Radha Mohan 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha reaches the Trivedi Bhawan

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Damini whispers to Kaveri how the plan to ruin Mohan has started while in the part two Kaveri needs to ruin the trust of Radha and Bhushan along with Mohit have to take the life of Gungun they all agree so Damini starts smiling. Kaveri says she once again gave Mohit the job.

Kadambari asks Gungun to go with her uncle to school, Kadambari looks at Rahul who leaves after being furious when Radha thinks how she scolded Rahul because he forgot Gungun at school, Radha requests how they should not send Gungun to school today. Kadambari requests Radha to calm down as she knows the reason Radha is saying such things and every mother would be worried after what happened yesterday, she says if Radha keeps stopping Gungun back home over such small things then is only making both Gungun and herself weak, she asks Radha to not be worried as she has instructed Ajeet to take care of her so kadambari leaves.

Radha is worried when Gungun comes running back to hug Radha, they both embrace each other when Radha keeps remembering how Gungun called her as her mother and always stood by her side in each and every problem. Gungun even tied the Rakhi on her hand saying this festival is for those who protect them and Radha has always been her protector, they both are hugging when Ajeet also comes back running asking Radha to not be worried as nothing would happen to her, Ajeet assures nothing would happen to anyone but they must leave since they are getting late for school.

Ajeet walks out of the house when Bhushan is sitting in the car with Mohit so gets worried thinking that Gungun is going to school with Ajeet, he calls Damini when she says that they should even hit Ajeet since he is a lazy person who is just a burden on this world, Bhushan assures he would cause the accident in such a way that it would seem as an accident. Kaveri comes out to wish Gungun bye while Bhushan and Mohit are waiting in the car, the Diya in the Mandir goes out.

Damini tells Mohan that he even became the boss in front of the office employees as they already know him but he is nothing more then just a servant in front of them all, Damini asks them all to not stop but start eating, Damini tells Kaveri how it is time to start the second phase of their plan, Kaveri says she is always ready to hurt that Radha, she leaves saying she will come back after a moment. Damini asks if they all would like to have some Mayo or ketchup.

Radha is talking with Shekar asking if there is any way to get back all of their things from Damini, she gets a call from Kaveri so tells Shekar she will talk with him later, Radha answers the call when kaveri shows all of her jewelry seeing whom Radha starts smiling saying she is looking like someone who is wearing stolen jewelry. Radha asks if Kaveri has called her to make her smile when Kaveri says she has only called her to inflict pain to her. Damini scolds Mohan when he brings tea with dirt in it, Mohan replies that dirt is in the entire house so how could he remove it, Damini warns him to not be over smart with her saying he cannot do even a single work properly which is why he lost the entire business and property but still did not learn anything, Damini says but his laziness and stupidity cannot make him learn anything, the guests are shocked hearing this behavior of Damini, who asks Mohan to at least think of his family as he has a nine year old daughter and old parents, while the girl whom he has married who is half of his age, Damini instructs Mohan to fix it, he turns to look at the guests but the guests say that it is okay. Kaveri asks Radha if she saw that Mohan is her Bhagwan but he is just a servant in their house because Dulari left with the Trivedi, Kaveri asks Radha to leave Mohan so Radha furiously ends the call, Kaveri thinks that Radha got hurt.

Radha exclaims Mohan jee asked for a sign from Ba Kai Bihari jee and he gave the sign, she can bear anything but not the insult of her Mohan jee, Radha quickly tries to leave when kadambari stops her asking where is she going in such a worry, Radha keeps thinking of the insults that Mohan jee suffered, Radha leaves telling kadambari she is going to come back very soon.

Radha stops a neighbor requesting if he would lend his scooty to her for a few hours, the person agrees when Radha leaves thanking him.

Damini asks the guests if they know Mohan since he is the old boss of Trivedi publication, one of the guest says he recognized Mohan just after seeing him but how is he a servant now when he was a wealthy person, Damini replies that they all do not Mohan because he is a very lazy person who cannot do anything properly which is why he was able to lose property worth millions and now she owns everything, Damini asks them to not worry about Mohan so much as he is just a servant and they should not give them so much respect, Damini asks if he would just keep standing here looking at her but must leave to prepare for the lunch. Mohan thinks that Damini should insult him as much as she desires but he will not leave before thinking of a way to take back everything that he owns, Kaveri sees Mohan who is furious, Mohan turns back and leaves calling Ba Kai Bihari jee.

Radha is riding the scooty while she is really furious remembering the insult that Mohan jee suffered by the hands of Damini, Radha exclaims Damini made a very big mistake so she will not let her get away so easily.

The guests say they are not feeling right to see such a big publisher being a servant when Damini replies they should make it a habit, she says they all know Mohan has not taken responsibility of the business in the past six or seven years while she has taken care of the business, Mohan starts pouring juice in the same glass in which he served the water, Damini asks if he has lost his mind and should bring the fresh glasses, Mohan is shocked. Damini asks what have thought about the mega event as she feels they all should present their books in the same event, the guests agree with Damini.

Radha stops her scooty outside the Trivedi Bhawan, when the guards see her and as Radha starts running to enter the house the guards question where she has to go, Radha says to meet Mohan jee when the guards ask if she means the servant, the guards say she cannot go inside without the permission of Damini ma, Radha requests the guards to let her inside but they once again stop Radha instructing her to leave as they do not have time for it, Radha is stunned and gets a bit tensed when she tries to think of a plan and slowly turns away to leave. Radha thinks that no strength in this world can stop her from protecting the honor of her Mohan jee, Radha turns to angrily look at the guards who are also looking at her. Radha once again wears the helmet and starts riding towards the Trivedi Bhagwan, she hits both of the guard with her legs while even breaking the main door of the Trivedi Bhawan with her scooty, seeing which Mohan and Damini along with the guests are shocked.

Damini gets up in shock seeing Radha has come to the Trivedi Bhawan, Moan is also not able to believe it. Radha is furiously looking at Damini when Kaveri explains Radha came with her scooter and might run her over. Damini questions what is this behavior, Radha says she will now tell Damini that a women can even become Kall, the guests are also shocked. Radha once again starts riding her scooter towards Damini who keeps instructing her to stop, Damini getting scared starts taking her steps backwards when she twists her feet and falls on the ground, Radha does not stop the scooter seeing which Mohan along with all the guests are shocked wondering what will she do, Damini screams after which Radha stops the scooter, Mohan along with all the guests are stunned.

Precap: Gungun requests Ajeet to ride fast because if they get late then Miss Rozy would scold her when Ajeet replies that they should ride safely, Bhushan starts driving his car towards the scooter with hopes of hitting them from behind.

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