Bhagya Lakshmi 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: The neighbors question Rishi and Lakshmi

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The Episode starts with Sonal seeing Rishi coming out when Malishka is pasting posters on the walls. She thinks if Rishi sees Malishka then. Rishi thinks where is icecream shop, I didn’t see this locality well. He goes. Malishka pastes one poster, and throws other posters and comes to Sonal. She tells that she did the work and is not caught. Sonal says Rishi had come here and shows her that Rishi is leaving. Malishka says she would have badly trapped, but God helps her in wrong work, but he doesn’t let me marry Rishi. Rishi comes back and finds the posters. He picks the poster and the icecream from his hand falls down. He doesn’t see the poster and drops it on the road. He picks the fallen icecream and thinks only icecream cone is fine. He goes home and gives the icecream cone to Lakshmi. He says his icecream cone had fallen down. Lakshmi asks him to have it and tells that he will bring two icecreams tomorrow and they will have it. Lakshmi says she will have it. She starts eating it. Rishi comes back and wipes icecream from her lips. Song plays…

Malishka falls on sofa while Sonal falls on the bed. She says they have done much work, targeted Rishi and Lakshmi. Sonal says lets see what happens tomorrow. Malishka says blast will happen in the neighborbood and Rishi will come back to me.

Next day, Lakshmi prays to God and asks him to do something so that Rishi goes back home. Rishi comes there and tells Lakshmi that he has to go for meeting. He prays to God to get their marriage done soon. Kapil picks the poster and gets shocked. He looks at the poster on the wall and reads that husband and wife without the marriage. The lady asks what happened? Kapil says they don’t have values, they are staying together without marriage and is ruining our locality name. The lady calls other neighbors and they are going to Rishi and Lakshmi’s house. They ask the people to see their truth. Malishka and Sonal are on the way. Malishka says now the neighbors might have known that they are staying together without marriage, and says they might be calling Lakshmi with bad names and might slap her too. Sonal says they can pull her hair and throw her out. Malishka says yes, she deserve this. She says Rishi did right to leave the house, else how I would have got Lakshmi humiliated this way. She says if Rishi and Lakshmi have any shame then they will separate and Rishi will come back to me.

Rishi asks Lakshmi if his tiffin is ready. Lakshmi says she is packing it. Kapil and others knock on the door. Rishi opens the door and asks what happened? Kapil asks for Rishi’s name. Rishi says Rishi. Kapil asks for full name. Rishi says just Rishi. Kapil calls them Mrs. And Mr. Rishi and asks them to come out. Rishi asks why? Kapil misbehaves with them and asks them to come out. The lady also ask them to come. They go out. Kapil wants to take revenge from them.

Malishka and Sonal come there, hides and wait for the drama to unfold. Malishka says she will go and slap Lakshmi. Sonal asks her to go and slap her hiding. Rishi asks what happened, why they have surrounded us. The neighbor asks if they are married and are husband and wife. Rishi asks why they want to know. The neighbor tells that they deserve to stay in their neighborhood. Lakshmi asks them to tell what is the matter and asks Rishi to come. Kapil asks Rishi to see his reality and shows the poster. Rishi and Lakshmi see their poster with the message written husband and wife without marriage. They tell that they are staying here without marriage. The lady asks where is Kashi, call her. Kapil says they must have lied to her. The lady calls Lakshmi characterless. Kapil says she is staying with him without marriage, and says don’t know with whom she had stayed without marriage. Rishi slaps him. The lady asks Kapil to beat him and says he is beating our neighbor. Rano comes there and asks what is happening? She tells that they were married, but was divorced. Kapil asks then why you are staying again. Rano says as they love each other. Kapil says they are staying for fun. Rishi gets angry and beats Kapil. He says Lakshmi is really Lakshmi, and asks if he talks to his mother and sister this way. He says if two people are staying in their house, then that doesn’t mean that their relation is bad, and says the problem lies in their sight. Malishka and Sonal see Lakshmi crying and gets happy. Kapil asks the men to beat him. They beat Rishi. Another lady thinks he loves her so much, and tells the people to leave them. The lady says our locality will get bad.

Kapil takes the rod to beat Rishi. Lakshmi holds the rod and stops him from attacking Rishi. She hits Kapil with the same rod, surprising Rishi. Malishka and Sonal get shocked. Kapil shouts. Lakshmi asks him to move back and says it won’t be good if anyone move even a step. She asks if someone stays together then they are bad? She asks if anyone asked us, why are you staying here, if we have some helplessness. She says nobody asked us, but came to accuse us and throw stones on us, if this is society. She says I saw what happens here, people drinks wine and sleeps here, beat their wives and children, make them do the work in houses, make their mothers also do the work. She says nobody tells them anything. She asks everything to work on their flaws first rather than pointing finger on others. She says Rishi said right, that whoever understands relations and purity will understand the purity of our relation, and says whoever has dirt in their hearts will see just dirt. She says we and our family know how we stay and we don’t need to tell others. She says if anyone raises finger on us or raise hand on Rishi, then it won’t be good. She asks Rishi to come and says we will not stay here. The lady tells that wherever you go, everyone will ask you the same question, and asks Lakshmi to leave him. Sonal says good thing is happening. The lady says how many mouths, you will closed and asks her to let him go, else he will have bad reputation go. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go home and says Rishi…please. She says we can’t stay together, I will bear anything and can’t see anyone saying bad to you. Shalu, bani and Ayush come there. Rano says Kashi called and asked me to come here. She says Rishi and Lakshmi closed their mouths. Rishi refuses to go back home. Lakshmi asks do you want me to hear taunts. Rishi says nobody will taunt us and says lets go and gets married. Malishka thinks what he said. Sonal says our plan backfired. Ayush asks Lakshmi to get married. Shalu and Bani ask her to get married. Rano asks Lakshmi to get married and close everyone’s mouths. Rishi says I am not asking you to marry me, because of this, but because I love you and I really want to marry you.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Rishi that she has given him answer and refuses for marriage. Rishi asks why she is refusing. Malishka tells Sonal that Lakshmi will agree. Rishi says you just knows to save my life, and not to give me life. Sonal tells that Lakshmi will never get against Neelam. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is going away from her, and she shall forget that there was guy named Rishi Oberoi’s name. Ayush asks Lakshmi to stop him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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