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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan Apologizes To Savi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shantanu informs Savi that there is a committee meeting at 12 noon today which she also has to attend. Savi asks meeting for what? Shantanu says he doesn’t know, Ishan told her presence is also important. Savi says okay and leaves for college. Isha also asks agenda of the meeting. Shantanu says maybe college committee got a copy of the mail Savi wrote to the vice chancellor. Savi reaches office and submits her transfer certificate request. Clerk says he got instructions from Ishan not to accept her application. Savi asks why when she followed all the rules. Ishan over mic announces whole college to gather in a ground immediately. Everyone gather. Students discuss that Savi must have been called to punish again. Durva informs Ayush that Ishan found out that they cheated in exam. Ishan calls Savi, Durva, Ayush, Kabir, and Sara to come forward. Savi hesitates. Shantanu asks her to come forward.

Ishan says he conducted a meeting to announce that college committee took a wrong decision of wrongly rusticating Savi for cheating in exam while Durva and her friends cheated instead, so he publicly apologizes Savi on committee’s behalf. He says he cross-checked Savi’s answers with the chits and found no resemblance and in fact Savi’s answers were brilliant. Everyone clap for Savi. Nishi asks if this discussion was necessary in public. Ishan says absolutely necessary. Students discuss that they knew Savi is a brilliant student and Durva and her friends trouble makers. Ishan requests committee to cancel Savi’s rustication and let her rejoin college from tomorrow. Yashwant ways they can discuss it properly in a board meeting. Ishan says they should decide it right now.

Students ask Ishan what about the students who are guilty. Ishan says he will conduct re-exam for them. Durva says she cheated in only 1 paper. Ishan says there is no guarantee that she didn’t cheat in other papers. Sathe says Ishan himself saw chits falling out of Savi’s answer sheet. Ishan issues him a show cause notice and demands an explanation from him for ignoring Savi’s complaint that Durva and her friends were cheating. Shantanu praises Ishan’s decision. Ishan offers hostel room for Savi. Yashwant says their college always supports justice and Ishan prove it today. Savi walks to Ishan and requests to approve her transfer certificate so that he can return to Ramtek and study there peacefully and walks away from there.

Savi’s friends tell Savi that she took a right decision as this college doesn’t deserve brilliant students like her, she can study in Ramtek and prove herself, they will miss her though. Savi says even she will miss them. Ishan walks to Savi and requests her not to leave like this. Savi says he made a drama to reduce his guilty. Ishan asks if it’s her talent to criticize everything. Savi continues her adamancy and accusing Ishan and says she will study well in Ramtek and return to this city after becoming an IAS officer, it would be a slap for the people who insulted her.

Precap: Savi looks at her parent’s photo and apologizes for disappointing them. Ishan asks what is she doing here, he was searching her everywhere. Savi says she disappointed her parents and doesn’t deserve to stay in this city. She tries to leave. Ishan holds her hand and says he didn’t see a brilliant student like her, he was a roadblock for her success and now he will help her achieve her goal.

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