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Imlie 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Pallo Returns Imlie’s Money

Imlie 11th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Doctor rushes Ashu to ICU and informs Imlie that Ashu has lost lots of blood and they need to operate him tomorrow itself, so she should arrange money by tomorrow. Imlie breaks down. Mama walks to her. Imlie says she had arranged 2 lakh rs with great difficulty and lost it, how will she arrange money now. Mama says god will help her. Pallo walks in and returns Imlie’s money and chain. Imlie cries that god shouldn’t give illness to poor, she needs more money for Ashu’s treatment. Bulbul asks Pallo why did she return money to Imlie. Pallo says she doesn’t want to rotten in hell by being a reason for a child’s death and murmurs in her ears that if Ashu dies, police will arrest Bulbul. Mama deposits money in reception and asks god how will he get more money. A man listens to him and suggests him to donate kidney to arrange money and save his nephew. Mama agrees.

Doctor informs Imlie that they could treat Ashu’s head injury with the 2 lakhs she deposited, she needs to deposit 5 lakhs more Ashu’s operation tomorrow. Imlie cries sitting besides Ashu and speaks emotionally fearing for Ashu’s life. Amrit walks in and offers to help Imlie. Imlie asks what is he doing here. Mama walks in and asks Amrit to get out. Imlie says let us listen to him. Mama says he arranged money for Ashu’s treatment. Imlie asks how. Man walks to Mama and yells at him that his kidney is of no use as it’s spoilt due to his alcoholism. Imlie says maama shouldn’t trust such people. Maama feels guilty for being unable to help her. Amrit says he can give her money if she sings in his private party. Imlie agrees for Ashu’s sake.

Sonali tells Alka that nobody knows that they will control the business via Noyonika. Alka says she can grow her business later and should think of growing her family first and have kids. Sonali says she and Amrit are busy in their business and can’t take a child’s responsibility. Alka asks which NGO works till midnight. Sonali says she trusts Amrit. Alka says even she trusted her husband, but he went behind a bar girl and betrayed her. Amrit arranges Imlie’s party at village chowk and tells Imlie that she will sing for him, but the whole village will listen to her. Whole village gathers and ladies badmouth about Imlie. Amrit thinks Imlie slapped in in front of everyone, now she will be humiliated in front of the whole village. Sonali calls Amrit, and he rejects her call repeatedly. She thinks why is he doing that. Agastya notices her tensed and thinks shall he ask her or not.

Bar manager informs Maama that Amrit is forcing Imlie to sing in a village chowk to humiliate her and take revenge from her. Maama says Imlie will bear humiliation for Ashu’s sake. Imlie walks on stage and thinks she has to bear this humiliation for Ashu’s sake and sings Ek Radha Ek Mohan… song. Drunk men praise Imlie’s voice. Amrit picks Sonali’s call by mistake. Sonali hears a song and asks him who is singing. Agastya takes phone and thinks it’s a bar girl. Women badmouth about Imlie. Imlie feels hurt. Amrit thinks he took revenge from Imlie and tries to walk away. Imlie demands money from him. Amrit says he took revenge for his humiliation. Imlie points a sickle at him.

Precap: Ashu’s condition deteriorates. Imlie inside a lockup prays god to save Ashu’s life. Agastya walks to her and says he has an offer for her.

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