Meet 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Naaz meets with an accident.

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Shlok, Sumeet, Adil and Naaz together. Naaz called Bilawal and informed him that she had caught Shlok. Although the call quality wasn’t great, she was sure Bilawal would come to their location and you won’t be safe anymore. Sumeet held Shlok’s hand and boldly challenged Naaz, telling her that they were planning to escape. Shlok apologized before they made their escape.

As they ran, Naaz pursued them, warning that they couldn’t get away without Bilawal’s permission. Shlok shouts and asks Naaz to stop following them. However, Naaz met with an accident, and Bilawal couldn’t understand why she wasn’t answering his calls. Sumeet and Shlok rushed to Naaz’s side.

Meanwhile, Raj took action to identify the person responsible for leaking Priyanka’s video. He contacted a software technician who found the IP address and suggested they could also trace the physical address. Raj checked the address and discovered that it was Shlok’s house. When questioned by family members, Raj struggled to provide an answer. At the hospital, Shlok and Sumeet brought Naaz in for treatment.

Raj realized that the video had been leaked from Priyanka’s own home by a family member. Poonam and Priyanka pressed Raj for an explanation. Raj suspected Pankhuri’s involvement and confronted her, sharing his observations about her presence outside the bathroom while Priyanka was bathing.

Pankhuri swore falsely on Sarthak, denying any involvement. Raj mentioned that he had obtained the phone number from which the video was uploaded and called it, and the phone rang in the same place.

In the hospital, Naaz regained consciousness and found Bilawal by her side. Bilawal asked her how the accident had happened, and Naaz recalled discovering that Shlok was not the real Adil and learning the truth. She became hysterical, and Bilawal tried to calm her down. He summoned a doctor who explained that they should thank Shlok for bringing her to the hospital in a timely manner and arranging for her medications. Bilawal thanked Shlok and inquired about who was responsible for Naaz’s condition.

Meanwhile, Shlok explained to Naaz that he couldn’t leave someone in distress and then regret it later. Sumeet joined them, emphasizing her deep love for Shlok and the eager anticipation of his family back in India. Bilawal entered the room and questioned Naaz about what she was saying. Naaz chose not to reveal Shlok’s true identity but instead talked about sending him and Akki to Ajmer Dargah. However, Bilawal had a different plan in mind. Sumeet felt relieved, believing that Shlok might be able to return to India.

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