Anupama 8th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Babu ji Pacifies Anuj

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Anuj apologizes to Samar and cries…Dimpy asks if he will return with your sorry. Toshu says our Samar will not return if you shed tears. Vanraj asks Anuj to move back from his son and says it was your idea to go to club, we shouldn’t have agreed to your saying and this wouldn’t have happened. Anupama looks at Anuj in shock. Anuj asks Anupama if you believe me and says if I had known that Samar will lose his life, then I would have given my life and save him. He says you trust me right? you trust your Anuj? Anupama turns her face. Anuj says I didn’t do anything. Later Anupama is in the room, while Anuj asks her to talk to him once. He says I can bear your anger, hatred but not your silence.

He says I didn’t come here to clarify, but to talk to you. He asks her to talk to him once. Anupama cries. Agar Tum Saath ho song plays…..Anuj comes to the inhouse temple and tells God that he wants to tell him something, when someone has complaint with someone, then that person comes to you and complain, but I have complaint from you then where to go and whom to complaint. He says what was Samar’s mistake, a young, 25 years old son was snatched from his mother. He asks God, why did he take away Samar? He says that bullet was meant for me, why did you give me long life, my Anu didn’t want to see my face. He says today not just Samar died, but I have died too…though I am breathing, I am dead and don’t want such life. Babu ji comes there and holds him. Anuj apologizes to him. Babu ji says Kanha ji has told in Geeta that we are helpless by destiny and has to die one day. He says Samar’s death was destined. Anuj says my name was written on the bullet. Babu ji asks then why it didn’t hit you. He says if Samar had not died there, then he would have died by some other means. He says Samar was destined to die there. He says we blame someone for our family member’s death and vent out our anger. He says when someone dies in hospital, then people blame Doctor etc. Anuj says it was my idea to go to Club. Babu ji says it Vanraj had not said that the men and women will have party separately then we wouldn’t have gone there, and asks him not to blame himself. He says I will handle Vanraj, you just handle Anupama. He says if you get weak then how you will handle her, she not only lost her son, but also her Samar.

Dimpy is sitting in the room and recalls her moments with Samar. She touches her tummy and imagines Samar keeping his hand on her tummy. She says Samar…..Samar says I didn’t go anywhere, I am with you, you have to live for me and our baby. Dimpy asks why did you go? Samar asks her to give both parents’ love to their child. Dimpy asks why my destiny is bad. Samar asks her to promise that she shall remember him with a smile on her face and shall not cry. Dimpy smiles. Samar asks her to take care of herself and baby. He asks her to continue dance and says I love you so much. Dimpy says I love you too. She cries as her imagination ends.

In the morning, Toshu knocks on the door and says Mummy…we have returned from crematorium ground. Anupama cries hearing this.

Pakhi is crying and imagines Samar coming there and taking out her hair clip. She hugs him. Samar says he will break it if she cries. Pakhi says break it, but come back. Samar asks why, so that you can fight with me. Pakhi says if you can’t see my love. She asks him to return. Samar says I can’t return and asks her to think about him, you people are together, but I am alone. Pakhi cries. Kavya tries to pacify her.

Anupama takes off garland from Samar’s photo. Vanraj asks what you are doing? Anupama says my son didn’t go anywhere, he is with us in our memories. They sit infront of Samar’s photo frame.

Precap: Anupama wipes Maa from her name on the slate. Samar asks her why did you wipe it. Anupama says I am not a good mother. Samar asks her to come out of trauma and bring everyone out too. Anupama promises him that she will bring everyone out of trauma and whenever she thinks of him, she will have smile on her face.

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