May I Come In Madam 2 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sajan Steals Sanjana’s Shoes

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Sanjana tells Batuta that they have to stop Sajan’s gender change operation at any cost and asks him to try to contact Sajan. Batuta asks if he shall call Khiloni. Sanjana asks what is he waiting for. Nurse warns Khiloni from using the phone outside the OT. Batuta says Khiloni’s phone must be in silence. Sanjana scolds him. Batuta says he is a policeman. Doctor informs Sajan that he has given him anesthesia. Sajan asks when will he get unconscious and when will he wake up after surgery. Doctor says he will asleep in a few seconds and will wake up immediately after surgery as it’s an imported anesthesia. Sajan asks if he can become a mother after surgery and collapses.

Sanjana reaches hospital after much drama and scold Khiloni for not picking up call. Doctor walks out of OT. Peon informs him that he did Sajan’s appendix operation instead of gender change operation. Sanjana and Sajan’s all 3 friends get happy hearing that. Doctor says they are the first people who are happy with a wrong operation. Sajan walks out of OT and tells friends that he is Sajani now. Sanjana clears his confusion that she is a female and not male describing all the incidents. Sajan cries that he is destroyed. Sanjana informs that he is safe as doc performed his appendicitis surgery instead of gender change surgery. Sajan rejoices.

At night, heavily drunk Sajan enters Sanjana’s house and steals her red sandals. Next morning, Sajan wakes up and finds himself, Khiloni, and Batuta in a lady’s house. He wakes them up and asks where are they. Batuta identies laundrywoman Gulabiya. Sajan asks how did he come here. Gulabiya says she was waiting for her husband pehalwanji at night to return home, door bell rang and they all 3 came in one by one. She says she washed their clothes and left them to try. They notice themselves in their undergarments. Sanjana waits for Sajan with clients, calls Sajan, and asks him to reach office soon. Sajan says he is on the way to office. Gulabiya serves them tea. Sanjana gets angry. Sajan runs towards home.

Kashmira waits for Sajan and fumes saying he didn’t return whole night. Ramvati says it’s his usual habit. Balu hears that and says something is wrong. Sajan rushes home and asks Kashmira to get his clothes as she needs to bathe and rush to office. She questions where had he been whole night. He doesn’t reply and rushes to bathroom. Sanjana shouts that he has made her life a hell and she will die soon serving him. Sajan gets ready and rushes to office. Sanjana’s client charges her for each minute of waiting and makes a bill of 75000 rs plus. Comedic events continue.

Precap: Sanjana gets upset when her mamma’s sandals are lost. Sajan says someone else would have worn them by now. Kashmira walks to Sajan’s office wearing same sandals to surprise him. Sajan falls on her feet to hide the sandals.

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