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Neerja 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Bijoy apologizes to Didun

Neerja 10th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Didun forces apology from Bijoy. Bijoy gets on his knees and apologizes to Didun and is reminded not to cross her again. Didun forgives him.

Meanwhile, Neerja overhears Roopa telling Abeer he’s not welcome here, prompting her to rush out to check on him. Unfortunately, Neerja slips and falls. Roopa criticizes her, suggesting that she should not dream of a better life, as her destiny is tied to Sonagachi. Neerja contemplates provoking Roopa to reveal the truth.

Bappa hands the phone to Munmun, scolding her for missing his call. Kaushik urges her to focus on Abeer. Bijoy appears visibly worried about something related to Abeer and abruptly leaves to answer a phone call. The situation requires them to obtain Abeer’s signature on a check, but they fail to notice Neerja’s dancing video.

Neerja confides in Roopa about Abeer’s deep love for her. Roopa acknowledges that Didun has turned Abeer against Neerja, making him hate her. Neerja believes Didun cannot successfully plot against them and aims to provoke her into revealing the truth.

Meanwhile, Munmun realizes that Abeer is not in his room and informs Pishi Maa, expressing dizziness upon seeing Abeer’s wound. Pishi Maa checks his injury, and Abeer falsely claims it’s from boxing practice. Just as he’s about to reveal the truth, his mother arrives, complaining that she wasn’t informed. Abeer manages to deceive her. Later, Munmun confides in Pishi Maa about mysterious occurrences in the house, and Pishi Maa supports her suspicions.

Pishi Maa observes the pain in Abeer’s eyes and decides to find a suitable bride for him urgently, believing it will help him recover. Abeer’s mother shows him a suitcase, recalling a time when she considered leaving. However, she changed her mind upon seeing Abeer and Kaushik, acknowledging their innocence. She applied ointment to Abeer’s wound and urged him not to harm others for Neerja’s sake, emphasizing the importance of keeping Neerja’s background a secret from the family.

Satark inquires about Abeer’s call with Didun. Didun deceitfully claims that Neerja won’t meet him and has chosen someone else offering a significant amount of money. Abeer assures Didun that he’s willing to pay whatever they ask. Meanwhile, Neerja contemplates Didun’s motives, eventually agreeing to meet Abeer without accepting any money.

Abeer confides in Satark about his perception of Neerja prioritizing money. Chakri questions how Neerja could meet Abeer in Sonagachi. Neerja reveals that Abeer is willing to meet her even after learning the truth about her, as he still loves her. She plans to reveal her true self to him. Meanwhile, Bijoy feels embarrassed about kneeling before Didun, while Chakri expresses happiness about Neerja meeting Abeer.

Pre cap: Neerja dancing, Abeer faints. Neerja faints too.
Abeer wakes up and Neerja says to him, congratulations Mr. Abeer, from today you are equally contributed in this dirt and now we will both fight to rub off this dirt of our characters.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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