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Keh Doon Tumhein 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bittu hurts Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein 6th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kirti asking Bittu to leave her. She shouts for help. He says don’t shout, there is no one to hear your screams, you have snatched my brother. She asks what are you saying, I didn’t snatch anyone from you. He says you have snatched my brother. He gets a drink. She says you are drunk. He scolds her. Jadhav and Garud come to Shreyas. They ask Shreyas to take Madhuri home. They go and check the store footage. They see Bittu kidnapping Kirti. Vikrant sees Bittu and gets angry. Kirti says don’t do this, you will regret. He burns a rope tied to Kirti and asks her to enjoy.

Neha and Dadi console Puru. Puru hugs Dadi and cries. Dadi says Kirti didn’t leave you and go. Neha says Kirti said she will get chocolates. Kirti blows off the fire by her hand. Her hand burns. Bittu claps for her. She sees a glass piece there. She tries to take it.

He sits drinking. Vikrant calls Bittu. Shreyas comes to Vikrant. He says I m also scared, if that serial killer does anything to Kirti, are you calling SP Sir to take help. Vikrant says I don’t want to involve the police. Shreyas turns to go. Vikrant calms down. He says I understand you are worried, I m also worried, I will call the CM if needed, trust me. Shreyas says we trust only you. Vikrant says go home, take care of Kirti, I will get Kirti safely. He thinks Bittu will get punished for this. Bittu takes the glass piece and asks what are you doing, the glass piece can hurt your foot.

She tries to talk to him. She says you are a nice person, you didn’t hurt me. He says you think I m a nice person, you know I have buried many dead bodies in the jungle, your friend Anjali, I had buried her in the jungle. He laughs. She is shocked. She cries. He says don’t be shocked, you had sent Mirajkar after me, I have killed him. She is shocked. She asks why did you do this, what did Anjali do, why did you kill Anju and Mirajkar, you are a devil. He says fine, I m a devil. He takes a knife and comes to hold her. She kicks him. He gets angry and stabs her toe. She screams. She thinks of Puru and shouts. She sits crying. She prays for Puru.

Puru prays for Kirti. Everyone cries. Vikrant calls Bittu. He angrily throws the phone. It breaks. He recalls Kirti’s words and fixes the phone. He calls Bittu again. Bittu wakes up and sees Kirti. He asks did I do this, great. He takes the knife back. Kirti screams. He says you have snatched my Lord. She says you are a devil, who is your Lord. He says you will lose faith on your Lord if you know about my Lord. Vikrant thinks if Bittu tells about your truth, then how will I get saved, Kirti gets saved or not, I will not get saved. He shouts. He gets angry and says if you tell anything, then I will not leave you alive. Bittu says my Lord…. He gets a call. He goes out and checks the phone. He sees Vikrant’s missed calls. He worries. He answers. Vikrant says Bittu. Bittu asks are you alive, I was worried, I thought I lost you, I have started taking revenge for your death, I m so happy hearing your voice, where are you, tell me, I will come to meet you. Vikrant asks why did you kidnap Kirti, if anything happens to her, I will not leave you alive. Bittu worries and ends the call. He recalls Vikrant’s words. Vikrant takes a gun.

Vikrant calls Jadhav. Jadhav says Bittu is running. Vikrant says nothing should happen to Kirti. Kirti beats Bittu and tries to run. Vikrant is on the way.

Update Credit to: Amena


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