Suhaagan 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Indu is forced to accept Payal as Krish’s wife

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The Episode starts with Krish telling Indu that Papa made him marry the girl against his choice, with whom he can’t live his life. He says he is dying every moment and they have made his life as fun. Indu asks what are you saying? Krish says they have made my life as game, and says whose number is much, she will win me. He says nobody thinks about my feelings, and what I want. Bindiya walks towards Krish. Krish asks her to stop it. Sakshi asks what happened to her. Krish asks do you want to know? He says Papa’s sanskari bahu has jumped out of the car. He says she told that she can do anything for me and that’s why I asked her to jumped out of the car and she jumped out. Sakshi says it seems Bindiya has ishq wala dangerous love with Krish and that’s why she is ready to die for him. Krish asks Indu to decide, if he shall stay here or leave. Indu is silent. Krish asks Payal to come and starts leaving holding her hand, while Bindiya tries to stop him asking him to think about Maa ji and Babu ji. Indu asks Krish to stop. Payal smirks and then acts. Indu tells Krish that he wants to hear her decision, she will tell her decision. Sakshi says Mummy stopped both the headaches and says don’t know why she went inside and what she will bring. Indu comes back and asks Krish to come. He shows the bangles which she had made Bindiya wear it and Bindiya gave it to Indu for safe keeping. Indu says I have kept these bangles for my choti bahu, and now I am giving it to you. She gives bangles in Payal’s hand and says I accept her as my choti bahu, and this is my last decision.

Payal looks at the bangles happily and bends down to touch Indu’s feet. She then thanks her for accepting her as Krish’s wife. Indu is forced to bless her. Bindiya says how can you give the judgement before the test is not over. Indu says I have lost in this game, and I don’t want anything else than my son’s happiness, and she is Payal. Bindiya says if this is your decision, then I accept it, but can you tell infront of babu ji that Bindiya has won, but you have won Pallu as Krishna ji’s wife. Payal asks how dare you, and tells that you are threatening Maa ji taking Babu ji’s name. She says I didn’t lose, but I have won, and that’s why Maa ji gave these bangles to me. Bindiya says Maa ji didn’t give it with her happiness, but gave due to the fear of losing Krishna ji. Payal says you believe on Ambe Maa and asks her to come. She says she will not wear the bangles until Bindiya leaves from here. Krish says Bindiya has to leave.

Bindiya says she has many births relation with him and says she has come here in doli/palanquin and will go on arthi/pyre. Krish says she is forcing him. Indu says I have accepted Payal as my bahu, but your Papa has brought Bindiya home as his bahu. He says until he comes back home, we can’t ask Bindiya to leave. Sakshi sees her mother’s calls and goes. Indu tells Krish that they shall think what to do with Bindiya after his Papa comes, until then don’t take Payal to the room like before to start the marital life, till then have patience. Krish thanks her. He holds Payal’s hand and takes her from there. Payal gives evil/ witch look in black dress and goes.

Bindiya comes to the guest room. Payal sings happily bole chudiya…and asks Bindiya to leave. She says I have told you that everything is fair in love and war, and tells that I have snatched your everything, your home, husband and everything. She asks her to give Krish’s jacket and says you can’t give, and says your respect will go. She says you have lost your respect many times, so it doesn’t matter if you had got disrespected infront of people. She says your zipped had opened, but Krish saved your respect. Bindiya is shocked and tells that she is ashamed to call her as her sister and says even our parents might be ashamed to give you birth. Payal tells that she is now Krish’s wife, and has got the bangles and Indu’s acceptance.

Payal keeps Bindiya’s clothes in her bag and says just one more conspiracy and you are ousted from this house. Bindiya asks her to see her almira and says her clothes are also there, and says I am here in this fight still, and asks her to stop victory celebration.

Precap: Krish comes to Bindiya and lifts her thinking her to be Payal and swirls holding her, and says you are my dharm patni. Bindiya says yes, I am your dharm patni. Later she tells Payal that just as she said, everything is fair in love and war.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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