Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu reveals about her pregnancy

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aarohi asking are you feeling better now, you didn’t eat anything since four hours, have water first. Akshu asks what happened to me. Muskaan asks is Akshu fine. Abhi opens the mail. Aarohi says don’t go out, you need rest. Akshu says I need to know what happened to me, am I sick, tell me, I m getting dizzy frequently. Aarohi says you aren’t sick, you are pregnant. Akshu is shocked. Abhi checks the mail. He asks Rohan who has sent the report, its of some other patient, I will go and check Akshu.

Akshu recalls Abhinav’s birthday celebrations. She feeds him the cake and wishes him happy birthday. He says same to you. She says its not Diwali. They have a romantic moment. He holds her close. She goes away. He turns to the other side. She hugs him. Dil jaaniye meynu jee lene de…. Plays… The FB ends.

Abhi comes to see Akshu. Aarohi says its okay, you don’t think about right and wrong, focus on your marriage, don’t get any second thought, we will tell the truth after the marriage pheras happen, promise me, you won’t tell Abhi about the pregnancy. Abhi calls out Akshu and asks are you fine. He asks Aarohi to open the door. Aarohi says you can’t tell anything to Abhi, come. She sprinkles water on Akshu’s face and asks did you understand, good, I m going to open the door. She opens the door. Abhi comes inside and sees Akshu holding her tummy. Suwarna says its my mistake, Akshu was feeling weak, I didn’t pay attention. Muskaan says no, you take care of everyone. Surekha asks Suwarna not to faint now in tension. Dadi scolds her. She says don’t worry, Akshu is a daughter, mother, lawyer and now a bride, we are rushing with marriage, so she didn’t get time. Abhir says let me go to mumma. Abhi asks do you have any stomach ache, did you have anything wrong or is it because of milk intake. Manjiri says nothing will happen to Akshu, don’t worry, Abhir and Ruhi, go and play with Shivansh. Abhi says we will go to the hospital and get the tests done, keep courage, come. He takes her. Manish asks did you find out anything. Abhi says I m taking her to hospital for checkup. Akshu says Abhi, I m pregnant. Abhi asks did you say anything. Akshu says I m pregnant.

Abhi and everyone are shocked. Manjiri asks did you hide this from us. Suwarna says she just got to know it, look at her. Manjiri says Akshu would have known it. Aarohi says I got to know this first. Manjiri asks what….

Aarohi says I didn’t tell anyone. Manish asks why, you think such things get hidden. Dadi says its not Aarohi’s mistake, I forced her to stay quiet. Manish asks how can you do this. Dadi says I have seen the world, I was hiding this truth for one day, everyone will taunt Akshu. Mahima says its unexpected. Dadi says Akshu and Abhi should get married, don’t snatch their fate. Manjiri says the truth was hidden, it’s a lie. Kairav asks do we know the reports are accurate. Aarohi says yes, its from our lab, symptoms can’t be wrong. Surekha says its right, but these guests, mahurat and everything have its place. She asks Akshu and Abhi to say, do they want to marry or not. Muskaan asks which marriage. Kairav says Muskaan, please don’t…. She says Akshu is carrying Abhinav’s baby, the marriage can’t happen now. Surekha says Abhi and Akshu aren’t kids, its not their first marriage, they will decide. Muskaan asks why can’t you listen to me. Dadi asks her not to argue. She says we will get them married. Manjiri says this marriage is just a compromise. Akshu gets dizzy. Abhi holds her. He asks them to stop it. He says we will decide about our marriage, but the marriage can’t happen today. Dadi asks but why. Abhi says look at Akshu’s condition. Akshu gets fainting. He lifts her in arms and takes her to the room. Muskaan smiles. Abhi asks Akshu to breathe and relax. He asks her to remove the jewellery. He removes her bangles and asks her to relax. He says focus on my heartbeat, it will get normal when you take a deep breath. Akshu smiles. Manish and everyone thank the guests for coming. They hear the guests talking about Abhinav’s baby. Kairav gets angry. Manish says let it be, control your anger. Mahima says we will take a leave. They see Muskaan putting water in the havan kund. Manjiri recalls Muskaan’s words and gets angry.

Muskaan removes the floral decorations in the mandap. Everyone looks on. She leaves. Its night, Abhi comes home. He recalls Akshu. Akshu takes Abhinav’s pic and asks did you hear the good news, we are going to become parents, you loved Abhir a lot, but this baby will of yours, I feel this time it will be a daughter, I will make her a PJ queen, she will be the loveliest, she will be ours. She imagines Abhinav smiling. Abhi comes and asks what about me, will you forget me and break your promise, you were going to marry me, will you break me down. She worries.

Manjiri says marriage happens for love or family, not for friendship, Akshara can’t be Abhi’s wife, and Abhinav’s baby’s mum. Abhi says I m ready to marry you. Akshu asks will you be able to give your name to Abhinav’s baby.

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