Radha Mohan 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini plans to ruin the self respect of Mohan

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Mohan is standing in front of the Mandir exclaiming he does not know how to pray like Radha and he will neither accept his prayers like that of Radha, Mohan explains he knows how to handle his family and take care of Gungun, he questions what is the reason that his family is suffering like this, Mohan pleads him to do some miracle tomorrow and show a way with which he can take back everything he owns from Damini, Radha standing behind Mohan gets emotional, she exclaims that she has a very long relation with Ba kai Bihari jee and because of that relation she is requesting him to accept the prayer of Mohan jee, because if he does not do it then she would get really angry with him and is saying it since her Mohan jee is going to the house of Damini so Ba Kai Bihari jee must protect him, Radha notices how Mohan is very tensed.

Damini exclaims that they could neither do anything of Mohan or Radha but could have done something of Gungun as she was alone yesterday but they were still not able to do anything, as Gungun is their weakest point and if they had killed her then the relation of Radha and Mohan would have ended, Damini explains that tomorrow is a very important day and as the days go by, their desire to fight against them would also become strong. Damini asks if Kaveri forgot what Radha said to them while leaving and how she challenged she will return back exactly after one month. Damini mentions this is why they will target Mohan tomorrow, and she will ruin his respect and honor after which he would not be able to even stand in the publication market , she exclaims they will target Mohan here while Radha in Barsana and they should actually kill Gungun, because the Trivedi have become poor so would not be able to protect her, Damini exclaims that they both came together because of Gungun and she will be the reason for their separation.

Mohan while looking at Radha lying on the floor remembers how she saw the mark on his shirt but even then refused to believe anything that Rahul was telling her, rather instructed him to not try and create any misunderstanding in the hearts of any member of the family, they both start signaling each other when Mohan finally after a while gives Radha his hand to rest on, Mohan asks if she is feeling nice when Radha starts smiling. Mohan even gives her a flying kiss. Ajeet in his sleep hugs Mohan seeing which Mohan gets worried so pushes him away, he then apologizes to Radha who says that it is nothing to be worried about. Remembering how they both have spent so many beautiful moments together. Mohan signals Radha to push Gungun aside and come close to him but she refuses, they both start smiling and finally fall asleep.

Tulsi is very worried so prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that he should hear the prayer of Radha and Mohan, and bring the family out of this trouble by showing any of his miracle, she is constantly praying in the Mandir when the flower falls in the Mandir, Tulsi starts smiling thinking it is the sign from Ba Kai Bihari jee that he has accepted the prayers of Radha and Mohan, Tulsi says they both did not see but she knows and has found his sign.

Damini while looking at the video of Mohan sleeping, exclaims they should sleep all they desire as from tomorrow they would only cry as their beloved Gungun is about to die, Damini is laughing.

