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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s Silly Way Of Apologizing Savi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harini applies ointment to Kiran’s wounds. Savi gets angry seeing that and tells her that she doesn’t have to feel bad for a man who troubled her. Harini says Kiran is her husband and it’s her duty to worry for him. Savi says she doesn’t have to worry for a man who harmed her and asks if she shall stay back home and skip college today. Harini asks her not to worry about her and attend college. Savi leaves. Isha asks Shantau if he didn’t leave for college yet. He says he was about to leave and asks if she spoke to Ishan and what did he say. They see Savi walking in. Savi says she forgot a file and hence came to pick it up. Isha asks if Kiran returned home. Savi says yes, Harini is feeling guilty and is busy serving Kiran since he returned home, she is worried that Kiran may harm her again. Isha prays god to give some conscience to Kiran. Shantanu tells Savi let us go to college together.

Ishan walks in with candy floss and flowers with a sorry note and apologizes Savi for wrongly accusing her. Savi recalls Virat buying her candy floss. Ishan says he knows it hurts when someone wrongly accuses and character assassinates them; his mistake is unforgivable, but if she thinks she can forgive him, she should attend her lecture today. Isha and Shantanu smile seeing that. Ishan walks out and wears his goggles. Prateek says he did right. Savi recalls all the recent events. Shantanu thanks Isha for boosting Ishan’s morales. Isha says after many years, she saw their baby Ishan who is not Surekha’s puppet; he was true to his self today, etc. Shantanu asks if Savi will forgive Ishan. Isha says it’s up to her. Shantanu asks what would she have done if she was in Savi’s place. Isha says she wouldn’t have forgiven Ishan.

Ishan visits college and starts lecture. He feels disappointed not seeing Savi on her seat. Lecturer Neha alerts him and reminds that his lecture is after some time. Ishan leaves class. Savi tells Isha that she was angry that Ishan didn’t apologize her and now is confused whether to forgive Ishan or not. Isha says she should only listen to her heart now. Shantanu says Isha is right. Ishan anxiously waits for Savi in the corridor. Shukla passes by. Ishan asks if Neha madam is taking lecture before her class time. Shukla says Neha is on time and his lecture is next. Ishan asks how does he time pass between lectures. Shukla says he is very busy apart from ringing bell. Ishan nervously waits for his time. He notices a student plucking flower petals nervously murmuring if his girl loves him or not. Ishan walks to him and student runs away from there. Ishan asks him to teach him how to do that.

Bell rings. Ishan walks into class and makes excuses to start lecture waiting for Savi. He congratulates students who gave exams with honesty. He praises Savi for her brilliant answers and tells students that they shall take it as an example. Savi walks in. Ishan congratulates her for topping the exam. Class claps for her. Savi feels happy. Ishan completes lecture and leaves class. Savi walks behind him and says she attended his lecture out of respect, but she can’t stay back as she doesn’t have a place to stay and her hostel room is allotted to someone else. Ishan says she can take financial help from Isha madam. Savi says she already took a lot of help from Isha and can’t take her help anymore. Ishan tries to convince her, but Savi gets adamant. Ishan offers to drop her to Isha’s home as he is also going there and says his car has a lot of space to accommodate her. Savi stands surprised. Durva gets jealous overhearing them.

Precap: Savi invites Ishan for a farewell party given by Shantanu. Isha prays god to give Isha a life partner who can understand him very well. Shantanu says Savi. Isha asks really? Savi entangles decorative lights around her. Ishan tries to help her.

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