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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Aarohi expose Sujeet

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aarohi saying this person has molested me, he has touched me 4 times. Sujeet’s wife scolds Aarohi. Kairav gets angry. Manish scolds him. Akshu says you don’t know your husband. Manjiri asks Aarohi what is she saying. Aarohi and Akshu ask her to ask Sujeet. Akshu scolds Sujeet and his wife. She defends Aarohi. She says Aarohi was waiting till now because of the society fear, we should ask her why didn’t she slap Sujeet when he touched her for the first time. She lectures Sujeet. She says Aarohi isn’t weak, its Sujeet’s mistake, so all the questions and punishment will be in his share. Sujeet says your sister is your enemy, she is breaking your marriage, Aarohi is doing a drama. He says everyone knows me, Aarohi trap rich married man these days. Akshu threatens to slap him. She says I will not leave you, I swear on Abhir. Sujeet says Manjiri, Mahima, explain them, this girl is manipulating me, you trust me, right. His wife asks are you doubting your brother. Mahima stops her. She pushes Sujeet aside. The women hold hands. They all stand with Aarohi. Sujeet says don’t step back, don’t get physical. Abhi says you both have no relations with the Birla family, get out, don’t show your face again. He ousts Sujeet and his wife. He shuts the door. Aarohi cries. Manjiri and Mahima hug her. They all cry. Aarohi thanks them for support. Akshu says we know you are powerful, we just reminded you your power, you have done this. Aarohi hugs Akshu.

Manish says you have become Durga and defeated that MahishaSur, I m so proud of you. He hugs her. Akshu gets dizzy. Dadi asks her not to keep fast. Akshu says its not because of the fasts, I m feeling weak and dizzy since 2-3 days. Suwarna asks him to get her blood tests done, its Manish’s blood tests tomorrow, viral is going on these days. Its morning, Manish and Akshu give the blood samples for the blood tests. Suwarna says do complete body profile tests for Akshu. Nurse keeps her sample in the pregnancy blood tests sample box. Suwarna asks Akshu to sit and have food. They get emotional and cry.

Manish says Abhi will take care of you. Akshu says Abhi and Abhir have a team, I will come to you all with my problems. Manish asks her to focus on her jewellery and makeup. Akshu, Abhi and Abhir get ready for the photoshoot. They get pics clicked. Manjiri wards off bad sight. Manish says buddy, you got a nice pic for the school project. Abhi asks Ruhi to come. Aarohi says no, you take family pic. Abhi asks what are you saying, our family pic can’t complete without Ruhi. They get the pic clicked. Abhir and Ruhi run to meet their friend. Abhi says we will go and attend the guests. Manjiri says we are there to handle guests, you both have to take couple pics. Aarohi says take 100 pics. Akshu asks what. They go. The man asks Abhi and Akshu to come close and give a romantic pose. He asks them to hold hands. Berangey the din…plays…. Abhi and Akshu talk via hearts. They leave. Abhir and Ruhi welcome everyone in the Sangeet and announce the 90’s theme. They call Manish and Suwarna on the stage for their performance. Manish and Suwarna dance on Gustakh dil… Abhir and Ruhi argue. She says I will play with Shivansh. Abhir says I will pray for a younger sister, I will make a wish to Shiv ji. She asks will you let me play with her. He says no. She says sorry. He says fine. Everyone claps for Manish and Suwarna. Abhir and Ruhi call Kairav, Anand and Aarohi for the next performance. They dance on Koi kahe…. Abhi asks Akshu are you feeling weak. Akshu says I m nervous about the dance performance, your son has put pressure on me. Abhi says nice, he is your son when he does good, and my son when he does mischief. She says yes. He says its our Sangeet, everyone has to clap for us, whatever we do. He gives her a chocolate. She refuses. He says you are refusing to a chocolate. She says I m also surprised, I feel nausea seeing dairy products. He says I know why this is happening.

Abhir says we all will dance on 90’s songs. Everyone dances. Aarohi gets Akshu’s pregnancy report. She takes it to Akshu and Abhi. They are shocked. Abhi says now this marriage can’t happen.

Update Credit to: Amena


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