Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaynaat is pregnant

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Scene 1
Haider is sitting alone and recalls blessing Kaynaat and Hafeez. He recalls Dua going against him. Dua is calling him but be cuts it. She calls again but he thinks he can’t take her call. How could she try to destroy our honor. You don’t deserve to hear from me. Otherside Dua is driving to his house. They both sadly recall their moments together.

The doctor checks Kaynaat. Hina says I am not her enemy but want to protect her. She asks everyone to leave. I am here to take care of her. She asks Gazal to stay with her. Rahat says lets go out. Dadi is sadly looking at Kaynaat and prays for her. Hina says she will be okay soon. They all leave. The doctor says its a happy news, she is pregnant. Hina and Gazal are shocked. Hina cries and says I was scared of this. The doctor asks why is she behaving like this? Gazal says this news can’t go out. She nods. Hina pleads with her to not tell anyone. She tells her that Kaynaat is unmarried and it will destroy their honor.

All family members are waiting. The doctor comes there and says she is okay. She is just weak thats why she fainted. Dadi thinks thank God I was wrong. Hina thanks the doctor and she leaves. Hina goes with Gazal.

Hina tells Gazal that this news will destroy our honor. Gazal says whose child is it? Hina says must be of Hafeez. Gazal says Kaynaat doesn’t know it. Hina says nobody can find out. Gazal says we will figure out. The doctor comes there so Gazal says she has to help them abort this baby. The doctor says this is wrong. Gazal says her father and brother will kill her. You have to save her. Hina says our society doesn’t accept illegitimate kids. This kid will get my daughter killed. I am begging you to save her. Gazal says we have no other choice. Dua enters the house and they are shocked to see her. Dua screams for Haider. Hina tells Gazal to control her. All family members come there. Hina asks her to get lost. Dua says I have come to talk to Haider for Hafeez and Kaynaat. Hina says dont you dare take her name, get lost. She is about to push her but Dua stops her and calls for Haider. Hina says he isn’t your servant, he doesn’t want to see your face, you are a bad omen for us to get lost. Dadi says this is Dua’s house too. If you try to throw her out then I will throw you out. Hina says you can do that but I will handle her first. She starts dragging Dua from there. Dadi tries to stop her. Gazal grabs her but Dadi slaps her hard and says don’t you dare touch me. Gulnaz says this Dua has destroyed us and you are taking her side? Ruhaan comes there. Dua goes to him and asks him to tell the truth. He sadly looks at Gulnaz and doesn’t speak up. Dua says tell them that I didn’t provoke Kaynaat to run away with Hafeez. She asks him to speak up for Kaynaat’s life. Gulnaz asks her to stay away from him, Dua pleads with Ruhaan to speak up but Gulnaz glares at him. Ruhaan says I don’t know what Dua is talking about. I wasn’t with her. Rahat asks Dua to stop provoking him, get lost as we are already worried. Dua asks what happened? Is Kaynaat okay? Did she do anything? She screams for her. Hina says you have crossed all limits. We want you gone from here. Dadi tries to stop Hina. Hina asks dua to leave. Dua says I won’t leave without meeting with Kaynaat. Hina starts dragging her out of the house. Gazal smirks. Hina pushes Dua, she trips but Haider comes there and catches her. All look on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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