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Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi Accepts Mahima’s Weird Demand

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mohit tells that he was in drunkard state and has left his conscience. Kashvi asks Mohit to see Mahima’s condition and says this is a inhuman act, you think that everything will be fine with your sorry and says it is your crime and you will get puinished for it. Mohit’s mother asks Kashvi to calm down and tells that Mohit was inebriated then and did this mistake in that state. Arjun says Mohit’s true face was revealed infront of us, and says he used to pretend to be nice. He says I have seen his beast face yesterday. Mohit’s mother asks what is the big deal as they were about to get married today. Kashvi says if it had happened after marriage then it would happen with Mahima’s consent. She says how can you think that we will let this marriage happen and says I will cancel this marriage. Mohit’s mother asks who are you to cancel this marriage? She says Mahima’s respect will be fully gone, as everyone knows that she had run away from the wedding before and now when they come to know about this, they will humiliate her. Kashvi says I will not let her marry your son, just because of people.

Mahima cries. Mohit asks Mahima to listen to him once and says you loves me. Arjun asks him to leave and pushes him out. Mohit and his parents’ leave. Mahima says sorry to Kashvi. Kashvi says it is not your mistake. Arjun says it is not your mistake. Mahima says I am sorry for my past mistakes and tells that she became Radha instead her and then ordered dress from Arjun’s phone for you, and you wear it and came. She says I have done wrong with you both, and had left mandap also. She says you both are helping me, when nobody is helping me. Kashvi says we are sisters. Mahima asks if you will leave me. Kashvi says I will be with you always and asks her to rest for sometime. Mahima rests for a while.

Keval tells that he has cancelled all the marriage arrangements, and tells that decoration guy was asking for the money. Romila asks Kashvi if she heard. Dadi says whatever Kashvi is doing is for her sister. They hear Mahima crying and screaming, and run to her room. Mahima tells that she saw Mohit there and asks Kashvi to save her. Jagdish calls Doctor and tells Dadi that they will ask him to give her injection to sleep. Doctor comes there to check her. Mahima is scared and throws pillow at him, and says he will beat her. She hugs Arjun and then Kashvi. Kashvi says he is a doctor. Doctor gives her injection and tells that he has given sedative. Mahima asks Kashvi to be with her and gets sleepy. Doctor comes out with Kashvi and Arjun, and asks what happened with her. Kashvi tells that Mahima’s fiancé tried to rape her. Doctor says no wonder and that’s why she is reacting strongly. He asks them to do as she says, and be with her 24 hours. Kashvi assures Doctor. Arjun asks why did you give commitment to Doctor and Mahima. Kashvi says she will take care of her, and then when she is gone for work, he shall take care of her, as he stays at home. Arjun asks what do you mean by that and tells that he is working for biogas project and is also preparing for civil services, and has to go out at odd hours. Kashvi says I am doing what Maa would have done, she was a multitasker. She says sorry to Arjun and says I thought you will take care of her as you are my partner for life. Arjun apologizes for reacting this way. Kashvi hugs him and thinks nothing is important to me, than his support.

Kashvi tries to feed food to Mahima, but the latter refuses. She says I will feed you food just like Maa used to feed them. She feeds her. Arjun gets Inspector’s call who tells that he couldn’t arrest Mohit, as he fled. Mahima hears and gets shocked. She says he will come here and holds Arjun’s hand asking him to be with her. Arjun says we all are here, Mohit can’t come here. Mahima asks him to be with her. Kashvi says Mohit will not come here. Mahima says she feels safe with Arjun. Arjun asks her to sleep. Mahima says she will sleep when Arjun sleeps with me. Arjun gets up and refuses to sleep there. Romila says why you can’t sleep here, when we all know the reason. She says Mahima is in bad condition and will die till morning. Kashvi tells Arjun that they have to agree to Mahima and asks him to sleep in her room for her.

Precap: Kashvi keeps bed for Arjun on the floor and goes. Mahima sleeps. Arjun also sleeps on the floor. Mohit comes there and kidnaps Mahima. Kashvi makes Arjun get up and tells him that Mahima is missing.

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