Neerja 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Didun creates misunderstanding in Abeer’s mind towards Neerja

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Neerja says to Didun, I won’t go to meet someone or let anyone meet me, please spare me.Didun says to Neerja that you know I don’t send clients upset. Neerja says please I beg you, I don’t want to do all this. Didun says don’t make me emotional Neerja, I will send this one back.
Abeer waiting downstairs.

Didun says to Neerja, should I call Abeer here, lets make your love your first customer, he will pay you huge, let me give you a call. Neerja says please Didun, keep Abeer out of it. Abeer walks to Neerja’s room and hears Neerja say I don’t want to meet Abeer. Abeer thinks Neerja really want to meet me only if I pay money and gets upset and leaves. Didun sees Abeer leave and smirks.

Chakri and Neerja worried about whether Didun really reach out to Abeer. Neerja says I hope not, I don’t want to see Abeer in Sonagachi. Neerja sees Abeer in Sonagachi from her window and runs outside calling his name. Neerja hurts her leg while running to Abeer. Kallu tells Didun, look Neerja is running away. Didun says we do not need to worry anymore, our work is done.
Neerja slips and falls near the temple and Abeer leaves without noticing her.

Neerja walks back to Sonagachi. Neerja faints, causing Chakri to become deeply concerned. Bijoy tells Moushmi he will be late today. Abeer walks to Moushmi and asks when you all knew Neerja is from Sonagachi, why did you bring her to my life.Moushmi tells Abeer truth about how he thought Neerja is Trisha. Abeer asks did Neerja take money for this. Moushmi says yes, she took lot of money and took advantage of the situation. Bijoy confused why is Moushmi lying. Munmun overhears the conversation and says this is fun.
Abeer apologizes to his parents and says because of me you all had to bear Neerja and leaves the room.

Sharmili and Chakri attend to Neerja’s condition, and Sharmili wonders why Didun prevented Abeer from meeting Neerja. Meanwhile, Shobharani questions Didun’s motives. Didun reveals her sinister plan to exploit Abeer’s love for Neerja for financial gain, explaining that creating misunderstandings was essential to her scheme.

Back at the scene, Satark is alarmed to see Abeer on a dangerous ledge and calls out to him. Neerja regains consciousness and tries to reach Abeer, but Chakri stops her and informs her that Abeer came to see Didun and left. Neerja is heartbroken, fearing that Abeer now despises her.

Chakri tries to comfort Neerja, saying that Abeer’s presence reflects his love. Meanwhile, Satark asks Abeer about his encounter with Neerja. On the other side, Neerja wonders why Abeer came despite knowing her background, hoping their love can overcome their differences. Abeer, however, declares his decision never to see Neerja again.

Pre cap: Neerja dances for Abeer and Abeer drinks and breaks a bottle in her feet and makes her dance on the glass pieces.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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