Kumkum Bhagya 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranbir senses Prachi and Khushi are in danger

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The Episode starts with Akshay telling Khushi that when she was not here, her Mamma didn’t miss her, but her Papa missed her so much. He hugs her and asks her to come and have breakfast. Prachi comes there and asks Khushi, when did she come? Khushi says when you was busy. She acts upset with her and tells that you might have not missed me. Prachi says I didn’t miss you as I had so much work. She says I really missed you so much. Khushi says you are saying this for school admission. She says why you will miss me, your favorite person is with you. Prachi asks what you are saying? Ashok says she must have enjoyed with her dada and dadi. Ranbir comes there and says hi small partner. Khushi is upset with him also. Ranbir asks what happened to her. prachi says her mood is upset, she will be fine. Ranbir says he is going for work. Mihika asks him to have breakfast. He says he will have in office and is about to go. Prachi stops him and says breakfast is also important. She packs the breakfast and gives to him. She says she will get Khushi ready to go for admission and goes. Mihika is upset and recalls Divya and Vishaka’s words. She comes to Prachi’s car and compromises with it. She says one person will die today, who is fake woman and fake wife. She says she will make her leave from this world, today this car will start, but will not stop. She says Prachi’s breath will stop, she will be finished. She throws the spanner there. Prachi comes there and sees Mihika standing near her car. She says I want to talk to you about Ranbir, Akshay and me. Mihika asks what is the point to talk now and asks her to come back and talk. She tries to make Prachi sit in the car, when Khushi comes and asks Prachi to stop. Mihika hugs Khushi and says if we separate then it will be because of your mother. She says I love you very much and has two relations with you, one of Bua and one of would be mother. She asks her to go safely and makes her sit in the car. Prachi drives off.

Mihika says I didn’t want to kill you Khushi, but what to do, you are prachi’s daughter. She says I will never forget you and will take gifts to your Ashram every year on your birthday. Divya comes there and asks what happened? Mihika says she has failed Prachi’s car brakes, but Khushi went with her. She says Khushi doesn’t deserve this, but she will also die with her mother. Divya asks have you gone mad.

Ranbir is in the office and calls Shobhit. Prachi is on the way and asks Khushi not to keep her hand outside. He calls Shohbit and comes to know that he went to the same school as Prachi for Khushi’s admission. He asks him to come, and ends the call. He feels his heart beat fast and gets worried. Khushi tickles Prachi. Prachi asks her not to do it and says she will stop the car. She finds the car brakes failed and gets worried. She asks Khushi not to do it, else she will scold her. Prachi is driving the car worriedly. Ranbir meets the guy, and doesn’t feel good and goes from there. Akshay tells Abhay and gives him file, and tells that Ranbir will be ruined just as he does deal with Shobit Sharma. He says he will ruined Ranbir fully. He says this is the way he will prove that he is superior than Ranbir. Abhay asks him to reconsider his decision.

Ranbir is leaving from the office. Shobit gets a call. Ranbir tells that they will reschedule the meeting. Shobit insists him to do the meeting. Ranbir says ok and goes back. Divya tells Mihika that she has done a big mistake. Mihika says if you are my sister or hers, and asks her to leave from there. Divya asks her to understand. Akshay and Abhay come there. Shobit shows the presentation to Ranbir. Ranbir is very much worried.

Prachi asks Khushi to wear the seat belt and don’t move from her seat. Khushi asks if anything has happened and says she is very scared, and asks why she is not stopping the car. Prachi says they are playing the game and tells that people are in the other car and watching us, and will think that they are driving badly. She drives the car. Khushi gets scared and starts crying. Prachi asks her to dial any number. Khushi asks her to slow down the car. Ranbir thinks something is wrong. Prachi sees the car coming from the opposite side and turns the car, and it hits the vegetable cart, but the car doesn’t stop. Prachi and Khushi both shout. Ranbir gets up from the meeting and goes.

Mihika asks Divya to leave from her room. Akshay asks her what happened? Divya asks what to do if someone’s car brakes are failed. Mihika asks Divya why she told him, and tells that she will not let Prachi come between Ranbir and her. Akshay asks Abhay if he heard what Mihika did. He asks if she is mad, and says she should have failed Ranbir’s car brakes. Abhay tells Mihika that this thing is not right. He calls Prachi, but call don’t go through. He tells Mihika that Prachi is his life. Mihika says Ranbir is my love and life and says I hope Prachi dies. Akshay gets angry and slaps Mihika.

Prachi is trying to put the brakes and asks Khushi to call Ranbir. Khushi asks what is the password? Prachi says Khushi Ranbir. Khushi says why you kept his name and you should have kept the password as Khushi Akshay. Prachi says she will tell her later and asks her to call Ranbir, as she wants to tell him something. Abhay asks Akshay to call Prachi and make her talk to mechanic on conference call, but Prachi’s call is not connecting. Mihika takes phone from his hand. Akshay snatches phone from her hand and pushes her. Mihika asks Divya if she is happy now, to break her home.

Ranbir comes out and hopes Prachi and Khushi are fine. He thinks why he is feeling restless and calls Prachi. Khushi tells Prachi that call came. He tells her that his heart is shaking up with worry and asks if she is fine. Prachi says the car brakes have failed, and she is trying to put the brakes, but…She says Khushi is with me. Ranbir is shocked and asks her to hold the steering wheel, and asks her to tell Khushi not to worry, as she is his Sher putr. He asks her to send her live location and tells that he will come there. He sees the truck coming there and asks the driver to give it to him for sometime, and take double money. The truck driver refuses and goes from there. Ranbir sees the key in the truck and drives off. He calls Prachi and asks her not to be scared and says he will reach her.

Akshay says why Prachi’s phone is not connecting. Mihika says she is waiting for the good news. Akshay asks her not to say that and says if anything happens to Prachi, then I will die. He says I will kill you. Mihika asks him to be happy that she will get her love atleast. Akshay locks Mihika in the room.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she has to send their live location, and for that she has to end the call. Ranbir asks her not to worry. Prachi asks Khushi to send the live location, and wear the seat belt first. Khushi sends the location on Prachi’s instructions. Ranbir reaches there and asks Prachi where is she, as he has reached the Nehru road. Prachi says she has taken the reroute as there was many cars there. She tells him that yesterday he asked her something and her answer is Yes. Ranbir gets happy and emotional. Prachi is also emotional.

Precap: Vishaka asks Mihika to calm down. Mihika says she wants to kill Prachi. Prachi hits the car on the truck and the car stops. Ranbir is standing outside and gets shocked. He wipes the sand from the car and sees Khushi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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