Rabb Se Hai Dua 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider drags Kaynaat away from Hafeez

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Scene 1
Hafeez pushes away Gazal but Haider holds her and shouts how dare you raise hand on my wife? He starts beating him up, Dua and Kaynaat try to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Gazal grab Kaynaat and pull her back. Haider beats up Hafeez and says how dare you try to use my sister? Gazal tells Dua that Haider divorced you and now I own him. Kaynaat says he can never be yours. Dua sees Haider beating up Hafeez badly. Haider picks up a big stone and is about to crush Hafeez but Dua runs and covers Hafeez’s body.

Ruhaan brings Gulnaz to the hospital, the doctor says she seems like she drank poison, we have to call the police. Gulnaz thinks if they call the police then they will find out that I am faking it. They take her to the OT. Ruhaan prays for her and says I will listen to her from now on.

Haider throws the stone beside Dua and Hafeez. He falls down in front of them. Dua is scared of seeing his anger. Kaynaat tries to rush to them but Gazal stops her. Haider tells Hafeez that he would have killed him if not for his manners. Kaynaat tries to run to them but Haider grabs her and shouts at her to not take his name ever again. Hafeez tries to go to her but Haider says don’t you dare come near her, I won’t spare you this time. Dua sadly looks at him. Haider drags Kaynaat from there. Dua stops Hafeez from going behind them. Haider puts Kaynaat in the car and drives away with Gazal. Hafeez tries to go behind them but Dua slaps him and says this is all your fault, you shouldn’t have forced Kaynaat to run away from the house.

The doctor is about to give the injection to Gulnaz but she wakes up and says I am totally okay. The doctor says we will tell your son that you are faking it. Gulnaz cries and says I did it for my son.

Dua cleans up Hafeez’s wounds and says you used Kaynaat to take revenge, you insulted her love and Haider’s anger is totally valid. You have destroyed my honor and made me so ashamed. Hamida comes there and says wow.. we ashamed you? she sees Hafeez beaten up and asks what happened? who did this? Dua looks away. Hamida says I know who did this and Dua says we ashamed her? your husband is ready to divorce you but you are scolding Hafeez? Dua says I know you both want to take revenge for me but you can’t play with a girl’s life, this is wrong and shameless. Hamida says we love you that’s why we wanted to punish them, you are taunting me but you don’t know what its like to see a daughter in pain. I can never hurt anyone so how can I hurt a girl who my son loves? I would never want to hurt Kaynaat. I am your mother so you should know that I would never harm her. I wanted to get Kaynaat and Hafeez married so I could tell Akhtar family that they have a daughter who will get married someday too. I would never want to hurt Kaynaat, I just wanted Hafeez and Kaynaat to become one.

Gulnaz gives bribe to the doctor but he says I am not greedy, I will call the police. Gulnaz starts crying and says I am abused, I wanted justice. The doctor asks what happened? Gulnaz says my son fell in love with a girl but that girl is already married so she is destroying my son’s life. Its his sister in law too. The doctor says this is messy.

Hamida shows the marriage papers to Dua and says you can’t doubt me. Dua says I don’t doubt your intentions but what happened today was wrong. You were acting as Dua’s mother but how can you ask a girl to run away with Hafeez? you thought as my mother but what about Hafeez? Haider would never allow them to get married now.

Kaynaat is pleading with Haider in the car and says you promised to take my side. Why are you doing this? Haider says I allowed you to love but I can’t allow you to run away from the house, I will never allow you near Hafeez anymore.

Gulnaz starts shouting at the doctor, he is scared of her and says I won’t tell anyone about you. Gulnaz thanks him.

Hafeez cries so Dua tells him that Hamida lost her mind but you should have given her senses. Hafeez says you are right, I didn’t know things would turn out like this. I love Kaynaat a lot, please talk to Haider. Dua says there is no hope for your relationship. Only one person can change Haider’s mind and its Ruhaan.

Ruhaan thinks to call the family but he has lost his phone. Its in his car.

Dua says once Ruhaan gives her statement then Haider will know the truth. Hamida says why would Ruhaan take your side? Dua says he came to apologize to me and he would take my side now. She calls Ruhaan but he is not picking up. Dua says only he can save Kaynaat and Hafeez’s relationship.

The doctor tells Ruhaan that Gulnaz is out of danger, I just want to tell you that sometimes problems look bigger but they are smaller. Your mother just want to save you from bhabhi, just listen to her as she might take a bad step again. Gulnaz hears that and thinks Ruhaan will do as I say now.

The episode ends.

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