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Agnisakshi 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika’s fitting move for Rajnandini

Agnisakshi 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Juhi leaving from the house. Shlok asks Juhi if all is well, and asks where you are going with the bag. Juhi says I wish I could tell you. She says I am sorry for the mistakes which I have done till now and asks him to take care. She says bye and goes. Jeevika asks Shlok what happened? Shlok says Juhi has went out with her bag, and he felt like she left home. Jeevika is about to go behind her and calls her, but Rajnandini stops her saying Juhi went to a relative house. Satvik asks someone to do his work. Jeevika comes there and hugs him. Satvik asks if everything will be fine. Jeevika says yes and asks if the work is done. Satvik says yes. Jeevika says Vahini will pay for her wrong doings. She goes out. Rajnandini asks Jeevika to make tea for her, and says she gave her work, at which she is best. Jeevika makes tea and gives to Rajnandini. Rajnandini coughs and asks if she has forgotten to make tea. She sips it again and says I don’t know to win from you, and says you have challenged to throw me out in 7 days, but 4 days have already passed. She asks how you will throw me out in 3 days now. She says when I had decided to throw you out, I did it too. Jeevika says if you had thrown me out then if you are talking to my ghost here?

Rajnandini says you can’t do even half of what I have done with you. Jeevika says not half, but I will do double of what you did. She says I will not throw you out of the house now, but. Rajnandini says it is good that you have accepted defeat. Jeevika says you didn’t hear me fully. She says you drank tea so fast without thinking and says I thought if I throw you out then you will return, so I thought to send you to God. Rajnandini asks what she is talking about? Jeevika says the tea was somewhat bitter today, as I didn’t add sugar, but added poison in it instead. Rajnandini gets shocked and holds her neck, shouting what she did. She says I will see you later, but first shall save myself. She says she will call Dr. Parmar. Jeevika asks Vahini, if you are fine? Rajnandini calls her acting ki dukan and pushes her. Satvik comes there and holds Jeevika. Shlok, Narayan and others come there. Rajnandini asks Narayan to call doctor and tells that Jeevika said that she had added poison in the tea. Jeevika says I had added the same thing, tea, sugar, milk, and ginger. Narayan asks why Rajnandini’s condition is deteriorating. Lata says Jeevika is not trustable and says call the doctor.

Satvik says Bhabhi might be having a misunderstanding and asks her to drink water. Rajnandini drinks water. Satvik asks if she is better. Jeevika says I thought Vahini has cold and that’s why I have added double ginger, and the tea taste bitter for you. Rajnandini says I said what you told me. Narayan asks Rajnandini not to accuse Jeevika. Lata says nobody listens to me. They all go to their rooms. Jeevika asks Rajnandini, how was her acting and says one day I will make you feel proud as I am inspired by you. Rajnandini gets angry. Jeevika says you got shocked when I made you drink the same medicine. Rajnandini says it will be costly for you. Jeevika reminds her that last time she found out about the fraud in accounts and she will clap seeing her tamasha/drama. Sundari asks Rajnandini to be careful. Rajnandini says don’t know how I came in Jeevika’s talks.

Rajnandini comes out of her room in night and sees Jeevika standing. She is about to fall, but Jeevika holds her. Rajnandini asks what she is doing here? Jeevika says she had come to drink water and tells that she was thinking what she did with her and the family. She says I get angry. Rajnandini says you can’t do anything rather than getting angry. Jeevika reminds her, and says do you remember that you have pushed me down from the mountain. Rajnandini says yes, and asks what she wants to do, wants to push her from the mountain. Jeevika says yes, but you will not go there and I can’t get mountain here. She says but I can make you fall down from stairs. She then pushes her from the stairs. Rajnandini falls down. Jeevika goes from there.

Rajnandini shouts. Everyone comes there. Aadhya makes Rajnandini gets up. Jeevika also comes there and asks what happened? Rajnandini says you have done this and asking me. She tells that Jeevika has pushed her down from the stairs and tries to kill her. Lata scolds Jeevika and asks what is this misbehavior? Satvik tells Lata that Jeevika has come here with me, we have come here hearing her scream? Rajnandini says I saw jeevika pushing me and says I am not aged not to see. Satvik says I know that you don’t like Jeevika since you came to know that she can’t become a mother. Jeevika says today you accused me that I made you drink poison and now this. She says I love and respect you so much, she cries and goes. Satvik tells Rajnandini that Jeevika loves you so much and also respects you, but you…Lata taunts Rajnandini for lying and goes. Aadhya asks Rajnandini to rest.

Utkarsh asks Jeevika if Rajnandini said right, and asks why did you do this, when I told that they shall not do anything. Satvik comes there and asks do you want us to see the drama. He says yes, we did this with her. Utkarsh says you are right, but I am not wrong either. He goes. Satvik tells that he can’t be silent. He apologizes to her on Utkarsh’s behalf. Jeevika says I am not upset with him and tells that if I do the same thing with her, then what difference will be left between us. Satvik says there is a difference and says you are doing this in defence. She says it is either do it or die. He says everything is fair in this war and tells that she can’t back off.

Precap: Jeevika tells the family members that she wants to tell them about Rajnandini’s truth. Rajnandini comes there and aims gun at Jeevika. She tells her that she thought to reveal her true face to them, herself. She calls the armed goons and asks them to surround them. She looks at them revengeful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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