Secret Codes to Find Hidden Horror Movies and Series on Netflix

netflix halloween horror secret codes 2023

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Halloween season is upon us, meaning you’re probably looking for some new or classic horror to watch. If you intend to do so on Netflix, you’ll want to be armed with all of the category codes (sometimes referred to as Netflix’s secret codes) we’ve got you covered with all the genre codes and collections Netflix has for Halloween 2023.

If you haven’t been introduced to Netflix’s code system yet, here’s a quick overview. Netflix’s library consists of nearly 7,000 titles, if not more, in many regions, and to help filter and categorize them, Netflix hosts thousands of categories. These categories can be accessed easily on the web but can also be done by typing in codes to the search box on mobile and connected TVs.

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If you want to use any of the codes below on a web browser, use the URL:

netflix.com/ browse/genre/INSERTNUMBER

You can see our full list of category codes for Netflix, which houses the most complete list on the internet at well over 4,000 genre codes.

Netflix Launches New Halloween Collection 2023

Netflix has been experimenting with collections for a while (a big group of genres effectively), and for Halloween, they’ve launched the ENTER IF YOU DARE collection. Netflix did have a similar collection in 2022 but it was called Stream and Scream then.

The collection includes the following genres:

  • This Place is Evil (81476889)
  • All the Scares, Light on the Gore (81725979)
  • Zombies, Vampires and Ghouls (81613745)
  • Teen Screams (52147)
  • Horror Hidden Gems (81613739)
  • Family Halloween Treats (81346195)
  • Modern Horror Classics (81336552)
  • Slashers and Serial Killers (81613750)
  • Halloween Comedies (81510605)
  • Horror Reimagined (81336549)
  • Witchcraft and the Dark Arts (81552046)
  • High Brow Horror (3261672)

The new collection includes some new artwork (and a sizzle reel trailer) featuring familiar characters from Netflix’s roster of Originals. You can clearly see numerous references to Stranger Things – Vecna in the window, Will and his bike on the far right, and the Mind Flayer on one of the pillars. Wednesday is clearly seen front and center, with Texas Chainsaw Massacre also getting a big spot.

Can you figure out all the other references? Let us know in the comments below.

enter if you dare netflix collection

Picture: Netflix

Full List of Horror Category Codes on Netflix

So, without further ado, here are 63 Netflix horror genre codes that will help you find your Halloween watch of 2023.

  • B-Horror Films (8195)
  • Blockbuster Monster Movies (1500829)
  • British Horror Movies (4991)
  • Campy Horror Movies (1155)
  • Chilling Horror Films (90848)
  • Classic Horror Films (48303)
  • Creature Features (6895)
  • Critically-acclaimed Horror Movies (3721)
  • Dark Fantasy Anime (2691049)
  • Dark Fantasy TV Shows (81238385)
  • Dark Films (9280)
  • Dark True Crime Documentaries (83707)
  • Dark True Crime Films (80934)
  • Dark TV Horror (83161)
  • Demon Horror Films (31556)
  • Experimental Horror Movies (2626)
  • Family Halloween Treats (Halloween content suited for
  • younger audiences) (81346195)
  • Filipino Horror Movies (2010)
  • Foreign Horror Movies (8654)
  • German Horror Movies (4021)
  • Goofy Horror Movies (4021)
  • Gory Japanese Horror Movies (4945)
  • Halloween Comedies (81510605)
  • Halloween Favorites (108663 / 81336575)
  • High Brow Horror (3261672)
  • Horror Anime (10695)
  • Horror Comedy (89585)
  • Horror Films (8711)
  • Horror Films Based on Books (1751)
  • Horror Hidden Gems (81613739)
  • Horror Reimagined (81336549)
  • Horror Series (83059)
  • Independent Psychological Horror Movies (3880)
  • Irreverent Horror Movies (3642)
  • Japanese Horror Films (10750)
  • Japanese TV Horror (1207133)
  • Japanese Horror Anime (1462092)
  • Japanese Supernatural Horror Movies (46473)
  • Modern Horror Classics (81336552)
  • Monster Movies (947)
  • Psychological Horror Movies (4809)
  • Quirky Horror Movies (729)
  • Revenge Slasher and Serial Killer Films (14992)
  • Revenge Films (14903)
  • Scary (100053)
  • Scary Films (6057)
  • Sci-Fi Horror (1694)
  • Slasher and Serial Killer Films (8646)
  • Small Town Scares (51496215)
  • Steamy Horror Movies (1358)
  • Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)
  • Supernatural Monster Movies (42426)
  • Survival Horror (2939659)
  • Teen Screams (52147)
  • This Place is Evil (81476889)
  • Vampire Horror Movies (75804)
  • Werewolf Horror Movies (75930)
  • Witchcraft & the Dark Arts (81552046)
  • Zombie Films (75421)
  • Zombie Horror Films (75405)
  • Zombie Horror Movies (75405)
  • Zombies, Vampires and Ghouls (81613745)

The Flanaverse

Finally, if you’re looking for a Mike Flanagan binge, Netflix set up a category called The Flanaverse, which is the collective name for all his movies and series released on Netflix exclusively.

Netflix has been working with legendary horror creator for over half a decade now and has produced seven titles in total for the streamer (including the upcoming series The Fall of the House of Usher), and all are collated in category code 81642617.

the flanaverse netflix

The Flanaverse – Picture: Netflix

What are you watching on Netflix for Halloween? Let us know in the comments.


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