In the morning Mohan slowly enters the Trivedi Bhawan while Damini is looking at her phone, she says she is glad he came but the way he ran she did not feel he would come back, Damini asks him to not say anything as she is not interested in his life so he should get lost and get to work, Damini stops Mohan signaling Bhushan who calls Mohit, he comes running down the stairs with the uniform. Mohan gets furious so prepares a punch, asking what is all this when Damini gets up explaining that this is a butler uniform for him, so he should go and get ready. Mohit hands Mohan the uniform but he refuses to wear it, Damini is shocked along with Bhushan, Damini asks why would he not wear it when Kaveri pushes Mohit in front of Mohan seeing which Bhushan gets worried. Kaveri says she told Damini that Mohan will not wear such clothes as he is still very arrogant. Damini tells Mohan that very important guests are coming to the house so everything should be perfect and he must wear it, Mohan still refuses to wear it , Damini angrily instructs Mohan to leave saying there is no work for him here. Mohan slowly turns back to leave when kaveri informs Damini her plan would fail so she needs to stop him, Mohan says he must think of a new plan because will he leave everything just because of his attitude. Damini exclaims he has still not lost his attitude, Mohan turning back asks if she is talking to him, Damini says he works as a servant but cannot wear the uniform, Mohan says he cannot wear it, he thinks if he argued a lot then she would actually fire him from the job after which he would not have any way to get back what he owns, Mohan says Bhushan would not be able to hear it so must go back, Damini asks what is he murmuring as he should either wear the uniform or go back from here, hearing this Kaveri along with Bhushan both are shocked. Mohan stares at the uniform but he once again refuses to wear the uniform under any circumstance, Damini asks what is the problem with it, Mohan says because he still does not wear any clothes that are not ironed, everyone is shocked to hear it, Damini is stunned when Mohan says she herself said that he has still not lost the attitude, so he cannot change his habits even and they both do not have the right to have any servant if they cannot iron his clothes, Mohan sits down mentioning he is going to leave when Damini asks Kaveri to go and iron his clothes. Kaveri questions why should she be the one to do it as she is Kaveri devi, she refuses to iron the clothes and angrily tires to leave but Damini stops Kaveri explaining this is the right time to ruin Radha, Mohan and Gungun s they cannot let Mohan leave right now, Damini quickly hands Kaveri the dress saying she irons the clothes very good, Kaveri says she thought she would stay like a queen whenever she gets it all but now she feels till the time this Mohan will be around them, she would not be able to live peacefully because he works for them but still asks her to do all of the work, Kaveri angrily agrees to go and iron them, Mohan stops her signaling that she needs to leave, Kaveri smiles when he asks her to iron them after putting on the steam, Kaveri turning to Damini says that she will now iron her hearing this Damini gets worried when Damini also asks her to at least take the gloves, she finally sits down.

Radha prays to Ba kai Bihari je that he must protect Mohan jee as she does not know why is she feeling that he is going to suffer something bad so he should just protect Mohan jee. Gungun asks Raamaa why all the prayers are for papa and not her, Radha smiling says that his father is alone there while she has the support of the entire family, Radha tells Gungun to also pray for her father so she prays that her father should be protected and nothing should happen to her. Radha tells Gungun that she is getting late for her school, Rahul comes asking Gungun if she is ready, Kadambari calls Rahul telling him that he will not take Gungun to school but she is giving Ajeet the responsibility from today, Kadambari asks Ajeet if he has any objection when Ajeet questions why would he have any problem in it, Rahul tries to argue when Kadambari stops him saying she has understood that he is not ready to take any responsibility, Kadambari asks Gungun to leave with her uncle so they leave, Rahul gets furious and walks away while Radha gets worried.

Damini welcomes the guests into the Trivedi Bhawan, they all sit down after greeting Bhushan, they praise that Damini has a very beautiful house when Kaveri asks what about her jewelry, hearing this everyone gets a bit worried however Bhushan says that she is just used to joke. Kaveri says that they did not say anything about her jewelry so they are very wealthy and they will get very rich after getting the tender, Damini explains that Mohan would not be able to get the job after toady as he was already jobless but would even be worthless, Kaveri says she was not able to understand that Damini said in English but it felt really good.

Damini asks him to bring water for everyone, Mohan enters when the guests are shocked to see him so Mohan serves them all the water after greeting them with their name, they recognize him as Mr Mohan Trivedi so ask what is all this, Mohan says that they must not be shocked as he is their colleague but now that his time is rough then what is their fault, Damini whispers to Kaveri how the plan to ruin Mohan has started, she tells Kaveri needs to ruin the strength of Radha while telling Bhushan and Mohit how they need to take the life of Gungun, Damini starts smiling.

Precap: Damini is scolding Mohan in front of guests for not doing his duty properly. Damini’s mother records everything. Radha says I can tolerate anything but can’t see Mohan getting disrespected. Radha enters Damini’s home on her moped and shows agony on Damini. Damini asks her to stop, but Radha drives inside and Damini falls down.

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