Mera pyaar… Part 52 ( Simple marriage and shocking decision)

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Ram comes to priya’s house along with her..

Ram:your parents did wrong anika. I’ll surely question them.

Priya:yes..you have to question them.

They both tap the door and mohini opens the door gets shocked seeing ram along with Priya..

Mohini in fear:ra..ra..Ram..

Ram:aunty are you suprised or shocked?

Mohini fears seeing him and moloy too comes there and gets shocked seeing ram..

Moloy:ram? How come you are here?

Ram: God made me comes here to unite with my anika uncle. Anyways..i regarded both as like my mother and father..but what did you both do?

Moloy:we did what’s good for you both. According to kundli.. your both life will be in danger. So we tried to stop before but it didn’t happen but now god himself helped us.

Ram and Priya feels shocked and betrayed..

Priya:maa..papa..you are so selfish. You aren’t feeling bad for priya’s death but still you feel about my and Ram’s seperation even now.

Mohini:i cry for my daughter Priya every seconds..but I can’t get her. but i have you..i can save you atleast from dangers. That’s why i tried to seperate you and ram by lying and even now my decision is still same. You both shouldn’t reunite..

Priya and ram gets stunned..

Priya: how can you be heartless like this? You believe kundli more than love? Kundli is just a belief but love is equal to worship..think about our god.. Radha Krishna..shiv parvati..

Ram:yes..why don’t you guys see the power of love instead of weakness of kundli?

Moloy: enough of you both. Don’t give lectures to us..we know what is right and what is wrong. My mom and dad did love marriage but their kundli had mismatch..and they died sooner.

Mohini:even my sister and brother had mismatch and kundli and one went into coma and other died. So we learnt the importance of seeing kundli from that incidents only.

Priya:if every people believed this..then whole world wouldn’t have got married.

Mohini: I don’t care about it. Now i just need you to choose either your parents or Ram. If you want us..then ditch ram right now and come inside orelse..

Priya gets angry..

Priya:so you still hold your selfish desire right? You don’t even want your daughter for your selfish motives..fine it’s okay..then I’ll choose to be with ram. I’ll leave this house..then you will be happy.

Ram mohini and moloy gets shocked..


Priya: ram..you always respect elders and you advaise others to give respect to elders..but please don’t stop now. Even though they are my parents..but i can’t satisfy their ego. Let them realise their mistake..they will realise once I am out..


Priya:please stop dad. Don’t show your fake concern now..if you were concerned then you would have never lied to me and you would have made me unite with ram. You not only did injustice with me but with Priya too..you used her identity on me. So please..let me go..

Priya gets her luggage and comes near her parents and..

Priya: if you want..bless me orelse it’s okay..

Moloy and mohini cries and they bless her and anika leaves with ram..


Naira is taken inside MRI room along with ranveer while othes wait outside and kartik cries..


Kartik:papa..why did you come back of me? I told you not to come rIght…

Veer:kartik..we came as we thought to know about Tina. We thought..

Kartik:i know what you would have thought. You would have thought I am purposely hiding my love for Tina..so you thought to know about Tina without my knowledge.

Akhilesh:yes..you are right. But why did you hide about that naira being alive? You should have told us right..

Kartik: if I told it earlier.. would you all stop yourself from meeting naira? She doesn’t remember anyone of you or me..she gets disturbed by flashes if she sees us. We did her check up before some days..in that report she had still injuries on head which dint recover. then think how can she tolerate if she gets flashes? To not occur any problems for naira only..i told lie so that you won’t meet her.

Everyone gets shocked..

Swarna: then how come you are meeting her?

Kartik: even she felt uncomfortable with me and was fainting but i managed the situation according to her. I dint make her back naira but i made Tina fall for me..she lives in the identity of Tina. As she loves me..she is comfortable with me.

Everyone gets emotional that naira is alive..

Bani cries: i..i always wished for my sister to be alive..and my wish came true..i don’t whether to cry or to be happy. Now she is near us but still far..

Kartik: she needs time to recover. Once she gets completely fine..then she will be back as our old naira. But until that..you all must cooperate. Please don’t come in front of her..it will affect her mind.

Surekha: if it will make our naira better then we will surely co-operate for her well being kartik.. don’t worry. We are happy that she is alive.. what’s more good news than this?.

Manish:tell me how was she found and where was she living..

Kartik ses sirat standing in corner and brings her near them and introduces and tells everything..

Kartik:she is sirt shekhawat..dr.ranveer’s girlfriend. She found naira in foothills of Jubilee hills and she took her to ranveer. Everyone lost hope of saving her as naira’s injuries was deep but ranveer dint give up…he operated her and saved her. As sirat looks same like naira..naira assumed her to be her twin sister. Even sirat took responsibility of sister as they couldn’t find naira’s family. After 3 months..i saw naira and..

