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Parineeti 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju takes care of Pari

Parineeti 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Scene 1
Pari and Sanju recall their moments together. Sanju asks why are you up so late? Pari asks how did the glass break? Did it hurt you? sanju recalls Neeti breaking it in anger. Sanju says I fell on it. Pari says are you okay? He says yes. Pari ways I was hungry. He says you let me heat up something for you. PAri says don’t make me so used to you that I get used to you. Daljit sees them holding hands. Her wonders what’s going on there. Pari says in heart sorry I shouldn’t have held your hand like this.

Salojna said to Neeti someone came to her room and checked. She says something is wrong. Pari is having doubts. I can get caught anytime. I’ve to do something. Daljit comess to her. He asks what happened? You look worried. He asks how long have you been living here? She says it’s my own home. Salojna asks how have you become a good boy? He says I’ve changed. Salojna says I’ve know you since you were a child. Neeti comes to Salojna. She sees Daljit. Daljit says Sanju is lucky to have a wife like you.

Pari asks Sanju why did you stop me? She says you.. I will cook for myself. You go and sleep. He says okay. What will you eat? Pari says I don’t know. I will have milk. Sanju says but you dont’ like it. She says I can cook if you want something. He syas you’re pregnant. Not me. He warms milk for her and asks her to drink it. He asks her to sit. Sanju says now drink it. I am responsible for taking care of her. He makes her eat dry fruits. Pari coughs. Sanju gives her water. Sanju asks do you feel better? She says yes. Pari steps back and leaves. Sanju goes after her. Pari goes to the terrace. Sanju goes after her. Chandrika looks at them and says looks like their bond is getting stronger.

Salojna says to Neeti Daljit isn’t what he looks like. Neeti says Sanju isn’t in the room. He’s doubting me. He thinks I am after Pari’s life. Salojna says Pari is doubting me. We’ve made some mistake for sure. Salojna says to Neeti did you confess your sin? Neeti says they did a sin. Sanju cheated on me and Pari snatched my husband. I am fighting for my right. Salojna says Pari acts all innocent. No one will care about all that Pari did. Neeti says I saved myself this time but I am not sure if he trusted me or not. Salojan says thank God Sanju didn’tt doubt me about Gurpreet. I am glad Gurpreet is on bed, she was asking Pari to take her right. Neeti says dont’ say such things about mummy ji. Chandrika hears this.

Scene 2
Pari goes to the terrace and cries. She recalls her wedding and moments with Sanju. Sanju comes there. Sanju wipes her tears. He asks what happened? Pari says no. Sanju says you can look away but I will always be in front of you. Pari says why are you doing all this? Don’t get me used to you. Dont’ care for me. He says what’s wrong with that? She says don’t do this. Don’t wipe my tears ever again. Pari cries.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says dont’ get me used to you that I can’t live without you in future. sanju says you don’t have to live without me. I will always be there for you. I will always take care of you. t

Update Credit to: Atiba


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