Sapna Sikarwar Excited to Reprise Iconic Role in May I Come In Madam 2: Grateful for Viewer Love and Recognition as Kashmira

Sapna Sikarwar Excited to Reprise Iconic Role in May I Come In Madam 2: Grateful for Viewer Love and Recognition as Kashmira

Sapna Sikarwar, fondly known as Kashmira from the popular sitcom May I Come In Madam, is celebrated for her outstanding contributions to the comedy genre. With a repertoire of memorable performances in various comedy shows on television, Sapna continues to captivate audiences with her comedic prowess. In a recent interview, she reflects on the distinction between being a daily soap actor and a comedy soap actor, shedding light on the challenges and joys of her chosen path.

Sapna Sikarwar talked about it in a recent interview and emphasized the complexity of comedy, asserting, “Doing comedy is a challenging task, not everyone can master it. I’m proud to be recognized as one of the few female actors specializing in comedy. While a comedy actor can seamlessly transition to a daily soap, the reverse is not always true. Although I never confined myself to a specific genre in my career, my extensive experience in comic roles has made comedy an integral part of my life.”

Expressing her gratitude for the audience’s appreciation, she adds, “What matters most is the craft and the character, regardless of the show’s genre. I’m delighted that viewers still love my portrayal of Kashmira in May I Come In Madam. It brings me joy to know that I can bring smiles and happiness through my work. I always strive to give my best, regardless of the character, show, or genre.”

Earlier, Sapna’s co-star Sandeep shared his perspective on being associated with the comedy genre, stating, “I am a fan’s actor. I thrive on the appreciation and love I receive from my fans for my work in the comedy genre. Some may call it typecasting, but as long as my audience enjoys my performances, it doesn’t matter to me. I find comfort and joy in making people laugh. My fans’ happiness is my top priority, and no genre or platform can replace the joy of bringing smiles to their faces.”

May I Come In Madam 2, featuring Nehha Pendse as Madam Sanjana and Sandeep Anand as Sajan Agarwal in lead roles, promises to continue spreading laughter and tickling the funny bone of viewers in the upcoming episodes. Don’t miss the hilarious moments as the beloved characters return for another season of comedy brilliance!


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