Kartik tells everything of how he persuade naira and everyone gets emotional and they thank sirat..

Dadi:beta..i don’t know what relation we have..but i am so thankful for saving and protecting our daughter like your family. Naira is our precious life for everyone of us ..You returned our precious life back to us..iam very thankful.

Sirat: every humans have a relation dadiji..a relation of humanity. I did what a person should do..if i ignored naira in such State..i can’t be considered as human as humans have heart. And when i saw naira first..i thought god have sent me a sister as she was looking like me. And I am thankful that i got some relation with her..

Everyone thanks sirat and suddenly kartik notices naksh silently going away and he follows him and once he reaches a lonely spot naksh breaks down..

Naksh: why did you make my naira suffer krishnaji? If you wanted..you could have punished me.. what did she do that you made her suffer like this?

Kartik comes and hugs him and consoles..

Kartik:i know what you are going through naksh..i can’t stop your tears as you have rights to cry for your sister but I can promise you that naira won’t suffer anymore..i will make our naira back to normal and she will come to you as your sister.

Naksh gets emotional and he recalls accusing kartik and feels guilty and cries..

Naksh:iam ashamed of myself kartik. You proved your love for naira..but I proved I am an idiot brother and your idiot brother in law. You tried to protect naira from danger by making her stay away from us..but..but what did i do? I.. i lost my mind..iam a fool..iam really sorry kartik..

Kartik:it’s okay..even you aren’t wrong..you were just shown your love for your sister..every brothers would have reacted like that only. Anyways..lets forget everything and now let’s concentrate on naira..

Naksh nods his head and they go back to family and soon ranveer comes out tensed and kartik runs to him..

Kartik:ranveer..is my naira normal? What was shown in reports?

Ranveer gets worried and..

Ranveer: first I’ll advaise you before telling the matter. She is your wife..so a husband should be a pillar support for his wife..so you should be strong and support her. If you lose courage in Front of her then she will also lose her battle of becoming fine…

Everyone gets stunned hearing this..

Kartik: what do you mean ranveer?

Ranveer: She is attacked by flashes severely..she couldn’t hold the shock. The injuries got attacked and there is blood leakage in nerves of her brain. We should do surgery before 2 hours to stop the leakage. If we dint do surgery she will die so we should do surgery. But one good and bad news..by doing this surgery she will regain her memory but may get paralysed or she may slip into coma.

Everyone gets shocked and kartik stumbles but ranveer holds him..

Ranveer:i know how you feel now kartik. But please be strong. I want to tell something too.. Naira got conscious when we were discussing this.. so she knew it. She wants to meet you now..so please prepare yourself and go inside.

Kartik cries but wipes his tears..

Kartik in mind: no kartik..you shouldn’t break down like this. If you cry like this then how will you encourage your naira? I should make her win this battle of test. I have a hope like last time.. this time too God won’t do injustice.

He slowly enters the room and sees naira on bed and sits near her and smiles and holds her hand..

Kartik: Naira..

Naira: i know you are hiding your tears kartik because i know the truth. More than me…you will be in pain as you already gone through it without me..

Kartik breaks down unable to hide his tears and lies near her hand..

Kartik: naira..i can’t see you in pain. You know i can’t tolerate your pain more than mine. Why is lord doing this with you? If he wants he should have punished me because before you fell from cliff..i misunderstood you. Now i won’t live if anything happens to you for sure..

Naira:stop talking nonsense. Nothing will happen to me and you should not do any stupidity even if i die or go into coma..but i will be courageous if you fulfill my wish.

Kartik:you stop talking like mad. You won’t die or go into coma..you will live with me till eternal. We will play with our great grandchildren..okay?

Naira smiles..

Naira: fine..but for me to be courageous..you should fulfill my wish.

Kartik: what’s it?

Naira: before surgery please marry me..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:are you mad or what? Our marriage will happen grand..not in this way. Once surgery gets over..our marriage will happen in grand way.

Naira gets dull..

Naira: kartik..i just get encouraged through our memories. I don’t remember our past marriage but i want memories of our marriage to fight myself. For whom should I fight now? If you marry me..i can fight my life for my husband who will be waiting for his wife to return…please..

Kartik gets emotional and agrees..

Kartik: you are right. If I marry you..you will be tied with me in a relationship. You can’t run away from me..so you will have to fight this battle to make our relationship more stronger.

They smiles and naira hugs him..

Naira:thank you so much kartik for fulfilling my wish..

Others see naira through glass and they all cry..

Dadi: i wish our naira gets fine soon..why is lord testing her like this? How much pain she will go through? Krishnaji could have given me death instead of making a good soul suffer..i can’t see her like this.

Dadi and everyone cries..

