Vanshaj update: Haseena to become Yuvika’s pillar of support after her horrific accident

Sony SAB‘s ‘Vanshaj’ has brought to the forefront an interesting storyline that cleverly mixes family conflicts, political plots, and the complex relationships within a rich business family, popularly called The Mahajans. Recently, the show has taken a captivating twist, as Yuvika (played by Anjali Tatrari) stumbles upon a shocking revelation about Premraj’s (Akshay Anand) mother, Devyani (Leena Balodi). During her encounter with Devyani, Yuvika is unexpectedly involved in a life-threatening accident, leaving her in grave danger.

Haseena Malik (played by Gulki Joshi) quickly reaches the accident scene and rushes Yuvika to the hospital. The doctors start treating her, and everyone in the Mahajan family soon learns about the accident. Bhoomi (Gurdeep Punjj) is devastated and rushes to the hospital. Bhanupratap (Puneet Issar) and Dhanraj (Gireesh Sahdev) suggest moving Yuvika to the Mahajan hospital, but Bhoomi disagrees. She worries that something suspicious might happen to her daughter, possibly like Prem’s death. Dhanraj tries to convince Bhoomi to change her mind, leading to an argument between him and Haseena. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness how Haseena steps in as Bhoomi’s pillar of support in the absence of Yuvika. It will be heartwarming to see how Haseena assumes the role of a caring and nurturing figure in Bhoomi’s life, much like a devoted daughter.

But here’s the big question: Can Yuvika make it through this accident, and could there be more problems for her at the hospital?

Anjali Tatrari, who plays the character of Yuvika, said, “Yuvika’s life in Delhi has been a relentless journey of uncovering unsettling truths about her father’s death. The revelation of Prem’s true mother has shattered her trust in the Mahajan family. As Yuvika confronts a life-threatening accident, viewers can expect unprecedented sequences, bringing her closer to the mystery. Yet, the question remains: Will she reach her ultimate destination, or will another challenge arise from within the Mahajan family? The filming of this intense accident scene was emotionally challenging, and I hope our audience stays tuned to witness how Yuvika’s quest for truth unfolds.”

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