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Suhaagan 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya learns Payal’s evil conspiracy

Suhaagan 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bindiya seeing Rudra as the boy Chiku’s brother. She recalls the happenings and is walking away from there. Rudra asks Bindiya to stop. Bindiya says she don’t want to talk to him. Rudra says I will go, but after thanking you. He thanks her for saving his brother and says if you had known that he is my younger brother then you might not have saved him. Bindiya says I am not cheap like you and says she doesn’t need to know about the boy to save him, and says the kids are pure like Gangajal and asks him not to let him be like him. Rudra stops her and says you have opened my eyes and sits pleading for forgiveness. Bindiya says you have betrayed my family and sister. Rudra says I betrayed you and your family, but didn’t betray your sister. Payal gives coffee to Indu and Sakshi. She tries to talk to Krish, but he ignores her and goes talking to Vikram. Sakshi says Mummy ji accepted you and you made Krish upset. Payal taunts her politely and tells that Krish is busy like Vikram. She then asks Indu when she will give her bahu’s rights and tells that she wants to make kheer for everyone. Sakshi asks her not to make anything and reminds Indu of Payal’s burnt toast. Payal says I will learn from my mistake. Indu asks her to take Chef’s help and make kheer. Payal goes.

Bindiya asks what do you mean? Rudra says I destroyed your life on Payal’s sayings. Bindiya says Rudra ji…how disgusted you are and tells that you have trapped my sister first, betrayed her and now lying about her. Rudra says I am telling you about your life’s biggest truth and tells that all this conspiracy is of your sister Payal.

Payal keeps the milk on the gas and gets busy watching shorts on the mobile. The Servant comes there and asks her to concentrate when making something. Payal scolds her asking her to call her Bhabhi and asks her to add whatever is needed for kheer. The Servant says it is your first rasoi. Payal scolds her asking her not to argue and asks her to do as she says. She sees Krish and goes out thinking Bindiya is not at home. She hugs Krish and says I am so sorry Krish, don’t be angry with me. She says I didn’t do it intentionally. Krish says it was my mistake that I called you on terrace and asks her to go and sleep. Payal asks him to cheer up his mood. Krish says I was happy as Mummy has accepted you, and wanted you to come in my embrace, but Bindiya came in my embrace. He says the romance which was meant for you, Bindiya got it.

Rudra tells Bindiya that Payal is the conspirator and she is playing games with Krish also. He says I did it as I needed money for Chiku’s treatment, but Payal is greedy for money. Bindiya doesn’t believe him and goes. Rudra comes to her and asks her to wait, and says he has something which will shock her. Payal scolds Krish for not identifying between Bindiya and her. Krish says she had worn your dress. Just then Servant comes there and keeps the stuff in the hall. Krish’s sister comes there. Everyone gets shocked. She asks why everyone is shocked.

Rudra shows the recording to Bindiya, in which Payal is confessing that she wanted to marry rich Krish and not poor Krish, and that’s why she forced Krish to agree to marry Bindiya and then manipulated Indu and got property transferred on his name, but she couldn’t marry him, but now she has planned so much and he shall instigate krish so much that he gets forced to fill her maang with sindoor. She says her sister shall go to hell, she just wants money and lavish life. Bindiya is shocked. Rudra sends her recording to her phone and says he is leaving the city. He deletes the recording from her phone. He asks her not to leave Krish as he needs her.

Bindiya is coming there. Krish stops Nidhi. Indu asks how she got homeless. Nidhi asks what is going on here, and asks about Krish’s marriage. Nidhi asks Indu if she has accepted Payal. Krish says your choti bhabhi is Payal. Nidhi asks what about Bindiya. Bindiya comes there. Nidhi asks Bindiya what is she doing here? Bindiya says she is Krish’s legal wife. She touches her feet and asks about Jija ji. Nidhi asks her to see her life and says she has come here for some peace and you are questioning me. Krish says this is my Didi’s house and asks Bindiya to go and do her work.

Indu asks Bindiya to fill masalas in the boxes and don’t trouble her, as my daughter gets unwell when cry. Krish asks her to leave. Bindiya thinks she shall not tell Payal’s truth to anyone now. She comes to the kitchen and sends the Servants out of the kitchen. Payal asks what is this misbehavior? She asks her to leave as she is making Kheer for Krish. Bindiya says not Krish, but my Krishna ji. Payal asks did you come drinking bhang? Bindiya says no, came after knowing your truth.

Precap: Payal is driving the car and asks Krish to see if oil tank is leaking. Krish says yes. Payal says she is trying to put the brakes, but it is failed. Bindiya is behind the car and sees the car falling from the cliff.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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