Keerthi: she never did any wrong and she never wished for any wrong..but god is punishing her more..it’s so unfair.

Swarna: this surgery is again a test..if god dont help our naira then ill forget him .

Soon kartik comes out and tells the matter and everyone gets shocked..

Abir: marriage..now? How is it possible kartik?

Ranveer: kartik..if she wants to marry you..then…Marry her and fulfill her wish..ill arrange marriage set up in conference room here.

Kartik hugs ranveer..

Kartik:thank you ranveer..i can never get such a friend like you. You saved my life by saving naira..and now..

Ranveer: don’t worry..now I’ll again save your both life.

Everyone smiles..

Then later ranveer arranges the conference room into marriage set up and he arranges pandit and havan too and kartik gets ready as a groom while sirat makes naira as a bride..

Kartik comes to family and..

Kartik: you all hide and see our marriage..as naira..

Veer:we understand kartik ..we won’t hurt naira again. We won’t come in front of her till she identifies us.


Kartik:thank you guys for understanding.

Then he goes to stage while sirat brings naira in wheelchair..

and they both smile seeing each other..

Kartik in mind: more than happiness..i have fear too. I only wish that after surgery..you get fine without any complications.

Naira slowly gets up from wheel chair and goes to stage and kartik lifts her suprising everyone..


Kartik: you don’t have enough energy to take seven rounds..I’ll help you to complete it.

Everyone smiles and soon pandit asks them to take round and kartik takes rounds holding her..

Then once they complete it kartik makes naira sit in his lap and fills her maang..

Ranveer and sirat gets happy and they clap hands while others too watch hiding and they smile..

Sirat jokes: kartikji..now you became my jeeju. I’ll steal your shoes once we go home after Tina’s surgery. I’ll ask for heavy shagun.

Kartik:there is no big shagun than debit and credit card..I’ll gift you both.

Ranveer: arrey..why are you easily giving up when I am here? Iam your side kartik..I’ll not let sirat steal your shoe and i will steal Tina’s shoe and ask shagun from my gf.

Sirat:what? You are too bad.

They all laugh..

Suddenly naira feels tired and faints on kartik’s arms shocking kartik..


Ranveer immediately calls the nurse and takes naira in stretcher to Op..

Kartik:ranveer..why did she faint?

Ranveer:kartik..time is over. She can’t hold consciousness as there is leakage..we have to perform surgery now. Just be strong..i have hope that your love will win this battle like last time.

As naira is taken towards OT kartik hugs her and cries before she enters the OT..

Kartik:naira..your husband is waiting for you. You should fight .d win this battle and come..all the best my biwi.

Naira is taken inside and Ranveer goes inside the theatre along with naira while kartik breaks down in fear once she is out of sight..

Kartik in mind: why did do this with us krishnaji? Now you should not let naira go to coma or paralysis once her surgery is over..i want her back completely fine. Iam really scared for my naira..

The family comes behind and they too cry and Manish suwarna hugs kartik..

Manish:be strong beta..our naira will return fine.

Kartik:papa..i can’t live if naira goes to coma.. please ask her to get fine for me.

Naksh bani and mishti goes away and they cry..

Bani:why is our sister suffering like this? I wish she gets find..

Mishti:yes.. i would have erased that day if god have such chance. That one day made everything horrible.

Naksh: my mum is in coma..dad is not even coming out of sorrow..and naira..

Mishti:bhai..naira will get fine. Nd once naitik chachu sees naira..he will be fine and akshara chachi too will get fine hearing naira’s voice again.. don’t worry.

Naksh nods his head..

Bani gets a call from jhanvi and gets shocked..

Bani in mind: ohh no..jhanvi aunty is calling me. If i dint attend..she will get upset. I’ll better go to a corner and talk.

She goes to a corner and attends the call..

Bani: namaste aunty..

Jhanvi:namaste anika beta.. how are you?

Bani:iam fine maa. How are you?

Jhanvi:iam also fine. How is your Mumbai trip?

Bani gets sad thinking about naira but she hides..

Bani:yeah.. nice..iam enjoying with my friends.

Jhanvi: that’s good. Enjoy nicely and have fun. Once you come here..i decided to keep a unique engagement of you and ram.

Bani:that’s nice idea. My and Ram’s engagement will be unique and will be lovely.

Jhanvi: yes. I met your sister Priya here..i was about to talk to her but ram stopped me as he told that she forgot her past in accident..

Bani: yes.. it will take time for her to recover. Just pray for her aunty..

Jhanvi: I’ll surely do it beta. Anyways..iam glad to talk to you..i will cut the call..you go and enjoy.

Bani: sure maa..

They cut the call and bani turns to go but gets shocked seeing veer..

PRECAP:- Naira reunites with her family. Dheeraj saves Mansi. Veer questions bani. Jhanvi slaps ram


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