Nidhi so should live his life. Preeta is sure that something is wrong since Shristhi always manages to follow her and stop her from entering the house. Shristhi says she does not want to speak the truth, Preeta asks what does she mean when Shristhi blames that Preeta has fallen in love with karan Luthra, hearing this Preeta is shocked when Shristhi says that she has understood how Preeta always wants to go to the Luthra Mansion and she is sure that Preeta has fallen in love with him because she did not say anything today, Shristhi explains she knows her sister from their childhood, Preeta asks if Shristhi has lost her mind and is blaming her elder sister when Preeta explains that she will surely not go to the Luthra Mansion if this is what Shristhi thinks of her, Preeta leaves after hitting Shristhi with a cushion. Shristhi is glad she managed to do it since Bhagwan je gave her the idea at the last moment, she is sure now Preeta di would not go near the Luthra Mansion for some days.

Nidhi is furious in the room wondering no one pays her any sort of respect because they still worry for Preeta, she thinks if this is the case then they should call Preeta to stay here and why is she staying here. Shaurya entering the room says that Mom is very wrong today because she should have helped him but rather brought Shanaya into his life and even did not support him in front of the family. Nidhi asks what did he do and what was the reason that he took Shanaya into his room as he should have watched his class, Arohi calms Nidhi saying that it is not the way to take her anger out on Shanaya, she even calms Shaurya down explaining both of them were not wrong. Sandy also says that his mother does not have any fault in it, Nidhi apologizes to him when he says that she should promise to help him get free from this marriage situation, Nidhi promises to keep him away from Shanaya.

Rajveer is sitting in the front seat of the cab wondering how did he express his feelings to her, Palki also is thinking why did Rajveer say such things to her and did he really mean it, she thinks that Shanaya is wrong since she refused to say she loves Rajveer and what if she also says in the future that she does not have anything with Shanaya, Palki remembers how Rajveer is very protective of Shanaya but what if he is not under the influence and not saying anything to explain himself which might be because he is showing his anger to Shanaya, she seeing their house stops the car and quickly runs inside calling their mother, palki feels a bit tensed and is also about to enter the house but Rajveer stops her, she feels he is holding her dupatta when in reality it is stuck in the car, Rajveer slowly walks behind her , she turning towards him keep looking at him in the eye when he apologizes as he loved her and even expressed his feeling but she deserves someone who is far better then him and he feels that he should love her like that person. Palki wonders why would Rajveer love someone like her as he deserves someone even better then Shanaya. Rajveer apologizes when Palki says she knew he did not mean it as he was under the influence, Rajveer is about to explain his feelings when the cab driver asks him to pull out the cloth, palki says she also felt it and when Rajveer asks the reason she goes inside. Shanaya entering the house calls her mother to come, Daljeet comes mentioning she was cutting the onion. Shanaya says that from now on she should not do anything in the hose which Daljeet has not even seen but only dreamed off, Daljeet asks Shanaya to tell it when she asks Daljeet to firs hold her heart saying the entire family of Shaurya wants her to get married to him. Daljeet gets excited asking her to say what happened, Shanaya making her mother sit down says that Rakhi Dadi really helped them when Daljeet asks her to pinch her, Shanaya replies she would not lie for something so important but Daljeet asks how did she do it, Shanaya gets worried.

Precap: Karan promises his dad to bring Preeta in his house in next two days. Rakhi prays to God and wishes to see Preeta on Ekadashi. Nidhi opens door and gets shocked after seeing Preeta and Karan together.

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