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Junooniyat 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi stands with Jordan

Junooniyat 6th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ilahi says Jahan come up please. He says tell me the truth. Ilahi says he gave me a condition in return of giving you blood. He asked me to give him once to prove that he can be a good husband and to make this marriage work. Ilahi says give me your hand. I promised Mata rani for your long life I had to sacrifice something close to my heart so I sacrificed you. Come up now please. Ilahi pulls him up. Ilahi hugs him and says are you crazy? What were you doing? What if something happened to you? Ilahi says we should go. Jordan must be waiting. Jahan says for my life you ruined your own life? Why do you have to suffer because of me? First you had to marry jordan because of me. Ilahi says let me fulfill my promise. Jahan says the family should know all that you’ve sacrificed for me. They are considering you wrong. Ilahi says I promised Jordan I won’t tell anyone. Jahan says I can’t let you suffer anymore.

Jahan brings Ilahi home. Ilahi tries to stop him. Jahan says his true face should be exposed. He calls everyone to the hall. jahan says you all think Ilahi is always wrong. Jordan asks what is this drama? Jahan says I will expose your new drama. Jordan says he can shout, and I won’t. I promised someone to change and I don’t break my promises. Jahan slaps and hits Jordan. Ilahi stops Jahan. Ilahi says stop it. Jahan says you’re stopping me after all that? You know mosters like him never change. He’s selfish and he can never change. He hits Jordan. Mahip slaps Jahan and says what has Jordan done? Why are hitting my son. i am sure Ilahi is the reason. Because of her this house becomes a mess. Jahan says stop blaming Ilahi for everything. You will be ashamed to know what your son has done. He made a deal with Ilahi. I thought he saved my life by giving me blood but no. He did this deal with Ilahi to come back home with him and give him a chance only then he’d give me this blood. He forced Ilahi and manipulated her into coming back here. Everyone is shocked. Mahip looks at Jordan in anger. I had doubts, he can never save me like that. But he’s so disgusting. What is your plan.

Jahan is about to hit Jordan. Ilahi says stop it Jahan. Jordan is my husband. You have no right to speak between us. Ilahi says thank you Jordan. Dolly says stop it Jahan. She takes him inside. Jahan looks at Ilahi. Jordan stands in front of her. Jahan says I need to talk to Ilahi. Dolly says she stood with jordan. I can’t let you ruin your life. She’s with JOrdan. She’s moved on. I won’t let you ruin your life. I have found a girl for you.

Scene 2
Jordan says Ilahi thank you for taking my side in front of Jahan and everyone. She says I did what was right. He says I will always stand with you as well. Ilahi says I hope you won’t break my trust again. Jordan gets a call from organizer for Ilahi’s concert. He arranges billboards. He says let me go and see the arrangements. Ilahi says should I go as well? He says no what would you do there? Practice so it’s perfect. Ilahi wonders if he’s really changing.

Jahan says what Seerat? She is just a friend. Dolly says she loves you. Jahan says what are you saying. She says yes she does and I like her too. Jahan says that can’t happen. Dolly says stood with you in bad times and made you who you’re today. She gave you strength, she came here for you. Jahan says I can’t live without Ilahi. She says then choose between Ilahi and your mom. Bau ji says Dolly give him time. Bebe says Dolly is right. Jahan says I love you both, don’t do this. Papa please. Dolly says your dad wants the same. Ilahi hears it. Dolly asks Ilahi or me? She says I got my answer. You can’t leave Ilahi. Okay then I will leave you. I can die. Jahan hugs her and cries. He says never say that again. Dolly says tell me your decision in a few hours. If you choose her you will never see me again. Jahan says what are you even saying. I can’t marry Seerat I can never love anyone but Ilahi. Jahan sees Ilahi. She leaves. Jahan goes after her. Ilahi says please go Jahan. His hand gets in the door. Ilahi says what are you doing. She caresses his hand and gets worried. Jahan says swear on my life that you don’t love me.

Scene 3
Jordan plans the concert stage with the manager. He explains Jordan the arrangements. Jordan says will there be Ilahi’s name everywhere? He says yes. Jordan asks for contract papers. He burns them. Jordan says I can never change Ilahi.

Episode ends

Precap: Jordan says to Mahip, that once Jahan marries Sirat, I will then teach ilahi a lesson for ditching me. Ilahi hears Jordan and Mahip’s conversation and is in shock.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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