Parineeti 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju questions Neeti

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Scene 1
Neeti asks Sanju what are you trying to say? He says the truth. Sanju says how long can you hide things in heart. It’s better that we talk about the truth. Neeti says I get it. You want to tell me about Pari right? He says correct. Neeti says I know you wanna say that you spend your life with Pari. Sanju says what? Neeti says enough Sanju. You’re doing so well. You saidd you fell in love at first sight. You pursued me. You came here to Chandrigarh. You confessed your love. You told me you will always keep me happy. When I fell in love, I left everything to get married to you. We face so much and now you wanna live with Pari. Sanju says that’s not what I was gonna say. Neeti says what is it then? About Pari again? He says about you and Pari. Neeti says I don’t want to talk about her. Sanju says then why did you try to kill her? Neeti is shocked.

Babli asks Pari what are you thinknig? She says I don’t know what has happened to Neeti. She’s gotten so angry. They were never like that. Rajiv was angry as well. They loved each other so much. I don’t like it when they are fighting like this. Babli says things change with time. A guy comes there and says Monty.. He says sorry I thought it’s monty’ss room. Pari thinks it’s his friend.

Sanju says answer me why you tried to kill Pari. Neeti says stop it Sanju. Are you out of your mind? I didn’t do anything. Sanju says I feel disgusted that I’ve to ask such question. I so wished I was wrong but you’ve to tell me the truth. Neeti recalls Salojna asked her to not accept anything. Neeti said how will I answer him when he questions? Salojna said straightaway deny everything. Start questioning his character and loyatly instead. Jusst don’t confess. Sanju says better tell me the truth. What’s the reason behind all you did. I will kill that reason. Don’t do this to Pari. Neeti says you care so much abot Pari that you’re talking to me like this for Pari. I know you’ve no feelings for me anymore. Sanju says that’s just your misunderstanding. Neeti says then you also have misunderstanding. He says no, I have proofs. I have your messages with Shamu and I followed you. Neeti says you’re spying on your wife for someone else? Sanju says I am sure. He asked you for money. You said no and he was threatening you. Neeti says yes I didn’t pay him and then he threatened me. Sanju says how can you do this. Pari was your best friend. She’s pregnant with our child. How can you do that?

Scene 2
Paami says to Tao ji I am thinking about Daljit. He has come from jail. No one knows. Tao jii says we’ve to be careful of him. Pami says but he’s our child. Tao ji says don’t fall for his tears. His forgiveness is a lie. He wants something for sure. Monty sees Daljit. He asks when did you come? Daljit says when you were busy with girls. Monty says I missed you a lot. Daljit gifts him a watch.

Neeti breaks things in anger. Sanju says what are you doing? What do you want? She says I want you to stop doing what you’re doing. I can’t tolerate it. You can tell me what problem do you have with me. You don’t trust me, you doubt me. You could talk to me. I would tell you everything. You started spying on me seriously? I paid Shamu. but do you know why? Remember that ganpati day when you saved Pari. Pari forgave that man because he was crying. Pari saved his job and paid for his mother’s treatment. Shamu asked me to help that man with his treatment so I thought if Pari can help him I can help too. But then I changed my mind. I said no to Shamu. He started threatening me after that. He said I will regret because God will not forgive me. Sanju says Shamu is the same guy who tried ot kill Pari. Neeti says I didn’t know. What? I never saw the man who dropped slipped on Pari.

Neeti says now can I ask you a question? Have you ever loved me for real? If you did, you won’t have questioned me like this. SAnju says I just asked a question. Neeti says you just accused me. That shows you never loved me. Neeti picks the class to clean. Sanju says leave it I will get it cleaned. She cuts her hand by mistake. Pari looks at Babli and ccries. Neeti says I will do it. Sanju says let me clean your wound. Sanju says rest, I will clean it. Neeti says I will. He says I will do it. Neeti sleeps. Pari cries in her room.

Sanju comes out to throw the glass. Pari comes there. Sanju gets scared. Pari laughs and says you got scared like a child. SAnju laughs as well.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari says to Sanju dont’ get me so used to you that I can’t live without you tomorrow. Sanju says who asked you to live without me. Daljit says to Neeti my brother is lucky to have you. Sanju says to Pari I promise you I will always be with you. Neeti sees them and says I will destroy your life Pari.

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