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Udaariyaan 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma plans Baby’s birthday

Udaariyaan 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aasma saying everything was perfect, thanks Alia for planning such a special surprise. Alia says stay away from my Armaan, else I will make you away from the world, he is mine, you are just a ticket to Canada for us. Aasma asks what happened, say something. Alia’s imagination ends. Alia says I m feeling restless. Aasma asks her to rest. She goes. Alia gets angry. The family plans Baby’s birthday. Aasma says we can make her birthday special tonight at 12. Raja dances and collides with Armaan. He says I will give flowers to Banto. Armaan says don’t take her name aloud, her name is Alia, call her Alia. Aasma looks for Raja. Raja says she will stay here. Armaan says she will get fine and leave. Baby comes and hears them. She asks them what is it. Alia says I was getting bored in my room, its okay, I will go back. Aasma asks her to come. She asks is everyone ready for the plan. They agree. Alia thinks I will make you away from the family. Baby asks what Banto. Armaan says nothing, its our top secret. She thinks to find out. Aasma says take Baby outside, I will make all the preparations. Baby comes and asks what’s scheming is going on. Neetu makes an excuse. Baby asks what is Alia doing here. She asks Alia to get well soon and go. Dadi asks Baby to come and help her in making prasad. Baby goes. Aasma says its Baby’s surprise birthday party tonight. Rano says my decision to make Aasma my bahu is right. Neetu says yes. Armaan thinks Aasma is doing a lot for my family, what am I doing with her and Alia. Raja says I will also go to the Gurudwara. Armaan says I have to fix a car at the garage. Aasma stops him and says thanks for filling 12th form, get flowers for Bua ji. He asks how would I get it there. Alia says florist sits in front of the garage, sorry, our car goes to Jaggi’s garage. He says thanks for informing, I will get it. Aasma asks are you fine. Alia says better. Aasma goes.

Alia thinks I have to make Aasma fall in the family’s sight. Tannu says Baby likes stylish clothes. Aasma says Baby will wear stylish clothes and jewellery. Armaan is at the garage. He says Alia is my love and Aasma is my responsibility. Jaggi says Aasma has sent you to the garage for work, I told you to do partnership with me, I m glad to see you working. Armaan says why am I working on Aasma’s saying, how did I change, what about my childhood dream to go to Canada with Alia, is that wrong.

Aasma makes the food. Alia comes and offers help. Aasma asks her to go and take rest. Alia says I will make tea. She makes the tea and adds some pill. Aasma says its very good. Alia asks did you talk to Armaan’s family about Raja’s treatment. Aasma says no, I will talk to them after Armaan’s 12th exams. Alia cuts the wire. Aasma makes the cake batter. She gets dizzy. Alia asks are you fine, take rest, we will manage everything. Aasma says wake me up in some time. Alia says fine, Armaan is mine and his family is also mine. Aasma sleeps. Alia says I will make you fall in everyone’s sight. Armaan says the car got set. He calls Aasma. Aasma wakes up and asks him to buy roses. He says fine. She goes out and asks Alia why didn’t you wake me up, go and get ready, I will handle this. Alia says Armaan had to call her at this time. Aasma goes to bake the cake. The wire gets sparks. Alia thinks cake won’t be baked now. Dadi gets Baby home. Everyone wishes Baby. Baby gets surprised. Armaan gives the roses to Baby. Baby blesses him and says you made me happy. Raja says this was Aasma’s idea. Aasma wishes Baby and takes her blessings. Baby thanks her. Aasma says I kept a pretty dress for you in your room, get ready, then we will celebrate. Alia looks on. Baby smiles and goes.

Aasma says cake is ready, just half an hour. She keeps the cake inside the oven. Baby shouts. Everyone runs to see. Baby shows the dress and asks do I wear such revealing clothes. Aasma comes and asks what happened. Baby asks did you get such clothes for me. Alia smiles and thinks there will be a blast in the kitchen now, Aasma will impress them and I will depress her.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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