Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider tries to shoot Dua

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Scene 1
Dua is leaving with Hafeez and Dua but Kaynaat rushes to them and says I will come with you. Hina and Gazal stop her. Dua tries to go to her but Hamida stops her. Hina says I will kill you if you go to him. Kaynaat pushes her away and runs to Hafeez but Haider shouts for Kaynaat to stop. She turns around and sees Haider pointing a gun at Hafeez. He says if you go to him then I will shoot him, you have no other choice, you will not cross this house. Rahat tries to stop him but Haider says I will kill this Hafeez and our honor will be saved. Ruhaan tries to stop him but Gulnaz pulls him back and asks him to recall his promise. Dadi asks Haider to stop it but he shouts that if Hafeez touches Kaynaat then he will kill him, he asks him to leave. Dua looks at him and stands in front of Hafeez. She says if you want to shed blood then kill me. Hamida says he can do anything, they are not humans, lets just go. Hafeez says I am ready to die without Kaynaat. Dua says if he wants to kill then fine but I won’t let Kaynaat stay here, they will kill her, she asks Kaynaat to come with them. Haider says I am not ready to listen so leave. Dua says you still love me, you can never shoot me. Gazal thinks Haider has to shoot her love. Dua asks Kaynaat to come with them. Kaynaat says he is very angry, you should leave. Dua says he can never shoot me. Haider says I can do anything to save my family’s honor. Dua says you can never shoot me, she asks Kaynaat to come with them. Hafeez asks Dua to not take the risk. Dua says he won’t shoot. She asks Kaynaat to not lose her love because she is scared. Haider says if Kaynaat leaves this house then there will be blood. Dua says even if I die, don’t cry on my grave, celebrate love for me. Kaynaat prays for Dua’s life and starts moving towards her. Haider points gun at Dua and shouts for Kaynaat to stop. He shoots and all are shocked. Hamida shouts Dua.. Dua isn’t shot. Dadi pulled the gun away from Haider as he shot Dua. Kaynaat falls down and cries. Dadi says you have gone crazy. Haider says I will kill Dua. Dadi slaps him hard and takes the gun from him. She says I will kill myself. She runs to Dua and hugs her. Dua says I can’t believe you tried to kill me. Haider says yes and I will do it again, you should leave before I do it again. Dua says you can’t be my Haider.. my Haider would cry in my pain, my Haider would love me anyway. She cries and shouts for her Haider. Gazal smirks and thinks this Haider is mine. Dua falls down and says this isn’t my Haider. Haider tells Kaynaat that if she wants to leave then she can but he won’t spare Hamida, Hafeez and Dua. If you try to leave then I will kill them all. Its your choice now. Kaynaat says you don’t need to kill them, you won. Daughters are born to be sacrificed for family honor, you can kill me and end this. They are all innocent, their only fault is that they took a stand for love, they just wanted to give a woman her legal rights but you won against your weak sister. Your Kaynaat lost to you. She sadly looks at Hafeez and moves away from him. She runs to her room. Haider glares at Dua and closes door on her. Dua is hurt and leaves.

Dua comes out of Haider’s house and cries. She says I am totally broken today, I have lost everything, my husband tried to kill me. Everything is finished now.

Haider is sitting alone and says Haider still loves Dua but our relationship has burned our families, I don’t want our families to go through hell. I just want Dua to hate me so much that she would never want me again, my family and I don’t deserve you. You were right. He recalls Dua saying he can never shoot her and he still loves her. He says my helplessness is that I had to prove you wrong. I hope you forget me and move on in life. I pray for your happiness, I don’t have your love but I will live with your hatred, I can’t live without you but you have to learn to live without me.

Hamida hugs Dua and says don’t cry for a man like Haider, you should pity him. Dua says I was proud of my love but everything is gone, everyone told me that Haider doesn’t love me but I kept saying he loves me, he is just helpless but he tried to shoot me today without faltering, I don’t know what he wants. I can’t live without Haider, how can he be so stone cold? Hamida consoles her. Haider stands in his window and sees Dua crying in Hamida’s arms. He silently cries. Dua looks at the window but he hides. Dua leaves with her family. Haider recalls his moments with Dua and says I wish I could be with you but we will have to live with memories only, always be happy and always remember me with hate, I promise that my heart will always be yours, I won’t ever give my heart to anyone else. Your Haider will always be yours, goodbye.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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