Meet 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj excited on Shlok and Sumeet’s return.

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Bilawal’s team points their gun at Sumeet and Shlok. Sumeet and Shlok receive a grim message from Bilawal, declaring that their game and lives have come to an end. He accuses Shlok of exploiting Naaz’s emotions and turning her against her beloved brother, using her soft-heartedness against her. Bilawal threatens them, likening them to trapped rats, and vows to kill them. He asks his team to take them away.

Meanwhile, Raj is busy preparing Sumeet’s room, eagerly anticipating her return. He reminisces about their shared moments since childhood, speaking to Sumeet’s picture. Raj expresses his determination never to let her out of his sight once she returns. However, as he places the picture frame back, it falls, igniting his suspicions and causing his heart to race. Pankhudi reassures him, claiming that the breaking of the glass brings good news.

At Shlok’s house, decorations are in full swing to welcome Shlok and Sumeet. When the doorbell rings, they assume it’s an early arrival by the couple. To their surprise, a concerned stranger stands at the door, delivering distressing news about Sumeet and Shlok. The stranger reveals that Bilawal Khan has unjustly arrested them, dashing any hopes of their immediate return. Poonam faints upon hearing the painful news, and a recently arrived Raj, with trembling knees, collapses to the floor, screaming Sumeet’s name in anguish.

Sumeet and Shlok, on the other hand, are taken away in an open jeep, while an angry crowd demands punishment for the supposed terrorists. Sumeet reassures Shlok that he promised to get him home safely, and if God is on their side, nothing can stop him from keeping that promise. The jeep eventually halts, and the constable forcefully removes Sumeet and Shlok. When called stubborn, Sumeet defiantly claims innocence, while Bilawal insists that today, all their deceptions and lies will be exposed.

Bilawal hands a charge sheet to a religious figure and instructs him to read aloud the alleged crimes committed by Shlok and Sumeet and decide their punishment. The religious figure declares Shlok a spy living undercover in Bilawal’s house. Bilawal further accuses them of manipulating Naaz’s emotions and even alleges that Shlok raped her. This shocking revelation angers the crowd, and they start pelting Shlok and Sumeet with stones.

Bilawal insists that their punishment should be even harsher. Sumeet and Shlok maintain their innocence and urge the crowd to call Bilawal’s sister, whom they had saved, instead of resorting to violence. The religious figure suggests calling Naaz, whose testimony will determine their innocence. Bilawal contacts Naaz, and Sumeet hopes she will tell the truth and vindicate them. Eventually, Naaz arrives, visibly frightened, and claims that Shlok raped her. Sumeet and Shlok are left shocked and disheartened, while Naaz recalls how Bilawal blackmailed her by threatening self-harm.

The enraged mob once again demands the execution of Shlok and Sumeet. Naaz approaches Sumeet and apologizes, and Sumeet reassures her, telling her she doesn’t need to explain herself and urging her to take care of Akki.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya


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