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Udaariyaan 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma gets accused

Udaariyaan 8th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aasma saying no, there is another piece of dress with that, wait. Alia smiles and recalls taking the shrug. Baby scolds Aasma and cries. Neetu asks Aasma what did she do. Baby angrily raises hand on Aasma. Armaan comes and holds her hand. He sees Aasma. Baby says now you will raise hand on me for Aasma. He says I just stopped you. Rano asks Armaan and Aasma to go out. She asks Baby to calm down. Baby says explain your bahu, she spoiled my birthday. Dadi asks Baby to wear any other dress. Neetu says come with me, I will show the dress. Aasma says I will make her fav flavour cake, maybe her anger gets calm. Rano comes and asks are you fine, don’t worry, we have made Baby calm. Baby dances with everyone. Rano asks is the cake ready. Aasma says yes, will you take it outside. Ran says yes, why not. She opens the oven. It blasts. Rano falls back. Aasma holds her. Everyone comes and sees Rano fallen. Baby says Aasma has nearly killed Rano. Armaan asks Kannu to call the doctor. Armaan scolds Aasma. Alia thinks how did the oven blast. Doctor checks Rano and says skin is fine internally, I will prescribe the medicines. Armaan goes to get medicines. Aasma hides her wound. Baby says you made this plan. Aasma says I didn’t do this intentionally. Baby says you have enmity with you. Aasma says we have to take care of Rano, go and make haldi lep. Aasma cries. She goes and makes the haldi lep. Alia thinks half of the work is done. Aasma sees her hand wound and cries. Alia comes and asks are you fine. Aasma says yes. Alia says I feel no one cares for your love and efforts, you do a lot for them, they misunderstand you.

Aasma says no. Alia says I will take the haldi lep, you also apply some. Aasma says fine, I shouldn’t go there. Alia smiles and goes to Rano. She gives the haldi lep. She says you will get fine soon, my Bebe applies this lep when anyone gets hurt at home, I have made it. Rano says Alia is hurt and she came to take care of me. Alia says you are elder, I will earn good deeds. Baby smiles and says enemy’s daughters love Rano a lot.

Aasma sees the oven’s wire cut. Alia asks them to forgive Aasma. She says she won’t stay here for long, she will go to Canada with Armaan soon. They worry. Dadi asks what nonsense. Rano says no, she won’t go anywhere, she will stay here with me. Alia says sorry, I thought Aasma told everything. Rano recalls Aasma’s promise. Alia says I m sorry.

Alia thinks I have to make Aasma fall in their sight. Armaan gets Aasma’s call. Aasma says oven’s wire was cut, come and check it once, it can be a short circuit. He says it’s a result of your carelessness, stop making excuses. He ends call. She cries. He hears the two guys talking about sparking and short circuit burning the entire building. Armaan says everyone is after Aasma, what did I do. He leaves for home.

Biji and Ashok come home. Baby complains about Aasma. She taunts Aasma and Deepak. Aasma says please don’t get Papa in between. Bebe asks what is everyone saying. Ashok says hear Aasma once. Aasma says Armaan and I… Baby curses Aasma. Aasma says Biji, I didn’t break any promise, this family will never break, Armaan and I wanted to go to Canada, but why, he told me about his dream, he wants to go there for Raja’s treatment. Armaan comes and looks on. Aasma says who am I to stop him, its my duty to fulfill his dream, how shall I refuse to him. She defends herself. Armaan thinks Aasma has to hear always because of my mistake, I can’t keep quiet. Armaan says she is saying the truth, talk to me, its not her mistake, I already told mummy about it, but mummy didn’t take me seriously, no one takes me seriously, except Aasma, she is supporting me in my dream, I want to go there for Raja’s sake until he gets fine. Biji says you might have got the answer. She defends Aasma. Ashok says you should have heard Aasma before. Ashok and Biji leave. Armaan sees Aasma. Alia thinks Armaan fought his family to support Aasma, no, I won’t let Aasma compel Armaan to be with her.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena


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