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Pandya Store 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha becomes a hero

Pandya Store 6th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Natasha lecturing the women. The workers come there and ask their wives what are they doing here, they should be at home. Natasha says women can do anything. The worker scolds her for spiking the tea. He says Amrish and everyone have run away. Natasha says they didn’t run, we didn’t do any mistake, why will we run. Amrish tries to call. The workers argue and ask their wives to leave. Their wives start beating them. Papa to band bajaye…plays… The worker gets a call. He asks is Anil fine. He sees Natasha and thanks her. He says we have kept you all captive, you have sent money and saved Anil’s life, thanks a lot. Natasha says you don’t need to say sorry, you all are like my brothers, you all work here, we get food at home, thank you. Bhaven argues with Amrish. Pranali asks Natasha how did she get money to send to the worker. Natasha says I had money, don’t tell this to Amrish.

The door opens. Amrish and everyone come out. Amba hugs her sons. Natasha says you know they were going to kill you, their wives explained them and they got a sense, women can move a mountain by their power, we saved you from dying today, some men are foolish like them, not sensible like you, there will be no protests now, but you have to give 5 lakhs to Anil as compensation, now they have no other demands. Hetal and everyone cheer for women power. Amrish stares at Hetal. Hetal gets tense. Amba cries and blesses her sons. She says I was so scared knowing all this, I forced them to come with me, they didn’t want to come here, then Natasha used her mind and we supported her. Amrish says everything got fine by your blessings. He thanks Natasha. He says you have handled the situation well. He controls his anger. He says do 100 times before doing such things next time, bravery and foolishness aren’t much different, its our right to explain you, we want you to stay safe. Dolly says no, we should party. Amba says not today, we are tired, we will go home and take rest. Natasha says we will party. Dolly says yes. Amba says fine, we will keep a party at home, come. Dolly hugs Natasha. Amrish smiles. Natasha says I forgot my bag inside. She goes to get it. Dhawal says I will get Natasha. Amba says fine, she is the star today. Dhawal goes and hugs Natasha. He thanks her. He says I m so proud of you, you did a smart thing. Natasha says you didn’t see my smartness. He says don’t do this again, its risky for your life, if anything happens to you then… She asks can anyone happen to me when you are there. He says never. They hug.

He asks her to come now. She sees the mall model. She says it means Pandya store is also a part of the mall. She goes to check. She is shocked. She sits crying. Jag soona soona…plays… Dhawal comes back to see her. He sees her with the mall model.

Natasha asks Dhawal to say the truth. She says our relation didn’t have truth. Dhawal says yes, I cheated you, this love and marriage was a lie, just for Pandya store. She leaves the house. Dhawal cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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