Meet 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj helps Shlok and Sumeet to escape

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Everyone in the market, Shlok and Sumeet’s hands are tied with rope. Mulla announces that Sumeet and Shlok are to be executed. Everyone start saying Zindabad. Amidst this, Sumeet encourages Shlok to have hope and chants “Ganpati Bappa Morya” with determination. The crowd is astonished by their confidence, while Bilawal prepares for the execution, with the crowd cheering it on. Bilawal offers them a chance to apologize for their supposed mistakes. Sumeet asks Bilawal to open his hands so she can respond. When he does, she surprises him by slapping him in anger, Bilawal tries to hurt her but Shlok kicks him back. Bilawal orders to hang them. Shlok and Sumeet are then forcibly taken to the gallows while holding onto each other tightly. Constables make them stand on a sack and tie ropes around their necks.

Shlok, expressing his love, holds Sumeet’s hand and tells her he wants to be with her even in the next life. Sumeet reciprocates her love, declaring she loves him the most. Bilawal taunts them to end the game. Bilawal then fires at the sacks, causing the ropes to tighten around Sumeet and Shlok. Suddenly, a person on a bike arrives, throws a smoke bomb, and cuts the ropes.

The biker turns out to be Raj, who instructs Shlok and Sumeet to escape on a bike while he distracts Bilawal and his police. As they flee, bullets puncture the bike’s tire, forcing them to abandon it and hide. Sumeet reminds Raj that Akki is still with Bilawal, and Raj assures them that he will retrieve Akki as Bilawal hasn’t seen her.

Later, Raj questions Bilawal about Akki’s whereabouts, and Bilawal reveals that Akki is with him. Meanwhile, Shlok and Sumeet hide in a truck to evade Bilawal’s men. When one of them checks with a rod, Shlok is injured but refrains from making noise, allowing them to escape. Meanwhile, Bilawal threatens Raj with a gun, but Naaz reveals she has removed the bullets. Bilawal then beats Raj severely.

In India, Priyanka prays for Raj’s safety and hopes to bring Shlok and Sumeet home safely. In Pakistan, a constable notices blood on the rod, suspecting Shlok and Sumeet might be in the truck. The team becomes more vigilant, but Shlok and Sumeet manage to leave the truck. Naaz, with a gun, promises to ensure Shlok and Sumeet’s safe return.

Meanwhile, a constable finds a map Shlok was using to reach a cave. Raj captures Akki while Bilawal is preoccupied with Naaz. At Chaudhary’s place, Poonam’s blood pressure drops, and the doctor advises her to take food and medicine, but she remains in denial. In Pakistan, Raj reaches the location where Shlok and Sumeet are with Akki and asks about the map. The couple realizes they left it in the truck. Bilawal, on the other hand, plans to catch Shlok and Sumeet in the forest.

Precap: Sumeet, Raj, Shlok and Akki in jungle. Bilawal and his men catches them and asks them to look behind for Sumeet. Raj looks for her. Bilawal points him towards Sumeet and says now fun will began when she will be killed because of landmine. Raj and shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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