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Pandya Store 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha learns the truth

Pandya Store 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the lawyer coming to Dhawal. He asks Dhawal to get Natasha’s sign on the papers before breaking Pandya store. He gives the papers and goes. Natasha hears them. Suman gets delighted to meet Kanta. Kanta says a girl in our locality got married. Suman says I wasn’t invited. Kanta says Natasha got married and you didn’t invite me. Suman says you weren’t here, forget it. Kanta says I heard the guy is handsome, loving and nice. Suman says yes, they love each other a lot. Natasha checks the papers and is shocked. She recalls the old moments. She angrily goes to break the mirrors. Dhawal tries to stop her. She pushes him. She gets hurt and cries. Dhawal worries for her. He cares for her wound. She holds his collar. She pushes him and cries. She leaves from there. Dhawal runs after her. Chiku says I deposited the money, take the receipt, keep it safe. Suman says its of no use, have sweets, good boy. Kanta stops him and says Chiku… I m Kanta Kaki, didn’t you recognize me. She asks Suman when did you get him back.

Suman says I wish he was Chiku, don’t remind the past memories, Kanta. Chiku drops a rice packet. Suman scolds him. She says keep the sweets, come here and sit down. Chiku keeps the sweets and goes. She cries and says he troubles me a lot. Kanta says calm down, anger isn’t good in old age. Suman says you are old, go away. Kanta says when Dhawal comes, tell me, I will give Mu dikhai, I heard he is lovely. Suman says yes. Kanta says take care and goes. Pranali, Dolly and Hetal make the party plans. Hetal says Dolly, just enjoy, I will prepare the food. Amba says yes, you all want to make food together, fine, make it together, Natasha will be happy. Dolly asks shall I decorate the house. Amba asks why not, do it as you like, ask Natasha to dance. Dolly says Amrish will get angry. Amba says rules are for us, not for Natasha. Natasha runs on the road and cries. Bedardiya… plays… Dhawal shouts and looks for her. Dhawal thinks of her. Hetal calls him and asks about Natasha. Dhawal thinks to not tell her anything. She asks what happened, is everything fine. He says I got worried, her number is not reachable. He calls Suman and asks how are you. Suman says I m okay, is the worker fine, I had sent money by your supervisor. He asks what money. She says Natasha asked me to send the money, I think she didn’t tell you, don’t tell her that I told you, I had sent the money for the worker’s treatment. He says fine, I won’t tell her. He thinks where is Natasha, she has sent Suman’s money to save us, what did we do with her. Natasha shouts how did I believe that I can get something good in life, when I lost everything in childhood. She sits crying. She says I lost my parents, I became an orphan, am I so bad, was this marriage and love a drama, why…

Natasha asks Dhawal to say the truth. She says our relation didn’t have truth. Dhawal says yes, I cheated you, this love and marriage was a lie, just for Pandya store. She leaves the house. Dhawal cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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