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Anupama 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Asks Anuj To Leave

Anupama 9th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anupama tells that when she got pregnant after Toshu, everything thought that girl will be born, but Samar was born, he was so beautiful and of white complexion, she was afraid to touch him that something might happen. Vanraj says he was so mischievous. Anupama says he was always in my lap. Vanraj says Toshu was in my team, and Samar was in your room, when Pakhi was born, she came in my team. Anupama says Baa used to be in your team and Babu ji used to defend her (herself), but Samar was mine. She cries and says life has taught us so much, but didn’t teach how to live without our son. Vanraj says a son gives fire to his father’s pyre, but I gave fire to my son’s pyre and cries. Anuj hears and gets sad. Everyone sits for the mourning meet. The ladies gossip and asks how Dimpy will live her life now and that the boy is unlucky. Anupama scolds the ladies and asks them to support Dimpy and not demotivate her. She says the baby has lost her/his father, and his family and mother is with him. She hugs Dimpy and cries. Vanraj asks Anuj to leave and not to come to Anupama or them again. Anuj shouts saying Anupama, I am innocent. Vanraj is about to push him out, when Samar’s photo frame falls down. Everyone gets up shocked. Anupama picks the photo frame and keeps it back. She asks Vanraj to stop and comes there.

Anuj tries to defend himself and tells that he couldn’t bear when the guy misbehaved with the girl. He says my wife understands me well and hears my heart beat too. He says I didn’t know that Samar will lose his life, I am not guilty and tells that he is innocent. He says I used to call him buddy and used to love him, why will he take his life. Anupama says the pain is just pain and doesn’t get lessen if we blame someone. She says this pain is the last gift given by my Samar, let me feel the pain and go from here. She says you can’t understand that I have lost the son. Anuj says he can understand the pain. Anupama says you can’t understand as you didn’t lose your son and asks him to go from there. Anuj holds her saree pallu and asks her to take care. Anuj steps out. Vanraj looks at him. Anuj recalls the happenings.

He sits down near his car and tells that even Anu feels that I have taken your life, I was just trying to help you.

Babu ji asks baa if he had medicine. Baa asks him to have it. Babu ji eats it and tells that God shouldn’t have given this pain. Baa says they have to live for their children, and says they have seen their grand son’s death infront of them. Babu ji says we don’t have the life ahead, but Anupama, Dimpy and others have. Babu ji comes to Anupama and asks her to have it. Anupama refuses. Babu ji says when a woman becomes mother, she has to eat food for her baby even if she does want to eat. He asks her to have food so that she can feed Dimpy and tries to feed her. Baa tries to feed food to Vanraj and asks him to make Toshu and Pakhi have food. She says Anupama will take care of Dimpy. Anupama comes to Dimpy’s room and sees her resting on the bed keeping Samar’s tshirt beside her.

Precap: Anupama wipes Maa from her name on the slate. Samar asks her why did you wipe it. Anupama says I am not a good mother. Samar asks her to come out of trauma and bring everyone out too. Anupama promises him that she will bring everyone out of trauma and whenever she thinks of him, she will have smile on her face.

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