Pandya Store 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha is disappointed

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The Episode starts with Natasha pleading to get answers. She asks Dhawal to tell her something, answer her. She says even if you say you were not connected to all this, I will believe it. He shouts yes, I did everything intentionally, I cheated you, this love, proposal and marriage was all a lie for the sake of Pandya store. Natasha is shocked. Dhawal says I never loved you Natasha. They both cry. Dhawal says the matter has changed now, every moment spent with you pulls me to you, your eyes, your talks, your mischief, happiness and sorrow, everything started affecting me. Amrish and Amba are shocked. Dhawal recalls his moments with Natasha. Hetal says listen to me, calm down and think well. Natasha asks did you know all this. Hetal gets silent.

Natasha says you didn’t pity me, I m a fool to not tolerate your sorrow, I made you tie Rakhi to your brother, did I do any mistake. Amrish looks at Hetal. He asks when did this happen, what’s happening in this house. He says Hetal, you know we don’t celebrate Raksha bandhan, how dare you hide this and lie to us. Natasha says she has learnt to lie from you, she might have seen you lying and cheating. She scolds Amrish. She says you have no answer to give me, you have lied to us, hit any new lie on my face, then maybe I will trust you. Amba asks Natasha to hit the vase on her head and kill her. She starts a drama and cries. She asks how dare you insult my sons, what wrong did I do with you, did I keep you hungry or torture you, my children lost their dad when they were young, I m illiterate, I have spent many days until the tree on the road, Amrish was 17 years old, he has worked hard and raised his brothers, you are saying he doesn’t value relations, you will teach him now. She cries. Natasha asks how did you make such a big mistake, I m also a businessperson, I have capability to understand my loss. She hugs Amba.

She says you have no feelings for your bahus, you just love your sons, I didn’t have my parents, I thought I got my mum back when I met you, Suman told me that Lord isn’t anywhere, so he made Maa, you were Lord for me, how can you do this for me, if you stay with an animal for four days, then we get attached to it, our Pandya store has raised us all life, how can you all snatch it from me, why didn’t you stop Amrish and Dhawal.

She asks why didn’t anyone of you tell me, why did you let this cheat happen, I never harmed anyone. She says Pranali, you could have told me. Pranali says if I had told you then my family would have undergone a loss, I will choose my family over you, I had tried once. Natasha says I was also going to become part of this family. Pranali says I m not saying about this Makhwana family, but my family, my dad is a small accountant of this big business, he works under Amrish, I had tried to tell you, if that happened then my family would have got ruined. Amrish signs Bhaven. Bhaven stops Pranali and says don’t give any explanation. Natasha says Dolly and I got married at the same time. Dolly says you are making this thing a really big issue, will you do this for a small store, my dad has invested crores of rupees in this project, did you see me doing a drama, love matters, Chirag loves me a lot, if I can adjust here, why can’t you adjust. Natasha says Chirag loves you, he doesn’t lie. Dolly says you have never put efforts in your relation, love eventually happens, what will happen if Pandya store breaks, you are getting a new store, what’s the need to overreact, be practical. Natasha says no one told me that we have to be practical in relations, my family lived and died for emotions, maybe you are right, this isn’t a big thing, I m making it big, I m an emotional fool, I had fallen in love with Dhawal, but I can’t move ahead in this relation of lies.

Natasha says Suman got a heart attack because of me, I will take revenge for this. Chiku says I m Chiku, your problems are mine. Natasha slaps him and says my brother can never be a goon, Amrish has sent you, go and tell him, he will never get Pandya store.

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