Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav tries to harm Dadi

Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav coming to Dadi’s room and says people don’t know how to use bedsheet also. He places bedsheet properly and tells that because of her, he has to burn puja room and Siya’s hand got burnt. Siya searches for him and hopes everything is fine. Raghav asks Dadi, what she blessed to Siya that she shall get her remaining life, and says how many years of your life is remaining, lets see. He takes pillow to press on Dadi’s mouth. Siya comes there and covers blanket on Dadi. She picks the pillow from the floor and looks at Dadi. Dadi starts snoring relieving Siya. Siya kisses Dadi on her forehead and goes. Raghav comes out from hide out and says he will take out age transfer blessing from Dadi and if she don’t give then he will snatch it.

Viraj catches Bhuvan’s father. Bhuvan’s father falls down from the bike and asks how did you find out about me. Viraj says wrong question? Bhuvan’s father agrees to tell him everything. Raghav admires Siya as she is sleeping and says how can anyone look so beautiful. He hears the sound and gets upset.

Siya’s mother tells that elders’ presence are like support. Rajendra says Dadi is doubtful that siya is not happy there. Siya’s mother says it is her misunderstanding. Raghav comes to kitchen and asks Dadi to just order and he will make. Dadi says she is not habitual to sit idle and asks him to give sugar. She thinks she wants to provoke his anger so that his truth comes out, and makes the chilli cannister falls down on the floor. He imagines to suffocate Dadi to death. Siya comes there and asks Raghav to go out, and tells Dadi that he couldn’t bear the chilli smell. Raghav starts laughing and says once a kidnapper kidnaps a Dadi, and asked grand son to give money to him and sends Dadi’s finger to him, but the grand son asks him how to believe him and asks him to send Dadi’s neck. He laughs and goes out. Dadi says he is mad fully.

Viraj bandages the guy’s hand. The guy says he didn’t want to keep him in dark and shows Doctor’s photo, says she can take you to your destination. She is Dr. Payal Shah from City hospital. Viraj says if your info is wrong then you will lose your life. The guy runs away from there. Nihal says you will get your daughter now. Viraj says Jhanvi and my love’s child, and says I am coming, my little Jaan…..

Siya packs the bags and tells Dadi that they have to go out of City for Raghav’s meeting. She asks Dadi to go and if she wants then can come tomorrow. Dadi looks on. Siya thinks she can’t let anything happen to Dadi. Raghav spills oil on the floor and ties thread from one side to another. Dadi asks Siya to tell truth and says she already knows about it. Siya asks what truth and says there is nothing. She says I am going downstairs. Dadi says I am not going anywhere. Raghav waits for Dadi to fall down. Just then he hears Siya shouting Dadi’s name. He turns and sees Siya on the floor. Dadi sees Siya unconscious and is coming there. Raghav gets worried for Siya.

Precap: Dr. Payal calls Inspector to file case against domestic violence, the couple name is Siya and Raghav. Later Inspector calls Dr. Payal to the terrace and says Raghav wants to meet you. Raghav asks Dr. Payal, why she is coming between Siya and his married life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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