Shiv Shakti (Colors) 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mahadev meets Rati for a purpose

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 8th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Parvati refusing to go to Shiv without her mother’s permission. She says one love can’t be sacrifice to get other’s love. She says in love, hand is held and not left. Himavan gets emotional and hugs her. He says Parvati…I am blessed to get a daughter like you, and says he will have place in his heart always. He says his daughter is not Parvati’s avatar, but Parvati herself. Parvati hugs him. Ganga also hugs Himavan. Himavan hopes Mainavati also understands her love and feelings. Parvati says I understand my Shiv, his love and his feelings and that’s why I will not marry anyone else other than Shiv, I will wait for him all my life, and if love is truthful then all the hurdles will end and we will unite surely. She says but I will not hurt my parents, to get Shiv and will not marry him against their wishes.

Shiv says Shiv and Shakti are one and nobody can stop us from uniting, and says we will be together always and will never separate. He says no hurdle can separate Shiv and Shakti. Narad asks him, what is the solution for Mainavati’s problem. Mahadev says I have a solution and says just like Parvati has done tap to get me, I have to do tap and convince Mainavati. He goes.

Later Parvati gets ready. Mainavati makes her wear jewellery and tells that when the mother gets her daughter ready, she wishes that her daughter’s life shall be filled with happiness. Parvati tells Mainavati that few relations are made by heart and says when the baby is kept in mother’s womb, the mother connects with her heart and tells that her decision is always for her betterment. Mainavati says I know my decision is against your wish. She asks Ganga to make her ready so that nobody can look beautiful than her. Ganga says you have bent down infront of circumstances. Parvati says she trusts her Shiv.

Rati thinks of Kaamdev and recalls how Mahadev burnt him into ashes. She is about to put flowers on Kaamdev’s ashes, when Mahadev comes there. Rati folds her hands and says Mahadev….you are here and says you must have come for any aim. He says I understand your heart feelings and tells that he needs her for the fulfillment of a purpose. He says you can refuse also, your decision will be respected.

Deeti tells that they don’t need to worry as Mainavati haven’t agreed. Taraka sur asks you want me to wait and says we can’t depend on Mainavati’s wishes. He says time has come to act on the plan, and I will not follow your advice, but will follow my own plans.

Parvati feels the pain of separation from Shiv. Shiv looks on. The leaf flies and falls on Parvati. She finds ashes on it and says my Shiv will come. She smiles. Shiv also smiles.

Himavan, Ganga and Mainavati come for the Mahautsav. Parvati comes there. Shiv is coming there with Nandi and Shiv ganns. A dance performance is announced in Parvati’s honour. Mahadev comes there as Natwar. Parvati identifies him and smiles.

Precap: Mahadev dances in Himavan’s palace to cheer up Parvati. Parvati says you have come here as natwar to cheer me, our love will be immortal always.

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