Keh Doon Tumhein 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant plans against Bittu

Keh Doon Tumhein 9th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kirti asking who is he, tell me the name. He gets tense. His heartbeat gets high. He faints. Vikrant goes and removes the fuse. Kirti says the machines got off. She worries and shouts to call the nurse. Bittu gets up. Vikrant enters the room. He says you proved that I know you well, I didn’t trust you, what were you going to tell her, how dare you touch her. He holds his neck. Kirti calls the doctor and nurse. Vikrant says you didn’t know me well, you can’t imagine what I will do with you. He says don’t die, you have to stay alive. He leaves. Lights get on. Doctor checks Bittu. Nurse says other rooms had the lights. Ward boy says someone removed this room’s fuse. Doctor treats Bittu. Kirti goes out. Vikrant comes and says Shreyas got tiffin for you, why are you here. She says Bittu was trying to tell me something. He asks did he say anything. She says I just hope he is okay. He says take care of your health, come and have food, he was saying like I killed someone and he wants revenge, he was going to tell me, but he fell unwell. He asks is this imp than Puru. She says no. He says you were dying today, if anything happened to you, then what would have happened to Puru, please, leave all this, focus on Puru and your career, else you can do injustice with your child.

She says you are right, you care for Puru and me. She praises him. He thinks you will get all the answers, I have to do an imp work today. Its night, the constables go inside the police station. Vikrant hides his face. He goes to Bittu’s car. He thinks no one will doubt me now. He thinks to thank Kirti, her bangle will become the first proof to find the serial killer. He sees Jadhav and Garud. He shuts the dickey. Jadhav says there is something behind the taxi. Vikrant hides. Garud says you maybe mistaken. He shuts the dickey. They leave. Vikrant comes out of the taxi.

Its morning, Kirti and Mirajkar have a talk. She says we have to find Anju’s culprit. He says he wanted to take revenge for his brother. She asks who is his brother, that man is his partner, where did he attack you. He says the jungle starts in that area, he took me there. She thinks of Vikrant. Puru comes and hugs Kirti. She says you got fine, you can come back home. She says you have to brush teeth and sleep, promise. He says yes. Madhuri says you change clothes now, we will go home. Mirajkar asks Kirti to take care. Kirti says inform me if Bittu gets conscious, he has all the answers. He says sure. Madhuri curses Bittu. Garud says I didn’t get any bracelet before. Jadhav says yes. Vikrant fools them. Jadhav asks Garud to go and check the dickey again. Vikrant says I don’t trust him, we will also go, come. Madhuri brings Kirti home. Dadi stops them at the door. She does Kirti’s aarti and welcomes her. Kirti prays. Garud says I found a bracelet before, but why didn’t I see it before. They find a bag and check it. They see the pics of the girls and also the knives’ set. Garud says Bittu is a big criminal. Vikrant smiles. Puru says promise me, you won’t leave me and go anywhere. Kirti promises Puru. He asks did a bad man catch you. She says yes, I can’t be weak when you give me courage, we will find the culprit. She hugs him. Vikrant asks Jadhav to wear gloves, the evidence can have Bittu’s fingerprints. Jadhav says yes, I remember, case solved, Bittu is Anjali’s boyfriend. Vikrant says this file was in Shreyas’ file, Bittu is cunning, do you think he has killed the other girls, we should check his house, who knows he has buried a body in his lawn. Jadhav says yes. Vikrant thinks of Kirti and smiles.

Mirajkar hears the doctor. He calls Kirti and asks her to come. Vikrant dresses as the doctor and goes to Bittu. Kirti and family come there.

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