Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aarohi and Dadi hide the reports

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi saying the milk isn’t fine, its heavy, I also don’t like it. He asks her to have juice. She thanks him. She drinks it. He asks are you feeling better. She nods. Abhir and Ruhi come on the stage. Ruhi calls Manjiri, Surekha and Shefali for the next performance. The ladies dance on Chalka…. Akshu gets a notification. Abhi asks what happened, anything imp. Akshu says no, its spam mail. The man comes to give the reports. He goes to Abhi. He sees Aarohi and gives the reports to her. She thinks to check later. She says I should check Akshu and Manish’s reports. She checks and says Manish’s reports are normal. She checks Akshu’s reports. She is shocked. She thinks Akshu is pregnant. She looks at everyone. Akshu signs her to come. She asks is everything fine. Aarohi gives the reports to her. Akshu checks and gets shocked. Manjiri asks what happened. Abhi checks it and gets angry. He says you are pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Muskaan smiles. Abhir comes. Abhi tears the reports and says now… this marriage can’t happen. Abhir runs to him and asks him not to do this. Akshu says its his decision, don’t plead Abhir. Abhi says sorry junior, this marriage can’t happen now. He leaves with his family. Everyone claps for Manjiri, Surekha and Shefali. Aarohi’s imagination ends. She thinks no, this relation can’t break. She turns and sees Abhi. Abhi asks for Akshu’s reports. The kids come. He talks to her. Aarohi hides the reports. She says it was a bill, not reports. He goes with the kids. She asks Surekha about the sweets plate. Surekha says I have sent it. Aarohi runs and stops the servants. She checks the plates. She doesn’t get the report. The man asks did you lose something. She says yes, its not there. She thinks I will tell it to Akshu before anyone else reads it. Dadi comes with the reports. She says no, you won’t tell anyone.

Abhir, Ruhi and Shivansh dance on the song pretty woman. Dadi says we will hide this, Akshu’s happiness is imp, if everyone knows this, then don’t know this marriage will happen or not, they are marrying after many problems. Aarohi says you think Abhi won’t accept the child. Dadi says you didn’t go to Abhi, you also know what will happen if this news goes out. Aarohi says Abhi loves Ruhi as a real father, he will accept this news. Dadi asks why didn’t you tell him, marriage can’t happen if they know it, I trust Abhi, but Akshu can step back, I m stressed about Manjiri and Muskaan.

Manjiri and Muskaan go to take a water bottle. Muskaan taunts her. Manjiri asks her to accept this. She says Abhi regards you a sister. Muskaan says you may get hurt by this new relation. Aarohi says you want this marriage to happen by lying to them. Dadi says no, just hide the truth, you know, Akshu will be alone again, this time she will have to handle two kids, you know it well, its tough to handle kids without their father’s support, let this marriage happen, then I will tell everything to Akshu and Abhi. Aarohi says fine, we will not tell this to anyone. Dadi asks her to keep the report. Aarohi comes to the guest room and hides the report. She goes. Suwarna asks why didn’t the music stop. Manish says extension cord got burnt. Akshu says its in guest room, I will get it. She goes. Dadi says Akshu has gone to guest room to get the cord. Aarohi says I kept the report there. She runs. Akshu checks the drawer. She gets the report. Aarohi comes and takes the papers. She gives the extension cord and says take it, this is random bill, Manish kept it. Akshu goes. Ruhi says wow Maasi, your mehendi got dark, it means poppy loves you a lot. Abhir asks Abhi to say how much he loves Akshu. Ruhi asks him to say. Akshu says too much love can’t be measured. Abhir says I can do it, I love you a lot, I will leave chocolates and choose jam, my mumma is the best, if you ask me to leave football, I will leave it. Ruhi says I will get the world’s butterflies for poppy. Abhi says you look good with me. Ruhi asks how much do you love Akshu. Abhi says I don’t know, if Akshu was a tune, then I would have hummed it all my life, if she was a weather, I would have not let it change ever, if she was an evening, then she would be my every evening.
Manjiri says we will get them engaged. She goes to get the ring. Aarohi thins Manjiri got Akshu’s pregnancy report. Manjiri checks the paper.

Update Credit to: Amena


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