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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mainavati questions Narayan

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mainavati telling Narayan that his gifts will be taken inside, if he answers to all her questions. Narayan asks her to ask, what is her questions? Mainavati asks Narayan if he remembers the curse which Parvati got due to Mahadev. She asks if your Mahadev can wipe this curse and give her right to live her life as a normal woman. She asks if Parvati can become a mother? She asks Narayan to call Mahadev here and clear her doubts, and then only she will accept this proposal. Himavan tells that Parvati loves Mahadev. Mainavati says Parvati shall have children and asks Narayan if she will have children if she marries Mahadev. She asks Lakshmi, if I am wrong to ask this question, who is bothered for her daughter’s life. She asks Brahmadev why Mahadev can’t cut this curse, being Devon ki Dev Mahadev. She asks them to answer her. Narayan says he is Devon ke Dev and can do anything, but can’t cross the limits. He says Kaamdev’s wife Rati had cursed Parvati due to Mahadev, and Mahadev himself couldn’t cut her curse as he respects everyone’s feelings. He says he is Mahadev and thinks everyone as his children. He says even if they have children, then also Devi Parvati will not feel or miss the children. Mainavati apologizes and says right now Parvati is in love, but when she realizes this, she will be sad and hopeless, and says who knows that my daughter Parvati can end her life like Sati.

Narayan says this will not happen. Mainavati asks why you didn’t stop Sati, and why you let her become into ashes. She says even Mahadev was there, why he didn’t save Sati. Narayan says we shall not think of past, but think of future. Mainavati says my daughter’s future is in darkness and that’s why I refuse your proposal. She says a mother couldn’t get her answers from Narayan himself also.

Deeti tells Tarakasur that Mainavati relieved all their worries and tells that until she agrees, Parvati and Shiv will not marry. Guru Shukracharya tells that Devtas will try to convince mainavati and you shall do something so that she doesn’t agree. Nandi tells that Mainavati refused. Shivgann says how Shiv and Shakti will unite.

Himavan apologizes to Narayan. Narayan says a mother has the right to refuse, I can understand her pain. They leave. Ganga tells Parvati that they have to tell truth to Maa, and says whom she is thinking as her daughter is the avatar of Mahadev’s Adi Shakti. Parvati says no Didi, you shall not tell anyone. Himavan asks Mainavati to agree. Mainavati says either Mahadev shall answer me and get Parvati freed from the curse, Else he shall forgive Parvati forever. Himavan asks her to understand Parvati’s feelings and says she loves Shiv, and you are hurdle in her happiness. Mainavati asks if I am a bad mother and is bringing hurdle in my daughter’s happiness, so this shall be decided today. She calls Parvati and tells her that your father feels that I am a bad mother. She says I will ask all the soldiers to go from outside your room, and says you can go to Shiv in night, and we will celebrate it tomorrow. She says do whatever you want against my wish, your father and Shiv can do what they want. She goes. Parvati tries to stop Mainavati. Himavan says your mother is stubborn. Parvati says she was never stubborn before. Ganga says it seems she will not agree. Himavan says she is Parvati’s mother and wants her to have the joy of motherhood. Ganga says how can Shiv and Parvati marry. Himavan says it will happen surely. Ganga asks how?

Himavan gives permission to Parvati to elope from there and marry Shiv. He promises her that like Sati’s father Daksh, I will not be upset with Shiv and you. He says I will make your mother understand that Shiv’s purpose is for the people betterment, and the girl can marry him who is suitable for him and can think of the world rather than self. He asks her to go to Shiv. Ganga asks Parvati to go from there and says this might be the last thing of your Tap, Tyaag and Tapasya.

Parvati holds Himavan’s hand and says she can’t sacrifice her duties for her parents and go from here. She says at one side is Shiv’s love and other side is my parents and their love. She says love is to dedicate and I can’t sacrifice one (Shiv’s) love for the other (Parents’ love).

Precap: Mahadev comes to Devi Rati and tells that he needs her help. Parvati says my Mahadev will come. Mahadev is coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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