Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti to save Shiv

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shiv screams for help and panics. Shakti says where are you Shiv? Mandira says phobia makes death look easier. The fear takes over your body. Ranjan asks but why does he have phobia of lizards? She says that’s the real secret. Everything is related to it. Shakti looks for Shiv. She says where are you Shiv? Mandira asks Ranjan what did you do? He says we will know when his body is found. Mandira says I won’t leave you. He grasps her hand and says you can’t do anything. Shiv screams in panic. Padma is also worried for Shiv. Shakti says I don’t see Ranjan and Mandira either. What’s happening.

Ranjan says I wont’ leave you. Stay here. Mandira says how dare you. She’s about to slap him. He holds her hand and says you’ve not seen how daring I can be. She says leave me. Shakti comes there. She’s shocked. Shakti says stop it. What’s happening here? Padma calls Shiv. she says where are you Shiv? Shiv screams in panic. He says the crocodile will kill me. Shakti asks Ranjan why do you have my phone? He says you forgot it. I kept it safe. Shaktia says why are you holding Mandira’s hand? I know you both are doing something. Where is Shiv? Ranjan says he must be around. Either hitting people of getting hit himself. Shakti says if anything happens to Shiv I will reduce the land for you.

Scene 2
Dadi and everyone dances. She asks Koyal to dance. She agrees. Everyone is happy. Shakti asks where is Shiv? I will call everyone. Ranjan says go ahead. I will see if anyone can hear you. Shakti leaves. Ranjan holds her hand a well. Shiv screams for help. His hand is about to touch the electrocuted water. Rimjum sees Keertan. She goes to him. She says don’t be sad now. You had a chance but you didn’t do anything. You could make me yours. You only insulted me. He recalls insulting her. Keertan leaves. Dharam sees Koyal. Koyal says you dance well. He dances with her. Dharam falls, everyone laughs at him. He starts dancing on the ground. Everyone dances with him.

Scene 3
Shakti screams for help. She says leave my hand. Shiv screams for help. He’s fainting. Raghunath comes to Bhagwati and says seeing mehndi on your hand reminded me of dad. You always used to dress up for him. He told you how beautiful you’re. She tears up. He says then suddenly you stopped dressing up after his death. She says Shakti is so brave. She made me realize, I am also a woman. A woman should live for herself too. Raghunauth says I am responsible for this. I should have thought of it being an elder of the house. She says you were also stuck in work and responsibilities. when Shakti comes to our house will fix everything. It will all be nice. Raghunauth says you should talk to pandit ji. She says I will. They wonder where is Shiv.

Shiv calls Shakti’s name in panic. Shakti screams for help. Ranjan laughs. Mandira hits Ranjan on hand. He falls. Mandira says Shiv is locked in store room. Go and save him. Shakti runs there. Shiv cries for help. Mandira says go save him. She slaps Ranjan. Mandira says you’re so disgusting. You challenged me, you dared to do that. now see what I do with you. Shiv screams for help. Shakti runs towards the store room. Shiv’s hand is about to touch the water. Shakti comes to the store room.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba


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