Meet 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bilawal Plots to harm Sumeet and Shlok.

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Bilawal is plotting to trap Sumeet and Shlok as they attempt to cross the border using a map they found in a truck. Raj warns them about hidden cameras and alarms along the way. Akki expresses his fear of wild animals, particularly snakes, in the jungle, so Sumeet promises him a toy car if he can cross quietly. Raj carries Akki on his back.

Bilawal instructs his men to catch Sumeet and the others in the dense forest as they are likely to make noise and get caught. Sumeet gets pricked by a thorn but manages to stifle her scream. Shlok helps her navigate through the thorny bushes. Bilawal continues to monitor their progress. Meanwhile, Priyanka tries to reassure Poonam and encourages her to take her medication. They all pray for the safe return of their loved ones.

Raj carries Akki, while Shlok and Sumeet silently make their way through the jungle. Bilawal becomes puzzled by the absence of noise and their inability to track them. Akki accidentally activates his noisy toy car, alerting Bilawal, who orders his men to prepare for the mission, determined to catch Shlok and Sumeet. He receives information about their location and one of his men silently captures Sumeet from behind, surrounding Raj and Shlok.

Bilawal taunts them for falling into his trap, causing them to look behind. Sumeet warns them to stay back as there are landmines between them. She urges Shlok to take Akki and Raj to India. Bilawal detonates an explosion to frighten them, threatening that the next blast will be right where Sumeet is, leaving her in pieces. Shlok vows to cross the mines without triggering them.

Sumeet pleads with Shlok not to advance. Naaz pretends to have a severe headache and pushes her bodyguard aside to escape. Bilawal provokes Sumeet to move forward, mentioning the story of Satyavan and Satyavati. Raj suggests Bilawal could demand a ransom, but Bilawal insists on seeking revenge for his brother’s death. Raj challenges him to use his gun. Bilawal pressures Sumeet to reach him before he counts to one, instilling fear in her.

Precap: Shlok and Sumeet run towards Ganesh utsav celebration. Bilawal sees the running towards crowed says I’ll kill them infront of their God. Sumeet and Shlok hiding inside Ganesh Idol. Bilawal fire his gun to stop the visarjan

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