Parineeti 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju follows Neeti

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Scene 1
Neeti is worried. She recalls what Salojna said. Shesays how will I face everyone if they find out I got Gurpreet attacked. Sanju comes in and asks what happened Neeti? Sanju hugs her and asks are you okay? Neeti says I’ve made many mistakes that I shouldn’t have. They’re sins. Sanju asks what sins? Sanju hugs her and says don’t cry please. He says if you’ve made a mistake then fix it. She says what if this can’t be fixed? Sanju says then confess and apologize. He says let me get water. Neeti says no stay here please. Sanju says Pari sent here to take care of you. Neeti leaves in anger. Sanju hacks her phone. Neeti comes ot Pari and says you asked sanju to come to me care for me? Pari says what happened. Neeti says who are you even? Stop coming between us. Who are you to tell my husband to be there for me? Pari says I didn’t say any such thing. Neeti says I kept you here out of mercy but you come between me and my husband. You’ve ruined my family, my life. Everything is gonna be over for me. I don’t even trust my Sanju.
When he comes close to me I feel like you’ve asked him to come me. You’ve ruined everything. This isn’t your home. Say in your limits. Stop coming between me and Sanju and stop drama of teaching him love. Pari says I only asked him to take care of you like normal people do. Neeti says why do you cross your limits. You are not a love guru. You are my sautan. So better remain that. Stay in your character then. dont’ give Sanju lectures about me. He’s my husband and you’re the third woman and will always be. Neeti leaves in anger.

Neeti thinks about what Sanju said. She cries. Pari cries in her room. Salojna comes to Neeti. Neeti hugs her and cries. She says bebe I need your help. Shamu texts Neeti to come and meet him at 3:30. Sanju gets that text as well. Babli console Pari and hugs her. Pari comes to Salojna’s room and starts looking for any clue. Winds blow. Pari tries to shut the window. It hits Pari on head. Sanju comes there and says Pari take care of yourself. Come with me. He takes her to the room.

Scene 2
Neeti is on her way. Salojna asks neeti what happened? Neeti says I realize things slow. Neeti says a lot of things you say come true even if I don’t want them to. Pari is against you. She’s lookingg for proofs. She thinks mummy ji was harmed and someone did it so she went to come. Neeti says Sanju has doubts on me. He feels weird. Pari asks him to take care of me. Who is she to ask my husband to care for me. I want to kill her. Salojna says calm down. Neeti says I have to do something.

Sanju and Pari are on thier way. Pari says you look tensed. SAnju says it’s good to be careful sometimes. Salojna’s condition gets back. She gets chest pain. Neeti texts Shamu. Sanju wonders why she cancelled the meeting. Pari and Sanju meet the doctor. The doctor says she’s in stress. You’re not taking care of her like you should. Keep her happy. Pari says it’s not his fault. Sanju says I will take care. Pari says my mom isn’t well. Pari says I will take care. The doctor asks Sanju to get medicine.

Episode ends

Precap-Salojna says to Neeti I can send Gurpreet to coma so I can kill her daughter as well. Sanju says to Neeti I want to talk to you about Pari. Neeti says I don’t want to talk to you about her. Sanju says then why did you try to kill her? Neeti is shocked. Sanju asks the reason why she did it.

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