Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay traps Ranbir for Prachi’s attempt to murder

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The Episode starts with Ranbir coming to Prachi’s ward and sits on the chair. He kisses on her forehead and wipes his tears. He cries holding her hand. Prachi gains consciousness and calls him. Ranbir says Prachi…He asks her not to move and don’t worry about Khushi and says she is in other ward and she is fine. He asks her not to worry for him. Prachi says you are crying like children and says mad. Ranbir says you haven’t changed even on the hospital bed. She asks him not to call her yaar. He says nobody can cry infront of you. Prachi asks Ranbir to come near her. She says I am here and alive, so why I will let you cry baklu. She says don’t make me laugh. He asks shall I tickle you and says sorry. Prachi thanks him for coming there, when he was needed there. Ranbir says you don’t know how much I need you and Khushi, both. Prachi cries and says the time which I have spent without you, I felt much pain. Ranbir promises to bring back the time which they have lost, and says I have a condition, and asks her to promise that she will never separate herself from him. Akshay hears and gets angry. Abhay stops him and asks him to go inside later. Akshay goes. Ranbir says nobody can separate us, nobody. Oh Mahi ve plays…..

The locksmith comes there and tells Abhay on call that he has reached. He tells Vishaka that Abhay sent him here. He says he has to make key. Vishaka asks where is Akshay. The locksmith says he is with Akshay. Manpreet comes there and asks what happened? Vishaka says they were playing game and Mihika got locked. Divya says first she locked me and then I locked her, but lost the key. The locksmith smiles. Vishaka asks him to do the work.

Akshay comes to Prachi’s ward and asks if I can talk to her for 2 mins. Ranbir gets up from the stool. Akshay gets up and holds Prachi’s hand. He asks how is she? Prachi says she is fine and says car brakes had failed. Akshay says I was worried and was restless. He says he called her, but her phone was not reachable, then he called Ranbir and he told that you are in the hospital. Prachi tells that Ranbir saved them, and says Khushi was with her also and anything would have happened. She says if anything had happened to her, then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. She says we are alive because of Ranbir. Ranbir says nothing will happen to you both.

Nurse comes there and asks them to come out. She says only one person can stay here, but outside. Ranbir says no. Prachi says she is fine and asks them to go. Abhay asks Akshay to come, and let her rest. They go out. The Nurse tells Prachi that Ranbir is good and she shall stay with him. Manpreet asks what is this game? Mihika asks Manpreet to go and check her phone for the bad news. Manpreet asks what is she saying? Vishaka says she is locked so saying anything. The locksmith has opened the door. Mihika comes out and Vishaka and Divya go behind her. Manpreet comes inside Mihika’s room and finds it all messed up.

Akshay gets angry while Abhay tries to stop him. Ranbir asks him not to do mistake, else he will beat him so much like a goon. He asks him to earn respect to become respected, else he will change his character. Akshay says my wife is inside and you have signed as her husband. Ranbir says I don’t care what people thinks about me, if they think me as her husband, slave or anything, and says he wants Prachi to be fine and happy. He says I will save her always and says if you claim Prachi to be his wife, then I will claim that she is my wife, and then you will vanish. He says I have no enmity with you and have come here just for Prachi. He says if you do anything then? He says due to your cheap tactics, I will keep you away from Prachi and tells him that he knows his truth fully. He says he knows that he is not Prachi’s husband and that’s why understand him well. Akshay says honestly I have understood what to do and smiles. Nurse comes there and tells Ranbir that Prachi is calling you and wants to meet you. Ranbir goes. Abhay asks Akshay what he is going to do? Akshay says everything is fair in love and war, and says I will not leave him.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and says you called me. Prachi says Nurse gave me injection, so I am feeling sleepy, but I am worried for Khushi. Ranbir asks why? He says I told that Khushi is fine and is in the other room. Prachi says I want to see her, and asks him to take her there. Ranbir asks her to rest and then he will take her to Khushi’s room. He says I really missed you and used to think about you, when you was not with me. He says when I used to close my eyes, I used to see you. Prachi says you are with me, and I don’t want anything else. She says I am really happy. Ranbir says I know, nobody can love you like me, and says I am best for you. He says nobody can love you like me, you run away from me, and I come running to you. Prachi asks how you love me? He says just like you love me. She takes back her hand. Ranbir says our life is not big, so we shall not let the happiness go. She insists asking him to take her to Khushi. He asks her to come. She stumbles. Ranbir holds her. Akshay watches it and says I can’t bear anymore. Ranbir asks Prachi to rest and makes her lie on the bed. He says he will call the doctor.

Mihika comes out to hall while Vishaka and Divya try to stop her. Manpreet comes and asks why your room is messed up. Mihika asks you want me to clean it and then go out. Ashok asks what has happened. Mihika asks what is the problem, it is my room and I can keep it as I want. The locksmith asks for 350 Rs. The Police Inspector comes there and says I have come to arrest…The locksmith says I didn’t do anything. Ashok gives him money and he leaves. Inspector says we have come here to arrest Mihika. Manpreet asks what did she do? Inspector says she tried to kill Prachi Tandon.

Ranbir comes to the Doctor and tells that it is emergency. Doctor says he is with his patient. The patient asks him to go. Ranbir tells that Prachi closed her eyes, and is not saying anything.

Manpreet says you are saying anything. Ashok says Mihika was at home and Prachi had gone out with her daughter. Mihika asks Inspector to clear that if it was attempt to murder or murder. Inspector says Prachi is not dead, she is admitted in the hospital. Manpreet and Ashok ask what happened? Inspector says Prachi’s car brakes have failed. Vishaka asks about Khushi. Inspector says they are fine. He says he has come to arrest her. Manpreet says my daughter can’t do this and tells that she knows her. Inspector says we have checked the car and tells that we got info that Mihika has failed the car brakes. Akshay comes there and says Ranbir has failed the car brakes, and not Mihika. He says I will give you proofs. Ranbir comes back to Prachi’s ward and says Doctor is coming. He asks shall I bring something. Doctor comes there and checks Prachi. Ranbir says don’t know what has happened to her. Doctor says she is fine, this is medicine affect, she needs rest. Ranbir says I will die if anything will happen to Prachi. Doctor asks him not to worry and says there is no internal injuries, so she will be alright. Ranbir thanks him. Doctor goes. Ranbir tells unconscious Prachi that he will die, if something happens to her, and says she shall not leave him. Prachi opens her eyes and says she is sleepy. She closes her eyes.

Precap: Akshay tells that he is Ranbir Kohli. Manpreet asks what you are doing? Inspector says Ranbir Kohli…you are under arrest for trying to kill Prachi Tandon. Akshay feels victorious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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